Informations à propos de l'amateur Derksen v/d Keuken


(03/12/2019) Les ventes se clôturent avec 372.125 EURO - Vincent Schroeder 4.280 EURO/pigeon - New Willeke 13.600 EURO

Ce dimanche 1 décembre, 160 pigeons étaient répartis dans 10 ventes au total et ils ont été vendus pour le montant exact de 372.125 EURO, soit une moyenne de 2.325 EURO/pigeon. Voici le récapitulatif de chaque vente.


(19/11/2019) Derksen v/d Keuken (Almelo, NL) claim several championship titles in Province 9 and they excel at national level in 2019

With two victories NPO to their name, the team of Derksen v/d Keuken did not back down after their successful start to the season. The 2019 racing season is now behind us, and we see quite a few championship titles going to this combination.


(08/07/2019) Derksen v/d Keuken (Almelo, NL) add gloss to strong first half of the season with provincial win from Morlincourt

The Derksen v/d Keuken combination claimed a full-on victory in Morlincourt in Province 9 east Holland. And Anthony & Edwin outperformed their rivals from CC3 for the sixth time already.