Informations à propos de l'amateur Deno-Herbots


(29/06/2009) After first national Limoges 2005, now first national Argenton I by the yearlings Deno-Herbots - Leefdaal (BE)

It is the first year that this race from Argenton is organised as NATIONAL by the East-Flemish club. In previous years almost every province sat in Argenton. During the Annual General meeting of the KBDB in February 2009 the proposition of the national sport committee to make it national was accepted.


(10/06/2009) Ranking best Bourges yearling + old bird 2008-2009

These rankings give an overview of the best Bourges birds on the last National Bourges races in Belgium. One ranking is based on the last 3 National Bourges races (Bourges I + II 2008 + Bourges I 2009) and the other ranking is based on the last 2 National Bourges races (Bourges young birds 2008 + Bourges I 2009 Yearlings).