Van Hove-Uytterhoeven win Guéret against 2.448 old pigeons 2007.


Van Hove - Uytterhoeven, Putte

Putte is a town in the province of Antwerp with more than 15.000 inhabitants. This pleasant town has the beautiful area of Ridderke as ambassador. A few well known Flemish people also live here, such as actor Ronny Waterschoot (from. “Merlina” and “Familie”) and weather forecaster Jill Peeters (both in the municipality Grasheide) and actress Nora Tilley (from “Het Pleintje”) (municipality Peulis). These are not well known names in the world of pigeon racing, because in the racing season the fanciers are so busy with their pigeons that they don't have time to watch television. For the fanciers, the best known Flemish people from Putte must be Gust and Geert Van Hove and Mit Janssens. We have to add that there are also other special fanciers from this region. From the Guéret race for old pigeons it was the world-famous duo Van Hove – Uytterhoeven who claimed the leading part. The name combination represents the teamwork between Gust Van Hove and his uncle Nabor Uytterhoeven (not in the photo!), whose only role is one of support. In practice Gust is assisted by his wife Mit and son Geert. According to Gust, it could easily be the other way round! 6 hens (all yearlings) and 34 youngsters were prepared for Guéret 2007. The yearling hens had taken part in the winter breeding, were separated until the middle of March, were allowed to lay eggs and brood, and were then separated again. Starting in the middle of April they were entered for the races every week. The season should have ended on the 23rd of June. It was decided for the first time to enter yearlings for Guéret and they were so paired that the pigeons raced on a 9 or 10 day old youngster.

Medical matters
“Nowadays the sport of pigeon racing can't exist without medical support”, says Gust Van Hove. His pigeons are in good hands and Gust says that his vet should definitely be in the limelight! It concerns the female vet Ann Havet from Blanden. Gust and Mit are more than satisfied with their pigeon doctor! It is a vet who follows her patients closely to everyone's satisfaction.

The victory list of this sympathetic family from Putte is immense! They won SEVEN cars with these pigeons! The victory from the national race from Guéret is their FIFTH national victory. You could count on one hand the number of fanciers who have achieved what this family has achieved. Before Guéret, the Derby Limoges was won, both against the old and the two-year old pigeons. There was also a victory for the yearlings from Bourges. Finally, the youngsters triumphed from La Souterraine. It goes without saying that there were also numerous other prizes, but it is tempting to keep to the absolute toppers.

Success abroad
Van Hove –Uytterhoeven were asked to send a youngster to England for the Röhnfried International Futurity. According to Gust, other Belgians, as well as German and other top fanciers from round the world were asked to send pigeons. These pigeons are sold in England to fanciers who are allowed to race with them. A pigeon from Van Hove –Uytterhoeven ended up by A. Trupeter in West Bromwich. This is a place in the governmental area Sandwell in the English county of West Midlands. It has nearly 140.000 inhabitants, which is nothing to be sniffed at. West Bromwich is probably best known for its football team, West Bromwich Albion ( W.B.A.). In any case, in the Röhnfried International Futurity Trupeter won the 2nd prize in a 176 mile race (283,245km) with the pigeon from Putte. There is a monetary prize attached to this achievement whereby the “racer” as well as the “breeders” can't be forgotten. An extra on top of the national victory, that no-one in Putte had expected!

6052047/06 “Queen Guéret” Pedigree : Click here

1st National Guéret 2007 (2.448 pigeons) 107th Prov Montluçon 2007 (1.913 pigeons) 166th Semi Nat Châteauroux 2007 (3.857 pigeons) 62nd Prov Châteauroux 2007 (2.629 pigeons) 2nd Melun 2007 (916 pigeons) 52nd Noyon 2007 (552 pigeons) 18th Noyon 2007 (589 pigeons) 9th Quiévrain 2007 (177 pigeons) 62nd National La Souterraine 2006 (13.965 pigeons) 248th Prov Salbris 2006 (1.674 pigeons) 175th Nat Argenton 2006 (14.534 pigeons) 5433rd Nat Bourges 2006 (26.984 pigeons) 5th St-Denis 2006 (2.826 pigeons) 48th Orléans 2006 (8.835 pigeons) 418th Melun 2006 (3.603 pigeons) 55th Pithiviers 2006 (2.061 pigeons) 211th Pithiviers 2006 (2.477 pigeons) 6052144/06

“Princess Guéret”
4th National Guéret 2007 (2.448 pigeons) 134th Prov Montluçon 2007 (1.913 pigeons) 24th Semi Nat Châteauroux 2007 (3.857 pigeons) 32nd Prov Châteauroux 2007 (2.629 pigeons) 608th Melun 2007 (2.223 pigeons) 38th Noyon 2007 (555 pigeons) 19th Noyon 2007 (589 pigeons) 43rd Quiévrain 2007 (177 pigeons) 506th National Guéret 2006 (10.670 pigeons) 83rd National La Souterraine 2006 (13.965 pigeons) 111th Prov Salbris 2006 (1.674 pigeons) 697th Nat Argenton 2006 (14.534 pigeons) 113th Nat Bourges 2006 (26.484 pigeons) 366th Pithiviers 2006 (2.061 pigeons) 143rd Noyon 2006 (721 pigeons) These two wonder hens are full sisters. (See attached pedigree card).