Etant donné que nous ne savons plus faire face à l'augmentation du nombre de questions et que les amateurs doivent attendre (trop) longtemps pour obtenir une réponse, nous avons décidé de supprimer notre section question. De plus, la plupart des questions posées récémment ont déjà été posées auparavant.

Etant donné que nous souhaitons continuer à fournir des informations medicales de qualité à nos lecteurs, nous nous focaliserons désormais plus sur les questions générales reprises dans les articles de la rubrique Demandez au véto et déjà publiés sur notre page d'accueil. Nous tenons à ajouter que les archives de la rubrique Demandez au véto, qui contiennent de nombreuses questions ainsi que leurs réponses, constituent une mine d'informations qui resteront toujours à votre disposition.





Mes jeunes pigeons ont eu de l'adénovirose, je les ai traités, mais depuis j'ai du mal à les tenir en santé?

Occasionally we observe pigeons which appear to have an indifferent wing action,when the beat of one wing is slightly different?

The problem is with a hen of three yers old,she has a swollen is soft to the touch,it feels like it is full of air?

with reference to baytril could this be given for a prevention of paratyphus?

Our pigeons appear to swallow or taste abnormally on a regular basis?

J' ai une femelle qui saigne souvent au niveau de ces ongles et il ni a quelle qui a ce symptôme dans la volière des femelles?

Mijn duiven produceren heel dunne mest, het lijkt wel puur water met enkele ronde mestvormpjes?

Mijn jonge duiven (winterjongen) trainen niet, maar vliegen kleine rondjes om het hok?

I am seeing nervous symptoms in my pigeons?

Welk risico lopen nieuw ingebrachte duiven na een voorbije adeno type 2 probleem?

A pigeon of mine is with one stiff wing?

Wij hebben wekelijkse sterfte bij duiven die ogenschijnlijk het 'geel' hebben?

I notice that the last 4 days in all of the team of my racing pigeons the skin around the eyes became grey?

All pigoens looked fine this morning but when I got home after work 1 young bird was dead on the floor?

Un de mes vieux est revenus avec des narines bien blanches mais l'une était fortement gonflée?

I have a hen that is 9 years old. She has been laying fine, but when I switched mates this time her 1st egg was the size of a marble?

1 my birds are exercising well around the loft but not homing well from the races?

I've noticed that my young birds seem to have very cold feet is there something wrong with them?

Youngsters not developing or growing in the nest, when ringing at 7 days old sometimes find odd youngsters still same size as a 3 day old chick?

Some of my birds are retaining the seed in their crop. The droppings are normal, and the birds are hungry?

I have treated for canker and respiratory, yet some birds are still sneezing and scratching their heads, what should i do to correct this?

On my second round several of my nest had one youngster that came out with week bones or I should say smaller and never really matured?

I had several losses in my old birds and the ones that stayed around had blood with slimmy droppings and were losing weight?

E coli what is the best treatment for this and how often to treat to stop it coming back?

The wing of my yearling hen is unable?

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