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It is Arie Dijkstra, son of ex-professional soldier and National NPO Extreme Distance Champion 2011 Enne Dijkstra who has caused furore in all the race, competitions and championships over the last few years. With his 46 summers young he is still young and certainly ambitious. Yet he decided to sell his entire loft on PIPA, with the exception of the youngsters 2011 and 2012.

It is Arie Dijkstra, son of ex-professional soldier and National NPO Extreme Distance Champion 2011 Enne Dijkstra who has caused furore in all the race, competitions and championships over the last few years. With his 46 summers young he is still young and certainly ambitious. Yet he decided to sell his entire loft on PIPA, with the exception of the youngsters 2011 and 2012.

Arie Dijkstra lives the village of Oudwoude in Friesland. A place situated in the north-east of Friesland, with approximately 800 inhabitants. Although it is not a cosmopolitan city, it can certainly be considered one where the pigeon quality is concerned. With numerous national top notations, victories and highest achievable titles, it is time we revealed the successes of this good-humoured pigeon fancier.

The basis for his success can be found in his sublime stock building. This rests on a number of tyrants, beginning with top couple ‘Big Boom’ X ‘Evita’. The ‘Big Boom’ is a son of stock other ‘De Strik’. She is from the old sort from Jacques Tournier. The father of ‘Evita’ is also from the same bloodline of ‘De Strik’. Crossed in with these old Tournier lines, they are the pigeons with as DeSmet-Mathijs and the Gebr. Janssen. This breeding couple was the basis for a broad scale of super racers and breeders. Pigeons which brought Arie Dijkstra back to the national top in a relatively short time. One of the best known sons is ‘Leonardo’. . . which brings us to the following, and new, stock couple. 

‘Leonardo’ X ‘Tinkelbel’ is one of the best breeding couples in the Netherlands. They made name and fame over the entire world with children as ‘Okidoki’, ‘Boogie’, ‘Spikkeltje’ and ‘Ramona’.
‘Tinkelbel’ in turn comes out stock cock and tyrant ‘De Lichte Morlincourt’. This inbred cock (parents nephew and niece to each other) stand at the basis of the many success pigeons by the Dijkstra colony. The reason for this is perhaps that this cocker comes out a brother of the ‘Big Boom’. The couple ‘Leonardo’ X ‘Tinkelbel’ is then a beautiful couple on paper (inbred lines)……but much nicer in practice… much nicer! 

‘Okidoki’ NL-07-4286205

This beautiful supple-muscled and very strong (always raced top with headwind, warm weather and long distances.) white flight cock comes out top couple ‘Leonardo’ X ‘Tinkelbel’ and is one of the standard-bearers by Arie. He flew formidably with a.o.: 

Morlincourt            1/1620
    =    NPO           3/7053
Ablis                  1/2186
    =    NPO           2/9296
    =    Interprov     2/17.815           
Orleans                1/1930
    =    NPO           2/6469
    =    Interprov     2/12.473
2°  National Acebird Extreme Middle Distance NPO 2008
2°  National Acebird Extreme Middle Distance W.H.Z.B. 2008
1°  Club Acebird All-round o.b. DKB 2008
3°  Club Acebird Sprint o.b. DKB 2009
10° Provincial Acebird youngsters F.F.C. 2007 

This tyrant also, just like all the pigeons by Arie, to be a good breeder, (grand)children race formidably with a.o.:

Blois                        1/789  
St.Quentin       NPO         4/7567
Pithiviers                   7/1779
Pithiviers       NPO         9/6862
Sens                        10/2409
Breuil Le Vert   NPO        18/9786
Breuil Le Vert   NPO        26/9786
Boxtel                      31/5998

The following standard-bearer of the Dijkstra loft (flown by Enne Dijkstra), and once again a youngster out ‘Leonardo’ X ‘Tinkelbel’ answers to the name ‘Boogie’ ( NL 07-4286023). This blue muscleman knew what front racing was with no less than 5 top-100 notations NPO and several top titles. 

L. F. s-Jouarre   NPO       10/13.404
Frankfurt ad O.   NAT       26/4757
Chateauroux       NPO       26/1418
Ablis             NPO       44/11.946
Pithiviers        NPO       82/8510
1°   Provincial Acebird Extreme Middle Distance F.F.C. 2009
1°   Provincial Acebird o.b. All-round F.F.C. 2009
11°  National Acebird 1-day long distance Fondspiegel 2009 

This son of the top couple is father of a.o. ‘Leontien’ which was joint winner of the 1° National loft championship 1-day long distance by father Enne Dijkstra.

