Pigeon crack Louis Van Loon - Poppel (BE) At the basis of spectacular performances in the pigeon sport worldwide!

When we shift through the history of the international pigeon sport, looking for exceptional breeding lines… for exceptional stock pigeons… for the origin of a ‘super pedigree’… you will notice that numerous current top lines can be traced back to just a few ‘specific stock pigeons’ from a very distant past.

Specific pedigrees… although we prefer to speak of ‘specific stock pigeons’… always turn up in pedigrees of ‘new crack pigeons’ in a later generation. Call it on our part ‘dominant breeding pigeons’ (cock or hen)… or a ‘dominant breeding couple’ that lie (lies) at the basis of years of top successes in the pigeon sport! In the history books or in various reports about prominent lofts reference is easily made to a superior ‘pigeon pedigree’… although on closer inspection the entire happenings revolve around that one specific ‘top couple’, or around 1 or a few superior stock pigeons… and their direct family. Many of these reports or books published… were indirectly the cause of other fanciers going to obtain reinforcements by these ‘top fanciers’… as a result of which the ‘dominant characteristics’ of their pigeons started forming the basis to top successes in the pigeon sport, also in other lofts. Naming names would be too risky… just because there would be the chance of forgetting a few important ones... yet when we take a closer look at the stock building of many top lofts by our northern neighbours, the same names crop up time and again. In the long distance and especially the ‘extreme overnight long distance’ one inevitably comes across the time-honoured ‘Jan Aarden’-pigeons, and the old ‘Steenbergs pedigree’… mainly jointly created by the master hand of the late Piet De Weerd. This was often combined with a dose of ‘Tournier-pigeons’… to keep the necessary speed in these ‘overnighters’! For the ‘middle distance’ and the ‘1-day long distance’ the majority of the current top colonies are still based on the not unimportant input of pigeons from ‘Janssen Arendonk’, and Louis Van Loon from the Belgian Poppel!

Louis Van Loon & Hans Eijerkamp

Louis Van Loon
Volumes have already been written over the famous ‘brothers’ from Arendonk… let us then write about the, for us, ‘just as important’ link in this network of top pigeons, the Louis Van Loon-pigeons. Nearly everybody knows the name Louis Van Loon… simply because the man has raced extremely well in the middle distance and the extreme middle distance races in Belgium for years. Superior pigeon game for which he was ‘shown the door’ in several clubs… was simply excluded from the racing environment… for being too ‘strong’, too ‘dominant’… too ‘superior’ for the competitors. Provincial and national victories brought the Van Loon colony international interest. Top performances which didn’t escape the watchful eye of the outside world… and sent many fanciers on a pilgrimage to Poppel… looking for reinforcements, which they hoped to found, and indeed did find… in the ‘top class’ Louis Van Loon.
The successes were in keeping… today a heap of fanciers owe their successes to the introduction of these Louis Van Loon-pigeons into their colony, both at home and abroad! The Van Loon pigeon is currently well-known as a pigeon that can be crossed easily… that’s why a great number of current top fanciers have been successful in crossing their own (often inbred) pigeons with these of the grandmaster from the Belgian Poppel! It would be too much to name all the names as this would result in this report taking on the proportions of a book… we would also be running the risk of forgetting people. That’s why we will limit ourselves to just a few examples of real ‘toppers’ who have pulled themselves up to the absolute top… with pigeons which a largely based on the wondrous Van Loon-pigeons. Especially then with descendants of… or the top lines to the 2 stock couples Louis Van Loon, being:
--Stock couple 1:
Formed by the ‘absolute stock father’ by Louis Van Loon: the ‘Blauwe van 84’ B84-6091954 (self 6 x 1° prize, including 1° Prov Etampes 2.415 p., 1° Corbeil  551 p., 1° Melun 513 d…) x ‘Daughter National I Schellens’ B89-6040787 (daughter of the 1° Nat Bourges 7.927 p. and 1° Prov Orleans 4.301 p. by Karel Schellens)
-Stock couple 2:
Formed by the ‘530’ B90-6237530 x ‘Daughter Blauwe van 81’ B87-6616541. They are the parents of the figurehead by Louis Van Loon, the stock father by far, namely… the ‘Beste Kweker 948/93’!
The stock father ‘Blauwe van 84’ 954/84, the ‘Grote Blauwe’ and the ‘Kleine Blauwe’… they are names of celebrities in the Van Loon lofts, that crop up in several pedigrees of current toppers! What now follows… speaks for itself!
In their continuous search for the ‘greatest’, for the absolute ‘top’, for the ‘highest achievable’… the current grandmasters so as Gerard Koopman and Hans Eijerkamp & Sons also came to richly supply themselves in the Belgian Poppel… and several Van Loon pigeons made the transfer to their home in the Netherlands… with overwhelming success!

