Van Eynde-Goovaerts (Putte, BE): passionate about the ultimate racing pigeon

Marc Van Eynde and Joseph Goovaerts have found each other in 1996. Joseph was a sprint fancier while Marc did middle distance and extreme middle distance races. Due to a lack of good sprint competitions they decided to get rid of the sprint racers. The loft of Joseph would be used as a breeding loft and Marc would continue doing middle and extreme middle distance races.

Speed and endurance

The two have started with pigeons of Engels from Putte. Most of his best pigeons had some descendants that moved to the loft of Van Eynde-Goovaerts. Another big name in pigeon racing was (and is) Dirk Van Dijck from Zandhoven. Descendants of his Kannibaal, Rambo and Bourges were put in the breeding loft. Dikke Brul of Luc Daans (Begijnendijk) has also bred two youngsters for their loft. We let Marc van Eynde do the talking. He is the most passionate of the two fanciers. “The pigeons of Engels lack some basic speed but they have great endurance. They can fly for hours on end without getting tired. I think there has been too much inbreeding but in fact that makes them excellent pigeons to be crossed. In the early 2000s we purchased our first Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons. This was a big improvement for our loft and it allowed us to step up to the next level. The pigeons of Gaston (from the Kaasboer bloodline) are true sprinters and leaders but they cannot cover longer distances. A crossing of the Engels and Van De Wouwer pigeons has proved to be the ultimate racing pigeon in races between 100 and 750 km. They could win a top prize in a 500 km race and one week later they could also win a prize in a sprint race of 150 km. This is the perfect combination of speed and endurance.”

Tornado couple

The Tornado couple is without a doubt the top couple in the breeding loft of Joseph. The sire is Blauwe Witpen (6356585/04) and stems from the 231 bloodline of Jos & Jules Engels. His mother is a daughter of Bourges (2nd nat. Bourges 40,401 pigeons) of Dirk Van Dijck. The dam is Kaasboerin (6341163/05) and is a daughter of Kaasboer (Gaston van de Wouwer). She can breed outstanding pigeons, a trait she inherited from her famous father. We all know that positive x positive = positive. This obviously applies to this coupling as well: they are already parents and grandparents of a few big stars. Allow us to introduce some of them to you:

Tornado Tom: has won three first prizes in three weeks' time:
Blois: 1/240 p.
Pithiviers: 1/103 p.
Blois semi-nat.: 1/2512 p.
Tornado Queen
Chateauroux Union Antwerp: 1/1936 p.
Bourges Union Antwerp: 1/1084 p.
Noyon: 2/358 p.
Dourdan: 6/1251 p.
Melun: 35/1737 p.
Blauwe Tarzan (6262260/11)
Momignies: 2/426 p.
Bourges: 119/31,719 p.
Limoges: 29/17,735 p.
6225917/12 (zoon Blauwe Tornado)
Pithiviers: 4/325 p.
La Souterraine: 56/19,155 p.
Gueret: 210/16,988 p.
6225814/12 (zoon Groten Tornado)
Salbris: 13/964 p.
Blois: 31/3282 p.
Marne la Vallee: 2/898 p.
La Souterraine: 58/ 19,155 p.

Good friends

The pigeon "Friend" was housed in the loft of Jos Maris in Itegem. Friend (6254818/03) was a great racer and winner of a 1st provincial Bourges 3456 pigeons, a 114th prov. Chateauroux 3417 pigeons, a 134th Montluçon 2589 pigeons, a 64th Limoges 3066 pigeons, a 101st Bourges 1904 pigeons, a 2nd Noyon 475 pigeons, 1st Toury 1,863 pigeons, 2nd prov. bourges 3988 pigeons and a 2nd prov. Orleans 2219 pigeons. Friend was a grandson of the renowned Goldwin (6485499/00) of Johan De Belser (Berlaar), which was also bred from a crossing of Engels x Van de Wouwer. Many of the descendants of Friend were moved to the breeding loft of Joseph. They would soon see the results of this new reinforcement:

Miss National (6181002/09)
Bourges Nat.: 38/37,375 p.
Argenton Nat.: 664/23,900 p.
La Souterraine Nat.: 259/17,814 p.
Gueret Nat.: 638/14,245 p.
Montluçon Nat.: 45/22,875 p.
Orleans Prov.: 68/4050 p.
Gueret Nat.: 88/3415 p.
Momignies: 4/371 p.
Pithiviers: 54/1176 p.
Bourges Nat.: 152/33,524 p.
Argenton Nat.: 245/25,949 p.

