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De Smeyter-Restiaen - Melden (BE) raced himself into the spotlights once again with 1° CFW Cahors, 1° Nat Argenton Youngsters Zone A, and of course the great performance from Soustons!

Joost De Smeyter is gradually enjoying name and fame in the pigeon sport… his often sensational performances, especially in the ‘grand distance’ are no stranger to this…

... time then to travel to ‘Koppenberg’, near to which Joost has erected his large house and pigeon lofts .

The region of the Flemish Ardennes always makes us nostalgic… the region is also known in cycling circles because of the ‘omloop het Nieuwsblad’, the cycle cross classic on the ‘Koppenberg’… and also the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ which winds its way through these beautiful hills. And whoever thinks of cycling… thinks of the budding Spring and coming Summer… the period in which our pigeon sport also enjoys its ‘heyday’. A person starts looking forward to ‘flying’. And if that wasn’t enough, road works detoured us straight to the ‘Koppenberg’… If we had been cycling, we wouldn’t have been able to stop ourselves from having a go at climbing this ‘Koppenberg’ along with all the other cyclists and tourists… all in the hope of reaching the ‘top’ on the bicycle. Luckily our ‘GPS’ made us turn right just in time, towards Hevelweg… where the colony of a certain Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen has its home port… where many a pigeon exploit has already been put down on paper over the last few seasons.
As an ex-cyclist Joost couldn’t have dreamt of a nicer place to build his warm nest… and it lines up perfectly with his ambitions in the pigeon sport. There, where many cyclists have to step off their bicycles on the hills of the Flemish Ardennes, and only the strongest make it to the end...Joost also chose to concentrate on the ‘international classics’ in the pigeon sport… or where the ‘strongest pigeons’ always make the end of the race. According to him, these are the most honest races, in which secondary factors so as the ‘input’ of the fancier, mass, location and wind… take on a lesser and lesser role of meaning, especially in races of around 1200 to 1300 m/min and less. The factors ‘class’, resistance, power and endurance will count more and more… and finally be of a decisive nature… and jointly decide over winning or losing! Straightforward races… liberated in the morning, and racing home in one go, with sometimes 12 to 15 racing hours on the counter the first day… in some cases followed by the ‘final kilometres’ on the 2nd racing day… not a job for ‘softies’ then… but for the real super talented marathon racers! That’s how Joost likes them. The performance of his wonder pigeon ‘the Joost’ will definitely have contributed to this.
Before he moved to Brussegem, to the colony of Erik Limbourg, after his exploit from Perpignan… where he was to grow into a wondrous ‘super breeder’… Joost de Smeyter was able to breed a heap of descendants from him, which up until today still lie at the basis of the ‘top successes’ currently being booked in the new lofts in Melden. That the ‘Joost’ is no average pigeon… is proven in the following list of powerful top performances with which his direct descendants have flooded the pigeon world over the last few seasons… enjoy with me :

The ‘world famous’ Super breeder   ’ ‘Joost’ !
Comes out a coupling of the 2 old stock lines, namely ‘The 95 Vervisch’ 895/92 x ‘Super 23 Ernest’ 423/99!

The ‘Joost’ B02-4051564 won self :

 1°  International Perpignan  4.534 yearlings in 2003
21° National Saint-Vincent   5.101 yearlings in 2003 

‘Joost’ is without doubt one of the best breeding pigeons for the ‘Long Distance’ and ‘Grand Distance’ in Belgium 
‘‘Joost’ was self already father and grandfather of :

 1. Nat. Ace pigeon St. Vincent 1 & 2 Cureghem Centre 2006
5. Nat. Ace pigeon St. Vincent 1 & 2 Cureghem Centre 2006
7. Nat. Ace pigeon St. Vincent 1 & 2 Cureghem Centre 2008
1. s-Nat. St. Vincent II 2006    1.007 p.
1. s-Nat. Perpignan 2008         2.501 p.
1. Nat Argenton 2010            10.571 p.
2. Nat. Perpignan 2005           3.796 p.
2. s-Nat. Jarnac 2006            4.655 p.
2. Nat. (Z) St. Vincent I 2006   2.677 p.
3. s-Nat. St. Vincent II 2006    1.007 p.
3. Nat. Irun 2007                5.252 p.
4. s-Nat. Jarnac 2006            4.655 p.
5. s-Nat. Jarnac 2006            4.655 p.
5. Nat. St. Vincent 2006         7.525 p.
5. Nat. (Z) Libourne 2009        2.948 p.
6. Internat. Perpignan 2008     17.624 p.
6. Internat. St. Vincent II 2006 5.409 p.
7. Internat. Perpignan          17.624 p.
7. Internat. Bordeaux 2006       6.223 p. Etc ... 

