New stars shine by Marijke Vink - Mookhoek (NL)

One of the most wonderful comebacks in the pigeon sport over the last few years is in the name of Marijke Vink, wonder woman from Mookhoek.

The woman who caused such a furore with her golden breeder ‘Tips’ and his most famous descendants ‘Reza’ and ‘Farah Diba’, which since 2006 have forged a sensational new racing team, which for two years in a row has now won the prestigious title of 1.champion extreme middle distance in the province South-Holland. With new giants, which apparently without any effort caused the considered as indispensible ‘Farah Diba’ and ‘Reza’ to fade into the background .

Empty breeding boxes in the racing and breeding loft – it hurt Marijke Vink a lot. After the sale of her colony in 2005 her heart cried out to her to make a direct new start in the sport. A few late youngsters out the best bloodlines had fortunately been retained and therefore a strong basis for new success was actually guaranteed. New talent was obtained in the form of ‘Louis’ (in the Gerard Koopman auction), daughter ‘Ché’ (bought form the Eijerkamp family), pigeons via Frans Lemmers (with several 1. prizes) and some pigeons from the best Heremans-Ceusters pigeons … which were all forged into a fabulous breeding team, which soon produced the first excellent descendants .

The baptism of fire followed in 2007 with the youngsters, with which the 1. prize was won three times :

 1. Pommeroeul    4.549 p. (‘Jus de Pomme’ – out son ‘Aladin’)
1. Mariembourg   4.332 p. (‘Domela’ – out brother ‘Tips’)
1. Ablis         2.292 p. (‘Kleine Diba’ - out ‘Louis’ )     

The 18 yearling cocks which were raced by Marijke in 2008, directly demonstrated that the road back to success would not be long. With the 4. NPO Chateauroux against 8.201 p. by ‘Domela’ as the climax. 2009 and 2010 were sensational … in 2009 with 7 widowers and 14 widow hens and in 2010 with 9 widowers and 13 hens … a restricted loft then!! But the quality triumphed as never before, as a result of which Marijke can look back on the following two-year honours list :

 1.  champion extreme middle distance province 5 South-Holland 2009
1.  champion extreme middle distance province 5 South Holland 2010
1.  NPO Peronne 2010       38.775 p.
1.  NPO Bourges 2009        8.579 p.
3.  NPO Blois S2 2009      15.172 p.
4.  NPO Orleans 2010       10.660 p.
4.  NPO Creil 2010         29.208 p.
4.  NPO Orleans 2009       12.047 p.
7.  NPO St. Quentin 2010   22.459 p.
10. NPO Bourges 2010        8.597 p.
16. NPO Blois S2           12.745 p . 

Personification of the new successes is NL07-1802146 ‘Domela’, which has emphatically had his nose to the window every year since 2008. The consequence being an impressive honours list :

 1. NPO Bourges 2009    8.579 p.
1. Mariembourg 2007    4.332 p.
4. NPO Chateauroux     8.201 p.
3. Moeskroen           2.620 p. 

His first son NL08-1522918 directly won the 6. Peronne against 26.271 pigeons and this cock bred the NL09-1170648 ‘Nanette’, winner 7. NPO St. Quentin against 22.459 pigeons. Three generations of top racers then in just two year’s time; unbelievable. No wonder that at the end of 2009 ‘Domela’ was moved to the breeding loft. He was bred from the NL03-1116459 ‘Brother Tips, which won self 8. Chateauroux 922 p., 15. Bourges 977 p. and 41. Peronne 2.628 p. Her mother is ‘t Championtje’, also a 1. prize winner.



In 2009 the hens were raced for the first time, and of the 14 widow hens it was the NL07-1802217 ‘Demelza’ who was head and shoulders above the rest. In 2009 she was given a Teletext notation twice, and by regularly being in front in 2010 she obtained a classy honours list :

 3.  NPO Blois 2009    15.172 p.
4.  NPO Orleans 2009  12.047 p.
12. Creil 2010         3.549 p. 

Full sister of ‘Demelza’ is NL07-1802194 ‘Kleine Diba’, fabulous as a youngster with the 1. Ablis 2.292 pigeons with a 4 minute lead. She comes out NL05-1936775 ‘Louis’, bought in the auction of Gerard Koopman out ‘Brandon’ x ‘Showpiece’, two capital breeders of the wonder man from Ermerveen, whose pigeons go through the pigeon career of Marijke Vink like a red thread. This ‘Louis’ also bred ‘Valerie’, winner of 1. Pommeroeul 2010 against 1.145 pigeons and 4. NPO Creil 29.208 pigeons. He is also grandfather of the 3. Nat. Derby Orleans 4.249 pigeons by Joop Merckx. Mother of ‘Demelza’ is a direct Frans Lemmens .

As super breeder. ‘Louis’ is given a lot of competition from the NL08-1522926 ‘Verdi’… firstly this pearl demonstrated itself with fabulous racing performances. Beginning as a youngster, when he won a 1. prize in his club against 783 pigeons with a 7 minute lead!! As a two-year old he won the1. prize from Orleans against 1.276 pigeons with a 4 minute lead … a real ‘go ahead’ racer then. The honours list in the big competitions looks like this 

 4.  NPO Orleans      10.660 p.
10. NPO Bourges       8.579 p.
29. NPO Chateauroux   7.355 p.
4.  Chalons           2.486 p.
8. Strombeek          4.103 p.
9.  Peronne           3.331 p . 

Father of ‘Verdi’ is son ‘Aladin’ x ‘Toosje’ (Kiekenbelt) and mother is the direct Eijerkamp daughter of ‘Ché’ (stock cock Eijerkamp) x ‘Tara’ (daughter ‘Kleine Dirk’) … this couple bred fantastically at the Greenfield Stud … and whilst the wonder cock ‘Verdi’ was still fully focused on the races, he proved that he was more than capable of passing on his golden genes. Because his daughter, the NL09-1170603 delivered top performances two years in a row 

 1. NPO Peronne 2010   38.775 p.
1. Strombeek 2009      3.948 p.
Half-brothers of ‘Verdi’ already won
1. Pommeroeul          4.549 p.
1. Orleans             2.507 p . 

The conclusion is simple: once again Marijke Vink has a magisterial collection under her wings … top racers with enormous breeding capacities. There is no doubt about it; the wonder woman from Mookhoek is resplendently back at the absolute top of the Dutch pigeon sport !