Gerard Koopman, Ermerveen
It is a public secret that one of the current grandmasters in the Dutch pigeon sport… namely Gerard Koopman… grabs hold of every opportunity to reinforce his colony… and that for this Gerard often made a ‘trip’ to Belgium… and still makes…  to remove ‘top class’ ahead of his ‘southern neighbours’. This was also the case when he left for one of his trips to Belgium, to take the ‘Raket van 84’, a direct Gebr Janssen-Arendonk (bred out the ‘Jonge Raket van 76’) and the ‘Blauweband vet van 519’  B85-6294112 from Louis Van Loon back to the Netherlands.
The combination father Cornelius and son Gerard Koopman coupled these 2 pigeons against each other… what they didn’t know or could possibly imagine, was that this coupling was to lie at the basis of… and was to form an important link in… the ‘world fame’ of the modern Koopman pigeon anno 2010! So is one of the stock pigeons of the current Koopman colony a son of this Janssen-Van Loon couple, namely the ‘Eric’! He is from 1988 and won self
1° Uden        15.511 p.
1° Beek        14.881 p.
1° ST.Ghislain  2.206 p.

Performances that more than justify the predicate ‘Crack pigeon’… a superlative that grossly falls short when we take a closer look at the later fabulous performances in the Koopman breeding loft, and his impact on the development of the modern Koopman pigeon! In 1992 his was given his more than earned place in the breeding loft, and directly showed his gratitude… by, amongst other things, producing 
-The ‘Sultan’: 1° prize winner NPO Etampes against  15.750 p.
-The ‘Gentil’: 1° against 4.006 p., 2° against 4.333 p., 4° against 10.997 p., 6° against 4.545 p… but moreover
2° WK Long Distance 1995
4° WK Long Distance 1994
Olympiad pigeon in Basel in 1997
This ‘Gentil’ grew to be an absolute ‘Wonder breeder‘ which (generally) coupled with the ‘Golden Lady’… father, grandfather, great grandfather etc… and of an uncountable number of phenomenal ‘super pigeon’! The ‘most famous child’ out the endless list, who is on the lips of every pigeon fancier when discussing the Koopman colony… is his now world famous son… wonder boy ‘Kleine Dirk’…  NL98-5821416, who shined with
1° National Ace pigeon 1999,
1° NPO Bourges 7.155 p. in 1999
1° NPO Troyes  17.833 p. in 1999
 5° WK 1998 Youngsters (by Versele Laga) etc…
 Famous brothers and sisters followed in his footsteps, so as ‘Yi Min’, ‘Annelies’, ‘Mr Ermerveen’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance2000), ‘Miss Ermerveen’… wherefrom toppers of the calibre ‘Amoré’ (Olympiad pigeon Long Distance Liévin 2003 + 1° Nat Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2002), ‘Ermerveens Hope’ (Olympiad pigeon Allround in Liévin 2003, winner 1° NPO Orleans 9.188 p.), ‘Magic Man’ (1° Nat Le Mans 13.461 p. East-Netherlands) etc… have been bred! This is without doubt one of the most famous breeding lines in the world at the moment… originating out that wondrous Van Loon-hen that Gerard took from Poppel!
Gerard Koopman also expresses his enormous gratitude to Louis Van Loon, and typifies him as follows: “For me Louis van Loon is the greatest pigeon sporter that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He doesn’t say a lot, but has the gift of being able to express how the essential things work with just a few words. I think that this proves the master. He has shown me like no other how to differentiate between the main and side issues. By Louis this is all based on years of experience and testing in the practice”… says Gerard Koopman!