The descendants of this wonder boy… in crossing with a few new introduced lines… brought the De Smeyter-Restiaen colony to national and international top in no time! At the end of 2009 this resulted in a series of titles and top notations so as :

 1° Belgica Deweerd Award Entente Belge- Belgische Verstandhouding
1° Great Prize Norman- Vercauteren- Vandenbroucke Entente Belge- Belgische Verstandhouding
1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance LCB (with Boule de Berlin)
4° Nat. Champion Grand Distance KBDB
6° Nat. Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB

We know a lot of fanciers who stood for a lesser challenge at the beginning of the 2010 sport season, as trying to even this title, let alone beat it. And with pigeons so as a ‘Luigi’, ‘Kleine Coronel’ and of course top man ‘Boule de Berlin’… under your roof, one can safely look forward to the future… even mores…can once again  cherish steep ambitions .

-Boule de Berlin B06-4039937

Comes on father’s side out the ‘Brusselaar 21303’ (a combination of the pedigrees Gondelaers x Houben… ) x ‘Mother Boule 776/03’ (daughter of the 1° prize ‘Beziers 149/01’ x ‘Mother Jarnac 224/99’). This ‘Boule de Berlin’ has already raced the following honours list together :

  1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance L.C.B 2009
 1° Berlijn in 2007
 1° Cahors CFW     2.870 p. ’10
 3° Nat Cahors     7.347 p. ’09
16° Nat Cahors     8.651 p. ’10
22° S-Nat Tulle    2.017 p.
27° S-Nat Brive    5.343 p.
64° Nat Souillac   7.597 p.
113° S-Nat Limoges 2.933 d… etc . 

He immediately won ‘top’ from Cahors in 2010… he got the taste for it straight away, that asks for more! His following assignment brought him home injured...on the side of the chest muscle under the armpit, or the transition to the wing muscles. A heavy blow for the racing team… which immediately put one of the ‘top men’ on non-active. The race from Cahors was however hopeful for what was to come
Cahors p.H.   948 p. 1-78 (1° + 2° nom)-154-261 (5)
       CFW  2.870 p. 1... etc.
       Nat  8.651 p. 16-837-1476…  (5)

A good two weeks later the followed the very tough, in other words, tropical Bordeaux… weather in which the De Smeyter-Restiaen pigeons are in  their element, with yet again 2 top prizes as a result

 Bordeaux O.b.

 270 p.2-51-82 (6)
s-Nat 2.380 p. 2-314…
Eureg 6.710 p. 3-601… (also here with 1° + 2° nominated at the front)
      165 YL 3-35 (5)
      s-Nat 2.309 YL 32-565
      Eureg 6.690 p . 66-652… 

The yearling clocked first here is a ‘Brother Grand Cru’, which had already won 3° Bourges last year as a youngster!
During that same weekend the rest of the yearling team went to national Argenton, and it was also a great result with

 Argenton CFW
4.194 YL 3-29-48-64-78-114-122… and 31/50

The 3° + 48° prize was also won here with the 1° + 2° nominated! Hopeful then with an eye to the classics for yearlings which were about to take place. The team of hens were prepared for the international Soustons, whilst the cocks were allowed to complete the Limoges for yearlings. The hens gave a real ‘demonstration’ from Soustons… whereby Joost was definitely the ‘star’ of the day, in this very tough race with afternoon liberation in scorching tropical heat… On the Saturday he had no less than 21 pigeons home, no-one in the entire country did any better …