2° Provincial Acebird 1-day long distance F.F.C. 2011
7° Provincial Acebird 1-day long distance F.F.C. 2010
C hateauroux       NPO        6/650
Blois             NPO       18/1112
Pithiviers        NPO       23/7385
Pithiviers        NPO       86/6511
Sens              NPO       95/6740
Sens              NPO      127/9941
Signy-Sgnetz      NPO      133/ 8664

‘Boogie’ is then father of this ‘Leontien’ which won 12x prize in the first 10% (Extreme Middle Distance) by 12 baskettings.. . this resulted in no less than 7-Top 150 NPO notations… unprecedented!

The couple ‘Leonardo’ X ‘Tinkelbel’ is then a marvellous breeding couple in both 1st, 2nd as 3rd generation. We would not be doing this couple justice if we only named the above mentioned pigeons. Here below a short overview of their best children:
‘Pico Bello’ raced self 12th NPO Blois, is father of the Best Yearling NPO Extreme Middle Distance ’11 (5 races)
‘Ramses’ raced a 1st against 2.687 pigeons and a 21° - 48° and 68° NPO
‘Lady Universe’ is 2° Regional Acebird o.b. All-round 2011 (district ‘De Wâlden’)
‘Mona Lisa’ Joint winner 1° National Loft Champion Extreme Middle Distance NPO and 5x Top 100 NPO
‘Del Toro’ raced 18°- 21° - 25° - 63° and 82° NPO
‘De 726’ mother of 6x1° prize and grandmother of 1°-19.064 pigeons.
‘Spikkeltje’ raced 1°-6225 and 6° and 9° NPO.

Although these performances demand more than enough respect for both Arie and his most complete branch Enne Dijkstra, the references over his pigeons are also good. 

Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012:
Meanwhile, everybody now knows that this 1-loft race is one of the most prestigious in the world. And this year it was tough, very tough. How unique is it then that the 2 best Dutch pigeons ( total classification 2nd and 6th) in this race are grandchildren of 'Leonardo' X 'Tinkelbel'  via Jan Hooymans and the Gebr. Leideman. Naturally coupled with their top pigeons, it can’t just be coincidence. Once again the breeding worth of this super stock is confirmed by this magnificent 1-loft race. 

Enne Dijkstra:
Father Enne Dijkstra also raced extremely well this season. How else do you become 1° National Extreme Middle Distance Champion NPO? The better pigeons ( 1st or 2nd generation) all stem directly from this top couple and together raced at least 15x Top-100 NPO. All further successes of this National Extreme Middle Distance Champion are from pigeons from his son’s pigeons. 

( Arie , Enne, Ankie with the standard-bearers of the 1st national Extreme Middle Distance loft champion NPO 2011) 

Albert Timmerman:
He is very successful with pigeons from Arie Dijkstra. So win a.o. descendants from a daughter of the ‘top couple’ 7x the 1st prize and a.o.: 

Boxtel          AFD      1/19064
Sens            NPO      2/9941
Sens            NPO      19/7543
Sens            NPO      20/7543

From a full sister of ‘Leonardo’ he bred a daughter with the 10th NPO against 9.941 pigeons and a 1st Boxtel.

Nico and Ivo v.d. Veen:
In a short space of time she they bred 3 super children out a son of ‘Okidoki’. Together they won:

St. Quentin      NPO      4/7567
Pithiviers       NPO      9/6452
Breuil Le Vert   NPO      18/9786
Breuil Le Vert   NPO      21/9786

Wout Spierings:
This former ‘Best Fancier of the Netherlands’ is with a.o. the Dijkstra pigeons, well on the way to achieving such titles again. He bred his best youngster out a child of this couple. An extremely successful youngster which gave Wout 6th Master Award Cat 3. ( Versele-Laga).

Tim Hage:
In 2009 he bred a granddaughter of ‘Late v.d. Strik’ (brother ‘De Big Boom’) from a hen from Arie, the 1st National ZLU Pigeon W.H.Z.B. This hen also produced the 1st Acebird Extreme Middle Distance, with several 1st prizes, which is now father of the 1st Cahors against 1.498 pigeons

(Arie Dijkstra playing with top pigeon 'Okidoki') 

It is unbelievable, the pigeons from Arie Dijkstra distinguish themselves through a number of factors..
* marvellous, constant racing qualities at National level
* Sublime descendants.
* All-round cracks, because whether it takes place in South Africa or in the Netherlands, you always find them at the top of the results. From 100 km to 1000km, these cracks can do it. With bad weather you don’t keep these classy pigeons at home through fear, but you race them with their power. The muscles, plumage and characteristics, combined with front racing and created from top breeders… it’s all contained in the stock of Arie Dijkstra.

Arie Dijkstra, a fancier who has given a new meaning to All-round together with top racing.