Later on Friend was sold to Wijnand De Bruyn (Balen), where he became father of Rap Blauw, winner of a 2nd and 14th Melun and a 254th national Limoges against 16,012 pigeons. In his original loft of Jos Maris he was already father of the 1st Noyon against 1651 pigeons, a 2nd Noyon 967 pigeons and a 7th prov. Orleans 8255 pigeons. It shows that Marc and Joseph think carefully before they go and get reinforcements for their loft.

The Vichy hen

There is one hen of the Van Eynde-Goovaerts duo that deserves special attention: the Vichy hen. She is winner of a 6th prov. and 9th nat. Vichy, a 12th prov. Argenton, an 8th prov. Bourges and a first Marne La Vallée against 810 birds. Marc and Joseph gave her a place in the breeding loft, where she has bred several top class birds. 6181052/09 was winner of soissons 1/91 pigeons, Noyon 1/94 pigeons, Noyon 3362 pigeons, Vierzon 38/4298 pigeons, Vierzon 149/11,062 pigeons, Blois 19/1165 pigeons, Chateauroux 36/1862 pigeons, Montluçon 17/17,865 pigeons and Argenton 15/12,384 pigeons. Throughout her career she has won 52 prizes (without doubles), including 27 x 1/10.


In a time when fanciers focus more and more on a single discipline it is remarkable that the team of Van Eynde-Goovaerts excels with their old birds, the yearlings and the young birds at simultaneously. They do not focus on championships and ace pigeons. “Too many birds get lost because they are expected to win a championship title or an ace pigeon title”, says Marc. It happens more than once that a fancier loses one of his best pigeons and it is often difficult to find a substitute. They give their pigeons plenty of time to recover because they want them to have a long and successful career. Below we give you the results of 2012 to give you an idea of what this outstanding family of top birds is capable of:

Momignies: 130 yearlings: 2-7-8-9-10-13-15-17-17-22 (17/36)
Soissons: 302 yearlings: 1-14-15-33-37-40-46-50-61-62-63-67 (14/34)
Melun: 1155 yearlings: 9-14-14-16-42-56-111-119 (27/34)
Pithiviers: 573 old birds: 6-26 (2/2)
Vierzon: 403 yearlings: 3-6-12-13-21-28-30-36-45-63-63 (12/22)
Bourges Nat.: 16,859 yearlings: 105-128-132-203-209-286-291 (16/30)
Chateauroux zone B.: 5997 yearlings: 5-70-76-102-10-117-184 (11/14)
Montluçon Nat.: 22,875 yearlings: 25-45-46-101-11-177-251-266 (16/19)
Montluçon Nat.: 17,865 old birds: 17/697/1731 (5/5)
Argenton Nat.: 12,384 old birds: 15-208-589-1835 (4/4)
Barcelona Nat.: 335/11590 (1/1)
Montluçon Interprov.: 1426 old birds: 17/348 (2/2)
Limoges Nat.: 17,735 yearlings: 29-49-442 (3/3)
Salbris Prov. 964 young birds: 13-39-40-43-63-64-75-99 (18/36)
Marne La Vallée: 898 young birds: 1-2-3-12-16-21-22-46-47-49-67-69 (28/53)
Blois Prov. 1391 young birds: 2-80-82-189 (4/4)
La Souterraine Nat.: 19,155 young birds: 34-56-58-149-304-439-592-617-681 (20/38)
Gueret Nat.: 3415 old birds: 4-32-88-158-242-250 (9/13)

Success story

Many fanciers would like to be as successful as Marc and Joseph. However, many fanciers forget that it takes a lot of effort to get where they are. Of course not every new pigeon in their loft is a guaranteed success but they never give up and that is what has made them so successful. The result is that they created a top quality breeding loft where many stars have been bred. Marc and Joseph are born winners and they will be a strong opponent in the years to come. We have included some pictures of their most important pigeons and the pedigrees of the birds we have mentioned earlier.