Look at the week of this weekend in Belgium, 26 June

Both Montauban and Libourne 2011 will be remembered as two extremely heavy missions for the birds. One bird is better fitted for this than the other... the strong ones and the persistent ones were mostly present, and earned good points for their owners, which we listed in this 'look at the week'!

Regarding the weather, the weekend of June 25 to 26 showed two completely different weather conditions. Above Paris the weather was summery: plenty of sun, temperatures rising above 30°C (86°F)... The sky above the northern part of France and Belgium was heavily clouded, from which a steady drizzle or light rain was falling down. The afternoon had several short rainy showers, and visibility remained moderate due to low hanging clouds and a light fog. On Sunday the weather above the north of France and Belgium only improved in the afternoon, the only difference being that Saturday's rain had passed, leaving behind a grey sky and fog. Most supervisors couldn't muster up the patience (any more) to wait long enough before the fog had left our country completely (which only happened after 3pm), and almost everywhere birds were released too early, with the known disastrous consequenses for the young birds. The birds from the national flights of Montauban and Libourne weren't in the least bothered by this weather, but in stead they had to deal with tropical situations: sultry weather, an oppressive heat... which made their return home extra tough. Not all birds can handle these conditions, you can take our word for it! Even worse: most birds flying this weekend were the same birds that flew the extreme Limoges or Chateauroux about three weeks back. Most elder birds, in stead of going to Cahors last week, got an extra week of rest before they were brought to Montauban. Fanciers need to ask themselves wether or not those birds were 100% recovered from that hellish race three weeks back? Maybe that is the reason why many birds had to throw in the towel after 8 or 9 hours (some even sooner?). It could be possible, especially for the birds who didn't do well three weeks back either or even for those who couldn't be seen in the head of the race! These birds had to deal with two heavy flights in a row, and maybe that was too much to ask... resulting in a longer flight, maybe some birds even needed an extra night's rest to be able to reach home.

Maybe the same question should be asked to the participants of Libourne... did we take our best candidates to Libourne, or did we take (unexperienced?) yearlings who hadn't proven themselves yet? Add to that the heavy weather conditions and the long distance, and one might be able to explain why things didn't go smoothly in terms of arrivals on Sunday! Once the fancier has been able to formulate an answer to these questions, it is probably easier to trace the reasons for the failure of some pigeons (and their owners)... At least that would be a lot easier and more honest than complaining to the organizers and blaming them for their own failure.

Everyone can agree on the fact that the birds had a tough time, but nevertheless the following top birds had to fly in the same conditions and they still came out on top. Some even managed to put down some spectacular performances. Results reached us a bit later than usual due to the late release and the fact that the national flights were still open on Monday. Some haven't even reached us at all. Thus we can only provide you with this (incomplete) 'look at the week':


Province Flemish-Brabant

Robert van Eycken, Erps Kwerps

This fanciers owns birds who seem to love heavy labour, he managed to achieve a very fine performance from Montauban (801,652 km) for the Montauban Provincial 652 birds.

 9-12-15-49-115-163-188 (7/8)


De Clercq Vervaeren, Rillaar

Got a very good result from Montauban in Brabant (817,377 km)

Provincial 652 pigeons:
112-116-123-126-159-174 (20/23)

Doubling CFW 2.689 pigeons:
-418-429-434-522-559 (20/23)


Henri Leemans, Opwijk

Montauban (798 km)  
NW-Brabant 165 O.b.:  1st en 2nd (2)
Brab. Unie 652 O.b.:   3rd en 6th (2)


Province West-Flanders

Fernand Malfait, Zerkegem

Montauban (804 km)   179 O.b.:
10-15-32-41 (6)
Libourne (739 km)   211 Yearlings: 6-13 (4)

Vanden Driessche-Benoit, Deerlijk

Montauban Local 110 O.b.:
1-2-3-4-5-7-11-12-25-26 (10 out of 17)

Ignace Viaene, Loppem

Put down an excellent performance from Montauban with:

Local         248 O.b.: 1-2-10-22 (6)
Provincial  1.393 O.b.: 5-9-59-120 (6)

With 5th and 59th place provincial, the first and second nominated are immediately clocked in!


