An overview of the articles most read in 2011

At the end of the year lists are traditionally made of the best of this or the most of that ... We have made, just like last year, an overview of the 10 most read articles on our site. Take a look with us

10th place: video-report over the final Derby Arona One Loft Race in Tenerife

PIPA-workers Fien and Minna fle to Tenerife last March to follow the final of the Derby Arone One Loft Race. They took a few photo's and made a few video's of the final race and a video-interview with the winner.

9th place: First (inter)national results of the racing season

It is directly clear that we are a site for pigeon fanciers with the 9th place, taken by the first (inter)provincial results of the year from Vierzon, Chateauroux, Vierzon and Gien. From Vierzon it was Casaert-Sénéchal who won by the yearlings and Baert Damien by the old birds. These results, posted on the 22nd of May, were read almost 8000 times.

8th place: Photo's new lofts Verkerk

In April Bas and Gerard Verkerk were proud to show their finished lofts to the pigeon world. As it is always nice to see how it is by colleagues, this article was clicked on numerous times. The total accommodation offers room for 90 racing couples in total widowhood. The reactions under the article were also unanimously praising. 

7th place: Verreckt-Ariën auction ends at 971.800 EURO

With this unbelievable average of 4.000 EURO per pigeon was the auction closed as second most expensive internet auction ever, after the Brockamp-auction which last year just surpassed a million euro. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was "Olympic Wacko" which moved to Singapore for the amount of 135.200 EURO. Other "head birds" were "Jacko" (47.000 EURO, Singapore), "Proudo" (50.200 EURO, Singapore), "James Bond" (70.000 EURO, China) "Claudio" and "Norma" (respectively 50.400 EURO and 70.000 EURO for Marc De Cock). You can see all the winning bids on our auction page

6th place: video-interview with Johan De Belser by Nigel Kot

Nigel Kot made an 11 minute (English) report over Johan De Belser and placed it on Youtube. We would like to inform you that 8.800 clicks later this video is in our top 10. Interesting for every long distance and grand distance racer!

5th place: Final race Belgian Masters in Tours

The Final of the Belgian Masters liberated in Tours was, followed on this sunny day by many spectators who wanted to see the pigeons homecoming live. Whoever couldn't be there in person, could follow via our site, and this ensured 12.800 clicks on this article. In the end the race was won by Geert and Mark Pollin. 

4th place: live video stream of the Pros Roosen auction in Thorn (NL)

Following a room auction from your couch at home is not for every auction. We by PIPA like to push the borders of possibility and made sure of a livestream for a duration of 2 days by the auction of Pros Roosen. The auction closed with a total of 1.368.000 EURO. The VRT-news also reported on this auction.

3rd place: announcement "Nice performances" on PIPA

Following each weekend you could show your nice performances on our site. Tens of fanciers sent their results in every week, and the columns "nice performances" and "look at teh week" were read a great deal. It's always nice to see a nice photo of yourself with a nice result on PIPA.

2nd place: Visit to China by PIPA in June 2011

InJune Thomas Gyselbrecht, Minna Yi and Luna Lai travelled round China for 2 weeks to visit various Chinese fanciers. The photo's of the trip were seen more than 20.000 times by our visitors. Enjoy once again our trip to this beautiful country!

1st place: Golden Top One Loft Race 2011 from Great Wall

The Great Wall One Loft Race stood on the homepage of our site for a long time. These Chinese pigeopns could be basketted in April and training started in September. On the 10th of November the first race was held from Dingzhou (200km), after which a few days later, on the 14th of November, the semi-final was flown from Gaoyi (300km). 

The final race from Qixian (500km) was a real mediastunt from Great Wall: both the basketting for the final, the liberation and the homecoming could be followed via live videostream. The One Loft Race was won by a Chinese combination. First European was Jaap Koehoorn in 15th place. The European top 3 was completed with Eijerkamp and loft M. Reijnen. 

The Chinese continent is not only important for PIPA as the pigeon fanciers for sales, but we must make clear that at sporting level a.o. the One Loft Races and the many exhibitions organised in China, shows that China is becoming more important.