Informations à propos de l'amateur Easley Ken


(16/04/2019) Le week-end se termine à 317.000 EURO – Batenburg-Van de Merwe 4.135 EURO/pigeon – Norbert Ally 2.753 EURO/pigeon

Hier, pas moins de 134 pigeons sont passés sous le feu des enchères en étant répartis dans 7 ventes. Celles-ci se sont clôturées sur un total de 317.175 EURO, soit une moyenne de 2.367 EURO/pigeon.


(09/04/2019) Ken Easley & Son (Cedar Crest, USA) rising at the top of the OLR names in the world!

Ken Easley has become a prominent name regarding the most prestigious one loft races in the world. The Easley birds have booked numerous top positions in this worldwide competition and put their owners into the prize money rankings.


(22/02/2019) America supplies some of the best One Loft racers in the world

For years, the American pigeon fanciers have been selecting their pigeons mainly via One Loft Races all over the world. Pigeons that can often prove themselves in extreme conditions. We would like to introduce you to the cream of the American pigeon sport.


(25/01/2016) Who will win this year's South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race?

This morning the last of five hot spot car races of the 20th Million Dollar Pigeon Race was flown and won by the US fanciers Wilfon and Rhodes. Time to briefly summarise the best fanciers and birds in those races before the final race day on 6 February 2016 when $150,000 is at stake.