Martin Verhelle, St-Kruis Brugge

The ‘pigeon attack’ has been flying in the head of the race for a whole season, and this resulted in another two front pigeons national this weekend:

Montauban  local 248 O.b.:  9 (2)
Libourne local 201 yearlings: 7 (2)

Frans & Kris Velghe, Zwevezele

Own a stock that apparently felt like fish in the water during last weekend's flight:

Libourne local 211 yearlings:  1-18-28 (3 out of 4)
Montauban  local 179 O.b.:     7-29-31 (3 out of 4)

Ignace Pollet, Beveren-Leie

Won as many top prizes as he entered birds in Montauban, and added a local victory to boot:

Montauban  local 269 O.b.: 1-8 (2 out of 2)


Laurent Crombez, Nieuwmunster

Libourne (750 Km)   Local 258 yearlings: 
2-7-17-22… etc (13 prizes out of 20)
prov. 1.245 yearlings: 7-27-69-94
nat.  8.269 yearlings: 12-49-150-240-448-605-622-628-814


Province East-Flanders

Etienne Meirlaen, Deurle

The Meirlaen colony seems to be running on full steam these past few weeks, he entered 10 of his 'elite troop' birds for Montauban, and added some talented 2 year old birds. A total of 18 birds, who achieved the following sensational results:

Montauban  Local 291 d.: 1-3-5-9-12-13-18-22-27-41-90 (11/18 per 3)
National 9.091 O.b.: 4-52-73-131-215-228-288-367-520-782… 
etc (first forecast 1.000 pigeons national)

In other words: national well over 9 birds per 10! Things get even more impressive when you keep in mind that by the time the 5th prize local and the 73th national were handed out, his first three nominated were already clocked in, with the first nominated on top with 4th place national!!!


Gaby & Johan Demeulemeester, Zulte

These fanciers once again reinforced their birds' strong reputation from Libourne (720 Km) :

Local      211 yearlings: 1-5-11 (4) 
Natonal  8.269 yearlings: 7-36-92 (3 out of 4)


Luc Bafort, Temse

Is having another strong long distance season, which again resulted in a smashing victory by winning the 1st Nat. Libourne Area B last weekend, with a bird which according to the first forecasts will end on 11th place national against 8.242 yearlings!

This was the result locally:

Libourne  143 yearlings: 1-11 (with 1st + 2nd nominated)!

From Montauben too the Bafort birds achieved great results:

Local 102 O.b.: 17-20 (2 out of 2)


Joost Desmeyter-Restiaen, Melden

After last seasons big victory from Soustons, his 'troops' were clearly back on edge, resulting in the following bang of a performance:

Montauban D.H. 849 O.b.:
7-23-25-55-57-65-68-75-77-88-144-147-154-167-185 (15 out of 19)

Doubling CFW 2.689 pigeons:
8- 30- 31- 68- 74- 90- 94- 107- 11- 135- 239- 245- 268- 
288- 330- 707 (16 out of 19)

Libourne D.H. 734 yearlings:
2-7-17-19-31-34-44-47-53-57-58-63-68-77-83-89-94-97-98-102… (32 out of 54)

National 8.269 yearlings:
27-84-160-175-321-329-427-468-492-535-538-599-676-798… (29 out of 54)


Georges Carteus, Ronse

Another fancier with birds who are always ready to work their hardest:

Montauban D.H.  849 O.b.:
1-2-79-131-137-179-190-191-267-281 (10 out of 12)


Yvan Eeckhout, Ronse

Last weekend, the secretary of the Belgische Verstandhouding - Entente Belge himself proved in Libourne that he, too, knows how to race pigeons:

Libourne D.H.  734 yearlings:
8-14-23-35-39-42-55-129-240 (9 out of 12)
Locally this resulted in a complete surprize against 67 yearlings: 1-3-4-7-8-9-10-18 (8/12)


De Keyser-De Rooze, Oudenaarde

Scored the maximum from Montauban with

D.H.  849 O.b.: 13-21-26-100 (4 out of 4)
Lok.  141 O.b.: 5-9-11-27 (4 out of 4)


Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Zingem

As per usual, one can't imagine these guys not being at the top in the competitions. This time with:

Libourne local 159 yearlings: 2-3-4-17-36-40-42 (7 out of 10)


Chris Hebberecht, Evergem

Brought a carefully selected group to Lokeren last weekend, and subsequently put down a performance long to be talked of by his fellow sportsmen, since he crushed the competition with these results:

Montauban local 140 O.b.: 1-2-5-9-10-18-47 (7 out of 10)
National  9.091 O.b.: 17-83-250-432-506-895… in other words 6 x per 10
Libourne local 153 yearlings: 1-2-3-5-15-17-3-44 (8 out of 10)
National 8.269 yearlings: 40-52-59-104-393-412-809-1766-2025 (9 out of 10)


Andre Taelman, Lokeren

Put down this fine performance with his team of yearlings!

