Informations à propos de l'amateur Ganus Mike


(18/02/2018) Mike Ganus buys the 2018 winner of South Africa Million Dollar Race for 95.000 US Dollar

Saturday 17th of February the auction of the top 50 winners of the Million Dollar Race final took place. The winner was sold to Mike Ganus at 1.150.000 South African Rand, about 95.000 USD. The most expensive South African rung pigeon ever sold.


(04/02/2018) Victoria Falls victory goes to champion maker Mike Ganus who takes home 250,000 USD

The organisation of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race had a dream winner in American superman Mike Ganus … the 2016 winner of the Million Dollar Race now takes gold and bronze in a very successful second edition of the fastest growing One Loft Race!


(13/10/2017) Mike Ganus (Granger, USA) dispose de la meilleure lignée pour le Million Dollar Race

Mike Ganus a contribué à augmenter le niveau de jeu du sport colombophile aux USA et c'était d'ailleurs son objectif initial. En se procurant des pigeons exceptionnels provenant d'Europe de l'ouest, il a réussi à briller dans les principaux one loft races du monde et notamment au célèbre Million Dollar Race. Mike met actuellement en vente sur PIPA plusieurs sujets issus de ses meilleurs ...


(10/02/2017) Ganus Family Loft dominates Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

Besides the super results of Ganus Family Loft, also 2nd final race winner from Ado Family Loft both parents are from Mike Ganus.


(28/01/2017) Mike Ganus (Granger, USA) is dreaming about a new victory on African soil

With a previously unheard of strategy, Mike Ganus competes in the African one loft races. In 2016 this brought him victory in The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR). Once again he may be considered one of the favourites for the final of 2017.


(19/05/2016) Mike Ganus (USA) buys his winner of the Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2016 back for a record amount of $100,010

US fancier Mike Ganus gained worldwide recognition by winning the 2016 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. His winner was put up for auction last weekend and after some serious last-minute bidding, Mike himself was able to buy 'Laura Is A Big Winner Today' back. Price: $100,010, making it the top-priced SAMDPR pigeon ever to be sold!