Golden Island one loft race China 1st Jaap Koehoorn (NL)

Report biggest one loft Golden Island in Qinhuangdao in the world ( 38.000.000 RMB= 4.000.000 EURO)

Report biggest one loft Golden Island in Qinhuangdao in the world ( 38.000.000 RMB= 4.000.000 EURO)

On the 2nd of December 2010 was the last big race in China this year . We have had finals  ( 500 kilometres) at  Greatwall , Huixiang and Eijerkamp one loft and the only one who was smoothly till now was the Eijerkamp race. Other races were hard and especially Huixiang. ( only 4 pigeons came back on the first day).  But now in Qinhuangdao the conditions were not bad this time and the expectations said it should be a good and normal race .
And so far it was not a bad race. The first day 175 pigeons arrived and  the second day we got 106 pigeons back and only that amount on the second day was disappointing.
We must think we had start with about 6000 pigeons in this race and I had sent in 20 pigeons.
But with all these one loft races we loose many pigeons already in the beginning. Also in Golden Island we start racing with 5104 pigeons. Luckily all 20 pigeons of me survive the first month’s

To keep a one loft healthy and strong is a big problem. And of course this has also to do with the variety in immunity of pigeons from different fanciers from different countries. And at our own pigeon loft we know if we buy youngsters from some other fanciers and put them together with our own youngsters  than we can expect also some problems in health and caring.
The 2nd of December was a very good day for me.   Finals in China are always visiting by many Chinese who like to bet on the last moment before a race. These kind of betting’s we don’t have in Europe and in Holland the betting on pigeons is almost none.  Chinese love the betting and there a some times millions that they gambling on these races.
But this year it was not a Chinese Victory . But a huge victory for Jaap Koehoorn from Holland . He manage to race the 1st and the 15th  and the second day the 218th

So he has 3 pigeons out of his 20 back from the final. And that from 281 pigeons back in two days.  That prove that we are still having the best suitable pigeons for the one lofts in the world. The number one in the biggest one loft in 2010, after already some victories in one lofts in Beijing, Xian, Changchun and many top 10 places all of the world gives even more power to compete next year 2011 in more one loft races in the world.

Result of the Golden Island one loft racee