Jo Hendriks & Son (Nijswiller, NL) back at the top with a 1st NPO Poitiers

With their victory in the NPO race from Poitiers Jo and Florian have proved that they are back at the top where they used to be before they sold all their best racers and breeders at PIPA in 2010. Apparently their brand new racing team has all the qualities it takes to win big races.

The present family of pigeons of Hendriks is still largely based on the talented pigeon stock that was sold in 2010. This includes top breeders as New Favoriet, Asterix, Popeye and Kleine 273. He had also kept some Vandenabeele and Engels pigeons for his new team of racers. He has obtained some reinforcements from Benny Steveninck (descendants of Chipo, Crack, Gueret and Chihout 100), Geerinckx (the Gladiator and Wittekop Sylvester lines) and Cools (Gaby’s Bliksem, Kleine Tom, Darling). Jo has made his comeback in 2011 with a team of youngsters and a few yearlings with some very good results:

      3°-6° NPO Orleans
      4° NPO Sens
      5°-7° NPO Sezanne
      6° NPO Poittiers
      9° NPO Chateauroux

The main goal for the old birds of Jo and Florian in 2012 is the one day middle distance, which has been their best discipline for years. For instance they have already had top results in the national races from Blois and Chateauroux and they have also won 1st national championships in Category 7 of the one day middle distance in 2008 en 2010. Initially, unfavourable wind prevented the birds from winning top prizes in the one day middle distance in 2012, but they were still very successful with 70% prize winners. The final race of this spectacular discipline would be a very demanding race, which pleased father and son Hendriks a lot. It was clear why: their blue yearlings cock NL11-5000242 (Rik Cools x Hendriks) seized the opportunity to show his power with a victory in the province of Limburg against 2,182 pigeons. This is the list of achievements of this new champion:

In 2012 in the NPO races:
         1° /  2,182 p. NPO Poitiers
        39° / 10,375 p. NPO Bourges
       114° /  6,261 p. NPO Chateauroux
       598° /  3,864 p. NPO Argenton
       502° /  2,894 p. NPO La Souteraine
In 2012 op reguliere vluchten:
         1° /    283 p. Poitiers (1. / 782 p. Heuvelland)
         4° /    564 p. Sezanne (31. / 3,459 p. Heuvelland)
         9° /  1,284 p. Bourges
        24° /    688 p. Chateauroux
        29° /    711 p. Epernay
        38° /    478 p. Sens
        50° /    784 p. Rethel
        52° /    363 p. La Souteraine
        90° /    656 p. Charleville
       102° /    597 p. Argenton
In 2011 with the youngsters:
          1° /   599 p. Troyes (46° / 8,122 p. NPO)
         72° /   699 p. Sezanne
         82° /   833 p. Marche
         82° /   683 p. Charleville
        233° / 1,006 p. Charleville

Jo and Florian have started the season with 29 widowers in classic widowhood, only 18 of which were basketed for Poitiers. The racers were coupled on 19 December and they could raise youngsters. At the age of 14 days one of the youngsters stayed with the cock whereas the other youngster accompanied the hen to the youngsters loft. After that the birds were not coupled anymore. To improve the pigeons’ fitness they were darkened a bit in march and april. The team of youngsters gets special attention in their first years. In 2012 Jo and Florian have showed that their youngsters are very talented:

      07-07-2012 Marche        -   967 p.: 
      16-07-2012 Charleville   – 1,005 p.: 

Besides the lines that we have already mentioned Jo and Floria are very satisfied with the purchase of three sons of Freddy, which come from Pros Roosen. The descendants of this cock are very promising, just like the descendants of Joris, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and a top flyer with two provincial first prizes. He is also a grandchild of Blauwe Fideel and Bliksem. Joris is already father of the yearlings 256/10 and 257/10. But the very best couple in the loft at the moment is Deng Lin’s 080 (a direct Koopman; stems from Deng Lin’s Favourite x Emalia) x Witpennetje Argenton (a direct Engels, bred from Den Argenton x Dochter Marieke). These two top breeders are grandparents of no less than thirty different first prize winners!