Matthias Coel (Rotselaar, BE) wins 1° Ace bird Grand Middle Distance Brabant Union & 2° Nat. Ace bird Youngsters Cureghem Centre 2011!

One of the upcoming youthful talents in our national pigeon sport is definitely Matthias Coel from Rotselaar. This was confirmed yet again in 2011 with the winning of the 1° Ace bird Grand Middle Distance Brabant Union & 2° Nat. Ace bird Youngsters Cureghem Centre 2011!

The old youth champion KBDB 2004, started with the pigeon sport when he was 12 years old… a complete ‘layman’ in the sport as no-one in the family raced pigeons! From the very beginning Matthias (25) tried to hold his own in all the disciplines of our sport… in both sprint, middle distance and long distance… with the accent on the youngsters in particular. It was Frederik Sterckx (now deceased) who took the youthful Matthias Coel under his arm and taught him the tricks of the trade, and was always ready with advice when necessary! Since 2009 Matthias has decided to concentrate on the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘long distance’ with the youngsters! In other words an intentional choice for ‘specialisation’… so that he could combine his work ( regency LO & Economics) and pigeons, and still leave time for other hobby’s like football (KFC Werchter), indoor soccer (recreational), and trainer of youth football teams (Olympia Wijgmaal). A busy bee then… but maybe also a perfect example that through ‘specialisation’ in  1 branch of our sport, there is also enough room for other things… proof for candidate fanciers, beginners in our sport, or people with a ‘busy job’ or not much free time… that it can be done differently! Although Matthias doesn’t hide the fact that his mother is an ‘important link’ in the successes achieved… because he can always rely on her, is is always ready to jump in when  Matthias is busy with his work or other activities! Five years ago Matthias came in contact with Albert Derwa… and ‘Berreke’ also taught him a great deal in his search for his own system for his pigeons! Since 2009 Bob Berendsen from Rotselaar has come to judge his pigeons,  takes photos of the eyes of the breeding pigeons, which are then coupled on the basis of the eye theory! A breeding loft which is built up with pigeons originating from De Ruysscher Florent, Motton Frederik, Derwa-Luxem, Berendsen Bob, Lismont Patrick, Huls Paul, and Verbesselt - Van Riet! 


‘Nike’ as key figure

Central figure in teh breeding loft is super hen ‘Nike’ BE04-2182899, a hen which up until 2007 was raced in the sprint from Momignies… she won a total of  66 prizes, 41 prizes in the ‘top 10’, with  12 x 1° prize, 4 x 2°, 8 x 3°,   4 x 4°, 2 x 6°, 1 x 7°, 3 x 8°, 4 x 9° and 3 x 10° prize! Phenomenal…  she played a large role in the winning of the title ‘National Champion Youth KBDB 2004’, she was also: 

1° Prov. Champion Sprint Youngsters KBDB Brabant 1° Nat.  Ace bird Sprint Youngsters Ave Regina 

And what is more… she also later played a leading role in the breeding loft! Coupled with 3 different cocks she became mother of 4 different 1° Prize winners, but also of the 


-1-1° Ace bird ‘Grand middle distance’ Youngsters Brabant Union 2009 (with BE09-2027447)
-1° Ace bird ‘Grand middle distance’ Youngsters ‘ Between Demer and Dijle’ 2009 (with BE09-2027447)
-1° Ace bird  Yearlings ‘Grand Sprint’ Pigeon d' Or 2009 (with BE08-2002469)

Grandparent of:

-1°  Ace bird ‘Grand middle distance’ Youngsters Brabant Union 2011 (with BE11-2090536)
-2°  National Ace bird  Cureghem Centre youngsters (with BE11-2090511)
And of 3 of the 4 top 100 notations national in the Grand Middle Distance races for youngsters! 

