Pigeon fancier from Drent (Holland) teaches Mike Tyson the tricks of the trade

Pigeon fancier Gert Jan Beute from Wilhelminaoord is heading for New York this December to help out ex-boxing legend Mike Tyson, who has found his new vocation in pigeon sports.

Beute is known worldwide as a guru when it comes to racing pigeons. The old world champion heavy weight boxing asked Beute to take a look at his pigeons and to judge whether there are some potential top birds among them. "Pigeon sports over there is running behind when you compare it to Holland or Belgium", Beute explains. "They want to use my expertise to improve their pigeon's performances."

Beute says he's not scared of Tyson, who once bit off an opponent's ear during a boxing match. "He's known worldwide as an evil guy. But amongst his pigeons he's really peaceful. Of course, I'll have to watch my words", Beute jokingly says.

Discovery Channel is currently broadcasting a show about Tyson's experience with racing pigeons. "It's good for the sport, so it loses some of its dusty image", Beute says.

Click on the image below to watch the video:

Source: rtv drenthe