Hans Eijerkamp & Zonen, Brummen
The Eijerkamp family enjoys name and fame to far abroad through their spectacular performances in the pigeon sport. The Eijerkamp colony can best be described as an ‘all round colony’ which knows how to shine from sprint to the furthest ‘grand distance races’… in other words, pigeons that can be found at the ‘top’ of the results in all distances, in all weather conditions. In their search for the creation of that real ‘all round pigeon’ they also found the way to the Belgian Poppel… to a certain Louis Van Loon. From a combination of these Van Loon pigeons, generally in crossing with the Janssen-Arendonk-pigeons and their own ‘Eijerkamp-stock’, they created in Brummen a line of wondrous winners and top racers up to the 1-day Long Distance… in other words to over a distance of 700 Km. 
We would be doing the truth an injustice if we did not describe the combination Eijerkamp x Van Loon as now having grown to be the sensation of the ‘new millennium’… a success formula that has added great ‘value’ to the Eijerkamp pigeons!  A couple that has developed into one of the most important pillars of this generation of current toppers is without doubt the couple formed by ‘Louis’ (what’s in a name?) x ‘Suzanne’… real top breeders! This success formula developed further via the enormous breeding power of superior breeding pigeons so as ‘Silver Shadow’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Beach Boy’, ‘Fabio’, ‘Don Leo’ etc… enormously strong pigeons, one for one pure Van Loon origin, belonging to the best crossing material in the world… according to a very excited Hans Eijerkamp. Just like by Gerard Koopman, the introduced Van Loon pigeons, especially in ‘crossing’ ensured remarkable results… out a crossing Van Loon x Janssen wondrous toppers were bred so as

-the ‘Linda’: 2° Ace pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB

-the ‘John’: co-winner ‘National Sprint Championship’

-the ‘Flits’: Olympiad pigeon Utrecht 1995 and 5° Ace pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB
Not only were pigeons obtained directly from the source… by Louis Van Loon self, so as the ‘Blauwe Louis’ (self 3 x 1° prizes)… but Hans Eijerkamp also kept searching the market for superior Van Loon pigeons which were doing well in the Netherlands. At the time he bought all the pigeons from Jaap Grotendorst… pigeons which hadn’t only all won a 1° prize… but also generally had the superior Van Loon blood running through the veins. In the Netherlands Hans Eijerkamp came into contact with a few small fanciers who all had descendants of the super Van Loon pigeons via Anton van Haaren from Heesch, who changed over entirely to the overnight long distance for these pigeons. So was the top pigeon “Silver Shadow” bought (by Aad van Berkel), an inbred cock that had won  3 pure 1° prizes… Together with “Silver Shadow”, the parents of this crack and many brothers and sisters of this Van Loon-stock moved to Brummen.

All the breeding pigeons from a certain Leo van de Werff were bought in 1996… real Van Loon pigeons  wherefrom descendants of toppers so as “Beach Boy”, the super couple  “Louis” x “Suzanne”, “Thomas”, “Bonte van Haaren" caused ‘fireworks’ in the racing lofts by the Eijerkamp family. What is especially interesting here is that at the beginning of this new millennium the pigeons of Leo van de Werff  dominated the Zuiderkampen in the ‘Extreme Middle Distance’, and ensured unprecedented performances. After the sudden death of Van de Werff his pigeons were offered in a total auction….  Evert-Jan had to dig deep into his pocket at this auction in order to buy a few extra top pigeons from Leo… including “Don Leo”, who was 4th National Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance of the Netherlands in 2004, but also his brother “Fabio”, who had also raced a few top prizes in the extreme middle distance. The descendants of these last purchases have already more than proved their breeding worth in the Eijerkamp- lofts (see further).

In 1995 Staf Theeuwes regularly visited Eijerkamp, and being a fellow villager… Staf was obviously well-known to Louis Van Loon. These Theeuwes-pigeons mainly found their origin in the Van Loon-pigeons supplemented with a few Hofkens and a Nelles van de Pol pigeon… which lay at the basis  of several ‘1° National victories’ in the Theeuwes lofts. In 1997 the Eijerkamp family took over all the breeding pigeons from Staf Theeuwes and a new conscription of pigeons with Van Loon-origin came to reinforce the breeding lofts in Brummen! Te descendants of the super couple “Chicago” x “Denver” especially ensured exceptional performances in the extreme long distance… so that we can safely say that this “Chicago” has grown to be a real ‘stock pigeon’ of the pedigree Van Loon in the Eijerkamp lofts.

Let us take a closer look at a few ‘super pigeons’ that stem from these Van Loon pigeons:

-‘Don Leo’ NL01-5162009
4° National Ace pigeon ‘1-day long distance’ NPO 2004

2° Montluçon          1.972 p.
4° NPO Montluçon     11.330 p.
6° NPO La Souterraine 7.923 p.
5° Argenton           1.627 p.
28° NPO Argenton      8.916 p.
18° Laon              5.743 p.

