Gert-Jan Beute - Wilhelminaoord (NL) with ‘Missouri’s Girl’ on the way to being 1. prov. Ace pigeon2010

Insane …that’s how Gert-Jan Beute described the way in which his parade horse ‘Missouri’s Girl’ was honoured in Dortmund as 1. European Cup winner extreme middle distance over the 2009 season … any other fancier would have thought this reason enough to put such a top racer directly into the breeding loft … but in Wilhelminaoord she was prepared for another glorious season!

Result: a total of 9 unadulterated 1. prizes and crowned 1. provincial Ace pigeon in the province Friesland.

Whoever buys furniture from Eijerkamp, is given a pigeon in exchange … a tradition that is well known in the Netherlands and has been embraced by Gert-Jan Beute and his family for decades. That’s how he came to leave for Brummen in 2006 where he was received by Hans Eijerkamp himself to collect his ‘furniture pigeon’. As he was a good friend, Hans certainly wouldn’t give him any ‘rubbish’.… more than 4 years later we can even say that the Eijerkamps gave him a wonder pigeon …That Spring afternoon in Brummen, Gert-Jan predicted to Eijerkamps loft-managers Henk Jurriëns and Arno Brouwer; ‘that blue 338’ will be my best pigeon’… whoever doesn’t believe me, it was written in the weekly column of Gert-Jan Beute at the time!
Never defaulting
As a youngster ‘that blue 338’, ringed NL06-1762338, missed three weeks in a row … tot hen never miss again in the results. Up to and including 2010 she raced no less than 61 prizes (without doubling) … phenomenal … and as a yearling the triumphant march of ‘Missouri’s Girl’ began, with real top prizes!! The wonder, bred out Eijerkamp’s Van Loon basis, namely ‘Missouri’ (out ‘Atilla’ x ‘Daughter Super 040’) with ‘Janine’ (out ‘Don Leo’ x ‘Miss Antonia’), was classified in the prestigious National competition The Best of the Best as 11. Nat. yearling, prizes which contributed to this were:

3.  NPO Offenburg (505 km) against 9.371 pigeons
29. NPO Orleans   (626 km) against 8.991 pigeons
1.  Deventer       (68 km) against   238 pigeons
5.  Boxtel        (151 km) against 2.332 pigeons
7.  Meer          (180 km) against 2.362 pigeons

With 11 prizes, wherefrom 5 in prize proportion 1:100, 2008 was very good once again … the ones that caught the eye most in that year were the 1. Boxtel (151 km) against 685 pigeons, 2. Zutphen (79 km) against 413 pigeons and 7. Gennep (132 km) against 1.977 pigeons … the absolute top year really followed in 2009, in which the wonder hen raced at a lonely high level. This gold nugget was particularly in her element in the 1-day long distance, in which she raced such an honours list that in Dortmund she was proclaimed European Cup winner extreme middle distance 2009 … the following prizes brought her the title:
1. Ablis (569 km) against 1.184 pigeons
1. Blois (680 km) against 737 pigeons
1. Pithiviers (591 km) against 1.023 pigeons
The 1. prize from Pithiviers was also good enough for a teletext notation with the 8. NPO Pithiviers against 8510 pigeons.

No polonaise
In July 2009 Evert-Jan Eijerkamp suggested coupling ‘Missouri’s Girl’ with their standard-bearer ‘Ché, of the same background and with a majestic record … a coupling of two such top pigeons; that could result in pure winners … But the blue topper was not keen to go back to her roots, and ‘Ché’ didn’t interest her at all. In her own loft , but then in the aviary, she rejected the loving glances of her new partner ‘Michigan’ (top breeder Eijerkamp) and was only in her element back in her own nest box … between the other widow hens … the feminine lady resolved to flame fully for another year… In 2010 she didn’t miss one prize, won no less than 17 up to now, the first late race of this season … Most remarkable prizes from 2010 are 1. Troyes (528 km) against 172 pigeons, 5. Sens (556 km) against 6654 pigeons, 5. Achene (328 km) against 512 pigeons, 6. Sens (556 km) against 930 pigeons … prizes which have already resulted in the provincial Ace pigeon titles:
1. prov. Ace pigeon province Friesland 2010
2. prov. Ace pigeon extreme middle distance province Friesland 2010

The blue miracle has now won a total of 61 prizes, wherefrom 9 pure first prizes, 19x per hundred, 50x per ten, 2x top 10 in an NPO competition and in the club against an average of 400 pigeons no less than 30x in the top 10 … FABULOUS doesn’t do justice to her unprecedented qualities … And in the breeding? Gert-Jan Beute wrote about the great qualities of her grandchild ‘Darius 061’ … who raced a promising 1. prize in the second race for youngsters … 

A good predictor? After also winning the Ace pigeon title during the prestigious 1-loft race Dutch Open in 2004, the greatest career of ‘Missouri’s Girl’ and already a first prize for ‘Darius 061’, Gert-Jan Beute seems to have  a resemblance to philosopher  Nostradamus …  “I rather prefer to compare myself to Louis van Gaal, but then in the pigeon sport … convinced of what I can, daring to say anything, sometimes being wrong, but often being right.” He was also that when Wim Vos asked him to select a pigeon for him to submit in the ‘breeders-buyers contest’ Dutch Golden Classic … a pigeon bred by Beute, raced by Peter van de Merwe, won the first prize. Predicted by the breeder himself, but the pigeon had to make it happen. We will not credit him with supernatural gifts, but with feeling for the pigeons in his loft … with ‘Missouri’s Girl’ as stubborn, well built, but moreover; supernaturally good.

Best races Gert-Jan Beute 2010

24/7  Boxtel     (ACG)    151 km   1793 pigeons    1, 29,52,54 (11/40)
24/7  Blois      (ACG)    680 km    145 pigeons    1,2,4,6,9,14,19 (12/40)
24/7  Blois      (NPO)    680 km   1112 pigeons    21, 43 (10/34)
  3/7 Moeskroen  (ACG)    308 km    914 pigeons    4,13,14,20,35,39,57,59,62,67,120 (20/15)
26/6  Sens       (ACG)    556 km    768 pigeons    1,2,5,23,27,32,39,121 (10/8)
20/6  Hazeldonk  (ACG)    181 km   1004 pigeons    3,9,12,13,18,33,35,48,57,58,95,147 (20/14)
22/5  Arras      (ACG)    368 km   1759 pigeons    1,2,6,12,22,23,24,33,37 (47/37)
22/5  Arras      (Prov)   368 km   6648 pigeons    7,28,45,98 (47/37)
15/5  Signy Sign.(ACG)    490 km    751 pigeons    1,3,7,10 (20/14)
15/5  Signy Sign.(Prov)   490 km   8664 pigeons    5,39,67,83 (20/14)
  8/5 Pommeroeul  (ACG)   316 km   2129 pigeons    1,3,4,8 (50/26)
  8/5 Pommeroeul  (Prov)   316 km  7198 pigeons    6,16,17,36 (50/22)
24/4  Duffel     (ACG)    227 km   2308 pigeons    5,24,31,52,62,65,94,95 (50/35)
10/4  Gennep     (ACG)    131 km   2202 pigeons    2,7,12,26,63,65,66,67 (56/38)