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Demely Liliane (Moorsele, BE) wins, with ‘Fast Lady’, the ‘Ace bird Yearlings’ 2011 in the Bruges Championships! - update: picture Fast Lady

The colony of Liliane Demely had a very strong season once again in 2011… and with ‘Fast Lady’ they now have the best ‘yearling’ from 2011 in the Bruges Championships!

We have written ‘they’ on purpose… because behind the Demely Liliane loft  there hides a triumviraat in the form of father Filip, mother Liliane and son David! Over the last few seasons they have climbed to the top of their province, belonged to the fine sprocket of better lofts in the province West-Flanders. Yet every year with the beginning of the new sport season they also have to wait and see what it will bring… will the pigeons be in form at the right moment, how long can they keep this form? By the toppers it is always a case of waiting worryingly, more so than by the average fanciers… especially as for these ‘toppers’ their image is also on the line! One can do everything as a fancier … but external factors (so as weather, wind, mass, liberation…) can often be of a decisive nature… not only where winning and losing is concerned, but also in getting into and keeping that oh so capricious ‘form fairy’. The Demely loft didn’t escape the changeable weather common in 2011 either…  they also lost 2 very good pigeons, unfortunately this is also part of the pigeon sport… call it the reverse side of the coin! Although we can plainly say that the pigeons from our host perform best in nice "pigeon weather", something characteristic to their stock.

One of the nicest results of the season was from Poitiers, by nice to slightly cloudy weather on the racing line, whereby a slight NW-wind ensured that they had to ‘work’… something which really suited the Demely pigeons as it turned out! In the basketting centre from Fond club Vlamertinge, it resulted, against 142 yearlings, in : 1-2-3-4-5 ,... and there were 7 prizes from the 10 pigeons basketted. Provincial against 602 yearlings they began with: 2-7-8-9-11...  (7/10)! In short, a result to be framed! Locally the victory was achieved with the 1° nominated, nl. 125/10 or Fast Lady, who took the honour with a no less than 15 minute lead with 1144m/min. This was not her first exploit, she previously achieved the following marvellous results, which finally crowned her ‘Ace bird Yearlings’ in the Bruges Championships, organised at provincial level! 

-‘Fast Lady’ BE10-3085125

1° Ace bird Yearlings 2011 Bruges Championships 

In 2010:
-Clermont   472 p. 3
-Ablis      878 p. 5
-Tours      231 p. 13
-Tours      364 p. 1 
    Prov. 2.357 p. 13
In 2011:
-Orleans    168 p. 1
-Orleans    187 p. 1 
-Argenton   617 p. 1 
    Prov. 3.125 p. 10
-Poitiers   142 p. 1 (15 min. lead)
    I.Prov  602 p. 2
-Poitiers   130 p. 2
    I.Prov  648 p. 3  

Just to add that nearly all her top prizes were achieved with a velocity under the 1250 m/min… this ‘Fast Lady’ is at her best then by tough weather, or real ‘racing weather’… to put it into pigeon terms! Her lineage also speaks volumes:

Father: ‘The Freddy’ BE07-4093384

A direct Fr. & J.Vandenheede, and grandson of both the ‘Limoges 261/91’ and the ‘Goudklompje 874/98’ (as son of the ‘Sjah 695/02’)… absolute breeding toppers by De Rauw-Sablon!

Mother: ‘Beauty’ BE07-3161827

The line Schicht and Figo from Antoon & Hilde Reynaert! Or the line of the famous ‘Draaier’, self 18 x top ten and 4 x 1° prize, and father of 4 different 1° Prize winners (which together won 9 x 1st)! The ‘Draaier line’ is good for 23 different first prize winners and 49 first prizes since 2006 just in the loft of Demely… but in the references we also see numerous 1° prize winners out this line!

One thing is definitely clear… she doesn’t get it from a stranger, her brother was also a topper, namely the ‘Fast Freddy’…  except that he always had a strange ritual by the homecoming, he would always wait for a loft companion to return home and then drive them into the loft before allowing himself to be clocked… as a result of which he was always preceded by a loft companion in the results! It was only in his last race that he entered the loft immediately… maybe due to thirst says our host… because it was a race flown in tropical conditions of around 30° degrees, but a raci in which his class floated to the top! As a yearling he was also at the top of the results a few times in nice pigeon weather… to then move to the breeding loft, as his dependants also turned out to have great ‘class’! A small selection from hit top performances:

-‘Fast Freddy’ won ao  

Clermont      87 p. 2  (after loft companion)
Ablis        155 p. 2  (after loft companion)
Ablis        272 p. 2  (after loft companion)
Ablis        194 p. 1  (fastest of 2269 p. in tropical conditions)
Ablis        440 p. 3
Orleans      393 p. 5
Orleans      376 p. 5
Ablis        734 p. 6 

 The ‘Freddy’ x ‘Beauty’ is probably in the making of becoming a new ‘super couple’… because of the 8 youngsters this couple has bred up to now, 5 have already won one or more 1° prizes!

And there is so much more… because in addition to the ‘Fast Lady’ the Demely colony also houses a treasure of breeding and racing talent… a few of the most prominent racing hens are a.o.

