De Jaeger - De Vylder, "De Driebander wins 1st international San Sebastian (2006)"

Knesselare (BE)

They received congratulations on their international victory from everywhere.
In this picture you can see flowers that were sent to them by Demeyer in Sijsele.

Who they are...

The team of De Jaeger-De Vijlder already exists for 10 years. Freddy, businessman, was always very busy at the firm where he employed about 90 people. Already as a child, Freddy had pigeons. His father was a feared middle distance racer. Passion for pigeons runs in his wife’s family as well: her father, Karel Lemahieu, was the nephew of Paul Lemahieu who is known to many as a renowned pigeon vet. Despite all this, pigeons never really held a prominent place. That’s where Daniel comes in: he is a golden partner who lives for pigeons and his drive for perfection makes him the ideal caretaker. When I paid them a visit they were walking on air and a bottle of cooled champagne was on the table. They had just won 3 races in one weekend. Not just any race too... “De Driebander” won the 1st international prize in the San Sebastian race and a yearling obtained a double victory in the Argenton race at the Long Distance club of Steenbrugge.

Their ambitions...
The last couple of years have been very hard for Freddy. His life was turned upside down about three years ago when doctors told him he had cancer. He underwent several severe operations and chemo therapy. He overcame the disease by trial and error. On a professional level he eased up by parting with his firm. But he continued to perform excellently in pigeon sport... The acquisitions of the last couple of years are really something and cost him a fortune. Only the best of the best was good enough for Freddy and Daniel. They obtained pigeons from Roger Florizoone, Gaby Vandenabeele, Vandamme-Boddaert, Adrien Cornelis, Emiel Denijs, Ignace Viaene, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Cools-Blancke, De Meyere L&R, Comijn Bros., Frank Verstraete, Antoinne Timmerman, Jan Theelen etc. to mention the main ones.

The international winner...
The international winner of San Sebastian, “De Driebander”, is a son of “De Roger”: a pure Florizoone pigeon and a grandson of “Marseille” which won the 1st International Marseille against 15.495 pigeons. He is also a descendant from “De Freddy”. This pigeon won the “Golden Wing” in 1984 and raced the 4th national prize in the Barcelona race back then. “De Driebander” is -on his mother’s side- a descendant from “Blauwe Ignace”, a pure Ignace Viaene pigeon and descending from his “Blauwe Beul”. She won a.o. 5th Tours, 7th Blois, 5th Chatelleroult, 41st Perpigan and 3rd local, 7th prov., 37th nat. and 107th internat. Barcelona.

Daniel can “handle” his pigeons perfectly as he demonstrates in this picture.
Freddy regards in admiration how the caretaker shows one of his tricks.