The “3164098/10” from Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) won the 1st provincial Bordeaux in West-Flanders by the yearlings and further the 3rd national 6249 pigeons

1045 yearlings were basketted in West-Flanders for the national competition from Bordeaux on the 2nd of July. The “3164098/10” from Pollin was primus in his category and ensured everything went his way. He finished off the, for him, 799 km with a velocity of 1054,83 m and was clocked at 19h23 by a liberation at 6h45.

It concerns a son of the “Provinciaal Poitiers” 3080116/07 which, after an amazing career as a rather “youthful” pigeon, ended up in the breeding loft after an accident. From Bordeaux the “3164098/10” won the following : 1st provincial from 1045 pigeons, national the 3rd from 6249 p and international the  5th from 11417 p. Earlier this season a full brother of the “098/10” with ring number 3164026/10 won the 1st in the Fond club in  Gistel from Libourne against 258 yearlings, the 3rd provincial from 1245 p and national the 4th from 8269 pigeons. Not nothing then !! Class, should we say…. And this in the footsteps of their superior father! 


The provinciaal Poitiers

Their pedigree looks like this:


Father = “the Provinciaal Poitiers” : 3080116/07, which self raced together an honours list to bow down to, including 78th nat.  Chateauroux 17169p, 88th nat. Limoges  10448p, 36th nat. Souillac 7045 p…….and was injured at the start of the 2011 season from Arras ( roughly 100 km) . He is in turn a son of the “Naï”, which is a full-brother of the super breeder “As-Trix” ( father of the “Hamilton” : 3rd nat. Chateauroux  18725 p ,58th nat. Argenton 22718 p……. and from the “Alonso” : 4th nat. Chateauroux 17109p and 105th nat. Limoges 10448p). 

The Nai

Mother = « Daughter Cadel » : 08-3090037, daughter of the « Cadel » : 080/04 ( 9th prov. Poitiers  1309p and 11th prov. Poitiers 1879p) with the  “006/05”  which is a full sister of the mother of the “Mortifer”, which is one of the figureheads of the Pollin colony.


The “3164098/10” – as recent provincial winner Bordeaux yearlings -  is a youngster from the 2nd round and as a youngster he won a great many prizes including 152nd from Ablis against 564 p, 87th from Brionne against 1295p and prov. 693th from 10368 p, 42nd Tours from 506 p, 4th from St Junien from 172 p and prov. 15th from 1736 p, 13th from Tours and prov. 547th from 1925 p and the 19th from Tours from 286p and prov. the 103rd from 614 pigeons. In 2011 the “098/10” began with the 59th from Clermont 302p, the 32nd Ablis 386p, missed his prize from Chateauroux and La Chatre before displaying an increase in his condition the last week before basketting for Bordeaux, resulting in provincial victory in a very tough Bordeaux-race.


Pollin achieved the following result from Bordeaux:

Fond club  199 o.b : 8th and 26th ( 2/6)

Fond club  221 yl :  1st – 19th – 33rd – 48th – 49th – 50th – 62nd – 65th – 69th (9/20)

Fond club  1045 yl :  1st -153rd -198th ……..

That was the report concerning the 1st prov. Bordeaux yearlings in the coast province. Our warmest congratulations to the Pollin-team.