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Janssen Brothers Auction ended Sunday 13th of May

The auction of the Janssen Brothers ends Sunday 13th of May at 3pm Belgium time! In total, you are able to bid on 20 auction lots containing 26 pigeons.

The great legend of Janssen brothers comes to an end … 99 years old Louis Janssen decided to sell his last 12 breeding pairs and 2 youngsters bred in 2012 … the end of the most impressive colony in the world ever – no other strain had so much impact in International pigeon racing … PIPA was asked to organise this auction of the last pigeons from the Schoolstraat ever for sale …

Six pigeons shall be sold together with their partner because of the age (2002 or older) and/or because of the fact they wear no ring anymore
BE99-6559757 ‘Geschelpt van Grote Donkere’ with BE99-6265183 ‘Lichte van de Beul’
BE05-6450540 ‘Geschelpt v Wittepenneke’ with BE05-6198728 ‘Late Blauwe v Princess’
BE10-6246175 ‘Late Doffer’ with BE01-6524809 ‘Kleindochter Chantilly’
BE09-6370272 ‘Laat Blauw’ with BE00-6553131 ‘Late Blauwe van 2000’
BE10-6358515 ‘Uit zoon v Princess’ with BE00-6548062 ‘Schoon Voske’
BE10-6246137 ‘Late Vos van 2010’ with BE02-6478464 ‘Klein Licht’

BE99-6265183, BE05-6198728 and BE01-6524809 have no ring anymore and are therefore offered together with their breeding partner.

The breeders all descend from the legendary lines that brought great fame to Gebr. Janssen in Arendonk … ‘Jonge Merckx’, ‘Raket van 76’, ‘Oude Witoger’, ‘019’, ‘Donkere Stier’ … and of course younger generations top breeders such as ‘De Klamper’, ‘Blauwe Winterjongen’, ‘Schalieblauwen’, ‘Blauwen onder de Tafel’, 'Princess', etc. Lines that still dominate International pigeon racing; the list of historical and nowadays references is inexhaustible.

Have a look at some other pictures in the gallery below.