Soustons DH

 551  YL                2-3-5-11-12-15-16-20-21-22-23-26… (34/59)
     CFW  1.804 YL     3-4-12-24-25-30-34-44-46-49-53-58-88-100-103-117-123-144-157-175-181... etc.
     Nat  8.443 YL     18-26-63-103-104-126-149-203-212-220-247-257-359-403-418-470-478-620-689-766-787... etc.
     Intnat 4.099 Hens 8-11-23-40-41-53-67-99-107-111-127-130-177-205-214-248-255-324-357-413-438... (31/52)
     Intnat 10.190 YL  20-28-68-110-111-135-159-223-235-244... etc 

Whilst most fanciers were still waiting for their first pigeon, almost half of the pigeons basketted were in the clock in Melden! Soustons was a race to be framed, and opens perspectives for the future. Joost formed himself a magnificent team of two-year olds  which will have to make it happen in the grand distance in 2011. Because in sharp contrast to Soustons, Barcelona was a huge let-down… just like in most lofts… in Melden various top pigeons were also lost. Joost then badly needs his excellent team of yearlings from Soustons and Limoges for the coming season then… in any case, it is an enormous boost that such a youthful team is now ready to make good the gap following Barcelona (in which the 2° + 4° nominated 2 toppers were clocked first)… although the loss of a few real ‘cracks’ cannot be effaced, says Joost. The cocks in the Limoges for yearlings performed as follows


1.055 YL 22-26-27-74-87-104-108-122… (15/30)
Here also the 27° + 74° prize was won by the 1° + 2° nominated!
The old birds raced Narbonne with success, with

 Narbonne CFW 1.883 p. 14-34-81-92-201-566… (13)
         Nat 6.330 p. 62-205-221-716... etc .

One of the favourites for the future, are the ‘national long distance’ races (the 1-day long distance) for which the old strain of Joost perhaps lacks intrinsic speed. Seeing as how these races play a leading role in various championships, Joost went in search of reinforcements to cross into his strain, or… to pure and uncut breed further, with the aim… shining in these long distance races (600-800 Km). For this he obtained pigeons from his sport friend Sebastien Casaert-Senechal, as well as pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele, from Willem De Bruijn etc... that he is on the right road, is proven by the victory of the team of youngsters from Argenton … there’s ‘winners blood’ amongst them, and that opens perspectives. Let us illustrate this with the result from Argenton :

Argenton DH   

            1.543 p.    1-12-15-24-28-78-80-82… etc
Nat Zone A 8.261 p.  1-77-90-123-189… etc.
Nat        22.442 p. 6-143-170-233-373-1224-1234-1253… etc 

National victory in the zone from Argenton… after the semi-National victory from Cahors and the great performance from Soustons… a third highlight from the 2010 sport season, with which the De Smeyter-Restiaen colony have once again raced themselves into the national spotlight, sealed with victory from 1° La Souterraine against 413 o.b. (2/ 2) and a 38° place National against 4.778 o.b. !

Armed for the future
The colony of Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen seems in all respects ready for the 2011 season. He possesses a large and wide breeding basis , from which new top pigeons are born year after year… and that is indispensable, says Joost… simply because the danger of losing a ‘crack’ or other ‘top pigeon’ is always lurking around the corner by the international ‘grand distance competitions’, often at moments when you least expect it… it is the law of the long distance! And you have to compensate that as soon as possible… and for this you more than need an excellent breeding basis. And he has it… the results proved that from the beginning (since 2006) in the new lofts in Melden… remember the phenomenal result from Bordeaux 2006… crowned with ‘international victory’! Since then the pigeon happenings in the De Smeyter-Restiaen colony have been a continual top success… and that with a very young team of pigeons! And, as they say… the youth holds the future… as a result of which Joost can definitely look forward to more joyful and memorable moments in our pigeon sport. He does everything to try to reach the ‘highest achievable’, to get everything out of his breeding and racing team… and to expand on this further. As a cyclist, Joost was a born ‘winner’… it’s in the ‘genes’… and he stepped into the pigeon sport with that ‘winner’s mentality’! With success… because the De Smeyter-Restiaen colony has managed to book down several resounding successes over the last few seasons… even up to zonal, national and international level! And with the ‘class’ present, no-one would be surprised if this winning streak continued in the future… all the ingredients are there! We’ll live and learn …