(10/07/2019) Mark Gilbert (Windsor, G-B) réalise une performance inoubliable sur Pau international 2019

Après avoir été lâchés à 08h15, les pigeons ont dû faire face à un léger vent de face soufflant de secteur nord-est et ce durant pratiquement tout leur parcours en France. Evidemment, les premiers pigeons tombés en France ne sont arrivés qu'en début de soirée au dessus de Paris.

(26/06/2019) Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK) wins UK Pau international 2019

Having been released at 7:15am British Time, the pigeons had to face a light head wind from the north east through most of France and indeed it was not until evening time that the French began to make their recordings around the Paris area.

(24/09/2018) 荷兰于尔克(Urk)的彼得.伍德和劳.范登伯格(Pieter Woord & Louw van den Berg)在长距离赛取得佳绩


(20/09/2018) Pieter Woord & Louw van den Berg (Urk, NL) victorious in the long distance

We travelled to the town of Urk to sit down with Pieter Woord (58) and Louw van den Berg (38). Peter works for the Dutch Aerospace Center in Marknesse, and Louw van den Berg runs a fish wholesaler. Together they laid the basis for a successful long distance team that demonstrated their strength again this season.

(17/09/2018) Pieter Woord & Louw van den Berg (Urk, NL) winnaars op de lange afstand

Ik streek neer in Urk voor een gesprek met Pieter Woord (58) en Louw van den Berg (38). Pieter is werkzaam bij het Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum in Marknesse en Louw van den Berg is eigenaar van een groothandel in vis. Samen vormen zij de basis van het marathon succes wat dit jaar wederom tentoon werd gespreid.

(30/06/2016) 英国温莎(Windsor)的马克.吉伯特(Mark Gilbert)在波城国际赛中再创辉煌战绩

虽然比赛变得艰难,强者却自会战胜困难奋勇前进,马克.吉伯特(Mark Gilbert)的鸽子却顶着恶劣的天气勇敢地从波城飞往家的方向,最终为主人赢得了全国冠军头衔与其它优秀奖项。这位温莎奇才再次证明了他的实力!

(30/06/2016) Another incredible performance for Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK) from Pau

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and Mark Gilbert's pigeons definitely got going on their way back from Pau, despite the dreadful weather conditions they had to contend with on their journey home. This is another magnificent achievement for the Windsor Wizard!

(24/06/2016) A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Pau, in conjunction with the international

After a two day holdover the international convoy, including three hundred and ninety-one pigeons from the British International Championship Club, were released at Pau at 08.20CEST. There was heavy rain overnight and into the next day. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

(25/06/2015) Will Pau remain an international classic?

The Netherlands decided this year to have a separate release from Agen after the race organisers had shortened the minimum distance. This causes the race from Agen to lose some of its international appeal. And now it seems we might lose another race on the international calendar, as the ZLU finds that the entree fee for the just completed race from Pau is still too high. Will Pau meet the same fate?