A few pigeons which signed for these successes and ‘Ace bird titles’ are the following classy youngsters: 


-‘Blue Thunder’ BE11-2090536

1° Ace bird ‘Grand Middle Distance’ Brabant Union 2011 


Blois           Prov  2.156 p. 2
La Souterraine  Prov  2.428 p. 4
                Nat  16.665 p. 10
Nevers          Prov    955 p. 5
               I.Prov 3.189 p. 60
Blois           Prov  3.247 p. 300
Bourges         Prov  5.199 p. 499

She is a daughter of the ‘Laten’ BE10-2007407 (Son of ‘Brother 1° Prov Vierzon 491/08’ x ‘Daughter Nike’ 447/09, which was 1° Ace bird Grand middle distance Youngsters Brab. Union 2009 and ‘between Demer & Dijle’s) x ‘Daughter Paulien’ BE09-2227240, a direct Albert Derwa-Luxem and full sister of the 2 star racers from 2011 in Herent ‘Primo’ and ‘De Zoon’! For the comlete pedigree: click here

-‘2° Nat Ace bird C.C.’ BE11-2090511

2° Nat. Ace bird Youngsters Cureghem Centre 2011 

Argenton         Nat 20.363 p. 34
Gueret           Nat 14.362 p. 96
La Souterraine   Nat 16.665 p. 1375

She earned her title in the races from C.C. from Argenton and Gueret! She is a daughter of the ‘Eldorado’ NL09-1922217 (a direct Bob Berendsen) x ‘Daughter Nike’ BE08-2002469 (self 1° Ace bird Yearlings ‘Grand Sprint’ Pigeon d’Or 2009). For the complete pedigree: click  here

-The ‘Nationaalke’ BE11-2090528

Blois           Prov  1.721 p. 71
Nevers        I.Prov  3.189 p. 76
Bourges         Nat  31.719 p. 82
Argenton        Nat  20.383 p. 420
La Souterraine  Nat  16.665 p. 1603
Gueret          Nat  14.362 p. 1681

She comes out a crossing Patrick Lismont x Gebr. Janssen-Arendonk

|Game and coaching

Since specialising in the ‘grand middle distance’ about three years ago, Matthias has used the same system for racing and coaching the pigeons… only slightly altered every year according to experience, although it has essentially remained the same!

Once they are weaned, the pigeons are given moulting mixture (from Beduco-Beyers). They are only fed once a day, but are given enough to fill their stomachs… and it remains this way for the entire year! Byproducts and supplements come from Röhnfried, Herbots and DPH Cultura… and they are regularly given home-made soup! Via this method the pigeons develop a good natural resistance so that very little or no medication is necessary to bring and keep the pigeons in the required racing condition! They are only given medication after being advised to do so by the vet, otherwise never! To keep the airways ’clean’, the lofts are smoked out regularly… with the ‘smoke bomb’ (read: Koudijs) as Matthias so nicely explains it! Up until now his approach has meant that the pigeons have only had little or no trouble with ‘tricho’ and/or ‘adenovirose’!

Whoever aspires to the game with the youngsters, wants to shine in the national classics with youngsters, and has this as ‘main aim’… can’t avoid using lighting and darkening… to keep the pigeons in their plumage and the necessary condition until September! All the youngsters (100 bred in total) are darkened from the middle of March until the 21st of June. Due to certain circumstances, the darkening here happens the other way round. The loft is closed completely for 24 hours. A timer is used to light the loft from 7am to 5pm. This gives the disadvantage of the pigeons seeing little sun… Matthias thinks this is possibly the reason that many youngster are lost in the beginning. Starting on the 21st of June the longest day is maintained. During the summer the days are lengthened yet again to bring them to a 2nd peak!

Up until the end of June the youngsters are let out once a day. Flying is not compulsory. They can do what they want. They are not given any training races until the 30th of June. The races in which the pigeons take part are not seen as a measure of value. From the 1 of July it becomes  very ‘serious’… and the season actually begins for the youngsters. From then onwards they are taken to Ittre, a very popular place in the region for the youngster specialists, every day, followed by a second compulsory training at home for at least half an hour. Starting with the first grand middle distance race, all the pigeons are basketted and no longer remain home. Every week they race a grand middle distance race. It was only this year that there was a group a bit later as a result of which they couldn’t race the first 3 races! The weather and wind is not taken into account. How tougher the race, the less is trained. At that time rest is more important than training. The last weeks of the season the pigeons train once a day again. The game is played according to the system of the sliding door, although they get to see each other only once or twice a year shortly before the basketting (this mainly to break the habit).

In short this was the wheelings and dealings of the pigeon sport by the Matthias Coel household! By specializing in 1 branch of our sport, he was able to establish himself between the toppers at national level in his ‘speciality’… testified by the ‘1° Ace bird Grand Middle Distance Brabant Union’ and the ‘2° Nat. Ace bird Cureghem Centre’ in 2011! Definitely a sign for Matthias to carry on along his chosen path, and proof that he’s doing everything right concerning system, stock building and game! Congratulations Matthias… keep up the good work!