-‘Dina 175/10’, bred out a crossing Reynaert x Kint x Verkinderen 

In 2010:
Ablis         93 p. 1
Ablis        878 p. 5
Ablis        393 p. 14
Ablis        473 p. 23
Clermont     729 p. 31
In 2011:
Orleans      245 YL 1
             243 p. 3  (o.b.)
Ablis        191 p. 3  (o.b.)
             220 YL 7
Clermont     106 p. 3
Tours         59 p. 2  (after loft companion)
       Prov. 518 p. 18
Orleans      187 YL 2  (after loft companion)
             168 p. 3  (o.b.) 

-Het ‘Tourske 144/10’, bred out the lines Rens v/d Zijde (Ludo Claessens) x Figolijn Reynaert raced a.o. as a youngster 3 weeks in succession : 

Tours    231 p. 6
Tours    187 p. 3
Tours    395 p. 19
In 2011:
Orleans   68 p. 1   Prov.  439  yl.  5
Tours     59 p. 1   Prov.  518  yl.  8
Orleans  187 p. 3  (after 2 loft companions)
Orleans  168 p. 4  ,....

Another good pigeon is ‘Lisbeth 980/09’ (line ‘Brother Draaier’ x ‘Sister Freddy’), she won as a youngster : 

Blois    362 p. 1
Roye     581 p. 7
Ablis    574 p. 17
Tours    130 p. 10 

As a yearling and two year old she didn’t go into the loft with the youngsters until the middle of the season, where she was then trained with the autumn classics in mind! In 6 races she won no less than 5 x 1° prizes, with, at provincial level, a.o.: 

St-Junien       Prov. 1° prize (585 Km) with 1185 m/min
La Souterraine  Prov. 255 p. 7
La Souterraine  Prov. 350 p. 8 

Together with Lisbeth, ‘Liliane 983/09’ raced the same programme, and as a yearling and two year old achieved in 6 races a.o.: 

1° Prov. La Souterraine  350 p.
2° Prov. St-Junien and 3 S/Nat St-Junien 2011
1° Gueret club,  and Prov. 289 p. 9  

‘Liliane’s’ father is a pure Vandenabeele pigeon, namely ‘Brother Geronimo 677/07’ via P.&D.Houfflyn x ‘Marcelleke 882/08’… a M.Aelbrecht and granddaughter of the ‘Marseille’ x ‘Fijn Blauw’ x ‘1° Nat Perpignan’ x ‘Bak 17’!

Finally we would like to introduce you to another 3 of the current toppers in the team of widow cocks:

-De ‘Gilbert 912/09’(also out the ‘Draaier line’, raced up to now:, 

Blois        139 p. 1
Orleans      190 p. 2
Blois        141 p. 3 (after 2 loft companions)
Orleans      183 p. 2
Blois        242 p. 3
Tours        130 p. 3
Blois        176 p. 9
Arras        164 p. 5
Clermont     214 p. 5
Orleans      366 p. 11
Arras        115 p. 10

-‘Zoon Draaier 914/09’, a phenomenal 1° prize winner with: 

Ablis        119 p. 1
Roye         116 p. 1
Blois        133 p. 1
Orleans      366 p. 4
Blois        139 p. 3
Clermont     214 p. 4
Ablis        451 p. 4
Orleans      210 p. 5
Orleans      243 p. 8
Arras        164 p. 10

-‘Hazard, 988/09’, (also out the ‘Draaier line’), raced up to now :

Blois        141 p. 1 (Guldensporen)
Arras        115 p. 2 (after loft companion)
Clermont     214 p. 2
Orleans      376 p. 3
Orleans      190 p. 5
Clermont    8573 p. 7  (WVOU)
Blois Prov. 1215 p. 9
Ablis        390 p. 9
Ablis        294 p. 14
Orleans      210 p. 13
Ablis        451 p. 15 

Let one thing be clear, the Demely Liliane loft is a colony of pigeons with a great deal of promise. The magnificent series of results summarised at the end of this report prove it, but also the excellent number of top pigeons housed in this loft… with the absolute eye-catcher being the ‘Fast Lady’… the brand new 1° Ace bird Yearlings in the Bruges championships! Winning 1° prize is clearly anchored in this sort, and that opens perspectives! Congratulations! 

Best results  in 2011 :

Arras         115 p.   1-2-5-10-15… (8/9)
Clermont       67 p.   1-6-13-21 (4/4)
Clermont      446 p.   19-37-42-44-54… (8/11)
Ablis          72 p.   2-5-8-11-13-17-22-23-24 (9/13)
Ablis         143 p.   1-3-8-9-14-15-18-19… (12/18)
Orleans       168 p.   1-3-4-12…(7/8)
Orleans       187 p.   1-2-3-11… (10/12)
Orleans       210 p.   5-11-13-15-23… (7/8)
Orleans Pr.   366 p.   4-11-13-17 (4/6)
Orleans Pr.   439 p.   5 (1/2)      
Orleans       376 p.   3-18-19-29-36-44 (6/6)
Orleans       243 p.   3-4-8-13-14-17-22-30-31… (10/14)
Orleans       249 p.   1-2-9-11-14-19… (10/14)
Tours          59 p.   1-2-3-4-7-9… (9/12)
Tours         283 p.   2-8-11-20-37 (5/6)
Tours         136 p.   1-5-7-8-11-14… (12/13)
Poitiers      142 p.   1-2-3-4-5-25-33 (7/10)
   Prov.      602 p.   2-7-8-9-11… (7/10)
La Souterraine 62 p.   1-15 (2/2)
Montauban    1393 p.   72 (1/2) 

The Demely pigeons also perform excellently in numerous lofts abroad, for a few of the most predominant references : click here