Joosen Jos - Brecht (BE) 1st International Marseille 2010!

In contrast to what was confirmed to us late last night at 23h15, it is not Adam from Sprimont but Jooosen Jos from Brecht who has won 1st national Belgium. Normally the clubs have to pass on the first reports to the organisation, but at 23h15 the club concerned hadn’t done this (more than 1 hour after the arrival of the pigeon!). NO blame can be laid by Jos Joosen who reported the pigeon immediately and who is the magnificent winner of this Marseille edition 2010. The 2nd international victory in the career of Jos Joosen, after his international Perpignan victory in 2006!

The international winner Marseille is a 5 year old cock which had already profiled itself last year in the very tough Orange by winning 1st Provincial Antwerp with no less than a 30 minute lead!! This was then 2nd Nat. Zone. He had previously classified in the top 20 provincial from Chateauroux, Montlucon & Limoges.