Libourne Local  153 yearlings: 9-10-25-38-43 (5 out of 6)


Van Ghijseghem & Zoon, Schoonaarde

Entered only a few in Libourne, but those few were each top notch birds, and these are their results:

Libourne  553 yearlings: 7-25 (respectively 2nd and 1st nominated out of 3p)


Alfons D’hoker, Haaltert

Alfons can once again look back at a successful weekend with:

Libourne  553 yearlings:  1-28-31-51 (4 out of 4)
Montauban 568 O.b.:  4-17 (2 out of 4)


Martin Dhooge, Ursel

A colony which has been doing well for a whole season once again proved their worth last weekend at Montauban:

Montauban local 291 O.b.:  2-8-30 (3 out of 4)
National 9.091 O.b.: 51-107-577 (or well over 3 birds per 10)!


Andre Colbrandt, Bottelare

One almost can't imagine how, week after week, this man is able to reach the national top with his two birds:

Montauban  local  292 O.b.:  3-7 (2 out of 2)
National  9.091 O.b.: 113-211 (2 out of 2)

Is Andre on his way to storm the national stages again soon? There is hardly any doubt if he can keep going like this!

Gerard De Bruyn, Stekene

A recurring participant at the long distance, with top class birds in his lofts... he, too, was present at Montauban with:

Montauban local 102 O.b.: 2-6-11 (3 out of 4)


Province Limburg

Marcel Gielen, Herk-de Stad

Scored a nice series at Libourne with provincially:

Prov. 1.008 yearlings:  5-13-27-32 etc… or already 4 pigeons
 out of 9 nominated provincial per 10!


Gebroeders Berden, Nieuwerkerken

Achieved a beautiful provincial victory in Limburg from Montauban with:

Prov 1.011 O.b.: 1-6-33… and these are the 1st-3rd-2nd nominated or 3 
per 10 out of 6 pigeons!
Loc.    297 O.b.: 1-3-12-32 (4 out of 6)


Nouwen-Paesen, Peer

Montauban Prov 1.011 O.b.: 4-93 (2 per 10 out of 3 pigeons)


N. & Eddy Didden, Neeroeteren

Montauban Prov 1.011 O.b.: 16-68 (2 out of 3 entered pigeons per 10)


Rob Lenaerts, Halen

Montauban Prov 1.011 O.b.: 32-36-45… 
(with respectively 1st-2nd-3rd nominated out of 5 pigeons)
Local  200 O.b.: 5-6-7 (5 p.)


Gerry Geurts, Zutendaal

Put down a strong performance from Montauban:

Local  200 O.b.: 1-13-14-16-18-47 (6/7)


Province Henegouwen

Didier Wargnies, Chapelle

Libourne  734 yearlings:
1-65 (with 1st + 2nd nominated out of 3 pigeons)


Province Antwerp

Gregoor Lievens, Ham

Libourne Local  118 yearlings:
2-8-10-18-27 (5 out of 9)


Jos Van der Auwera, Balen

Montauban local 99 O.b.:
1-4-28 (with 1st + 2nd nominated in front out of 4 pigeons)


Province Luik

Francis Goffard, Richelle

Montauban Prov. 500 O.b.:
7-9... with 1st + 2nd nominated out of 4 pigeons


G & M. Adam, Sprimont

Montauban Prov. 500 O.b.:
1-24-86... with respectively 1st-2nd-3rd nominated (out of 6p)


Caro-Habets, Visé

Montauban Prov. 500 O.b.:
3-27 with 2nd + 1st nominated out of 3p.


Roberto Ponza, Ans

Achieved a nice provincial victory:

Libourne Prov. 273 yearlings:
1-12-24-26-49-65  (6 out of 8)


Jean-Marc Jacquemain, Trooz

Scored 100% from Libourne with

Libourne Prov. 273 yearlings:
2-6-10 (3 out of 3) with 2 first nominated in front at 6th prize!



Willy Henot, Orsmaal

Got a double hit and an excellent 3 out of 3 from Libourne with:

Local 116 yearlings: 1-2-23 (3 out of 3)


Leon Henry, Nandrin

Libourne local 116 yearlings:
3-6-8-10-16-18-28-37 (8/10)