Directly developed into a real visionary in the breeding loft from which the following descendants have already been bred:
•    the 1° NPO St.Quentin 18.331 p.
•    ‘Janine 786/05’: mother of ‘Missouri Girl’ who won 4 x 1° Prizes and 3° NPO Offenburg 9.371 p.
•    ‘Magda 959/06’: Mother of ‘Rita’… winner 1° NPO Peronne 6.346 p.
•    ‘Sevilla 732/06’: grandson ‘Don Leo’ and father of the
   9° Dutch Open winner 2008
  28° Dutch Open winner 2008

   5° Peronne  2.645 p.
  11° Chimay   2.212 p.
  15° Boxtel  11.003 p.

·    ‘Beach Girl 601/05’

-‘Fabio’ NL01-4140734
Full brother of ‘Don Leo’, who in his short career won amongst other things:

26° National NPO Montlucon  11.330 pigeons
27° National NPO Montlucon   8.151 pigeons
50° National NPO Souterraine 6.555 pigeons
89° National NPO Montlucon   5.178 pigeons

This ‘Fabio’ is, amongst other things, father of:

·    ‘Fabiola’  069/06, self winner

     3° Haasrode   4.060 p.
    13° Pommeroeul 3.890 p.

    Mother of the

    2° NPO Peronne 9.860 p.

·    Venus 310/05 who won:

        4° Lommel 10.290 p.
         9° Lommel 9.102 p.
   3° NPO Orleans 14.285 p.

-‘Chicago’ B93-6234444
“Chicago” is a direct Louis Van Loon, and son of the “Roodoger 840/87” (won 1st Prov + 7° Nat La Souterraine 1990) x ‘Granddaughter 1° Nat La Souterraine’ 229/90 from Louis Van Loon.
“Chicago” is a real top breeder, the likes of which are few!

He is father of

·    “Goliath”, who won a.o. the following prizes:

   1° Ghislain         4.362 pigeons
   5° Pt. St. Maxence  5.971 pigeons
  18° Nat. Chateauroux 6.410 pigeons

·    "Gigi": 
1° Houdeng     9.727 pigeons

·    “Achilles 076/03”

10° Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance
2° Houdeng    1.532 p.
8° Le Mans    2.745 p.
Father 5° NPO Bourges 3.405 p.

·    "Abel" 663/03:
3° National car winner yearlings 2004.

2° Niergnies   8.614 p.
3° St.Quentin  6.402 p.
4° Boxtel     11.821 p.
4° Tessenderlo 8.123 p.
8° Orleans     4.048 p. etc.

·    “Michigan 264/02”
Father of the      1° Nat Munchen  1.580 p.
Grandfather of the 1° NPO Arras 11.259 p

·    "Kaïn" 662/03:

1° Peronne      5.535 pigeons 
2° Strepy Thieu 8.468 pigeons
5° Haasrode     7.848 pigeons

·    ”Atilla” 908/00
Super breeder out the ‘Chicago’ whose descendants won a.o.
1° Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters 2006 Roemenia
1° Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance
1° Ace pigeon Drechtsteden Classic

1° Peronne       9.833 p.
1° Le Mans       2.745 p.
1° Maaseik       3.163 p.
2° Boxtel        2.218 p.
2° Haasrode      2.143 p.
2° Ablis         1.187 p.
3° NPO Offenburg 9.371 p.

·    ‘Gesto 142/97’, a super breeder
Father 9° Nat Ace pigeon WHZB 2004
Father 1° Ace pigeon Youngsters region ‘98
Father 2° Nat Reserve pigeon All Round Olympiad Porto Cat D.

Grandfather  2° NPO Orleans 14.285 p.
Grandfather  6° Nat Blois    5.638 p.
Grandfather  9° NPO Orleans  5.596 p.
Grandfather 10° NPO Orleans  6.348 p.

·    •    He is further grandfather of:
- "Ché" (see further)!
- 1st national München sector 3 via Staf Theeuwes

-the ‘Silver Shadow’ NL94-1380745
A grandson of the super breeding couple ‘Louis’ x ‘Suzanne’… via their son ‘Rominger 972/88’ x ‘Mother Silver Shadow 819/87’ (out ‘Brother Louis’ x ‘Sister Olana’... or a daughter of ‘Louis x Suzanne’). Before growing to be a real top breeder , he won self:

1° Etampes          6.337 p.
1° Peronne          2.646 p.
1° Etampes            918 p.
2° Sens             2.305 p.
2° Pont St. Maxence 1.298 p.

-Wonder pigeon ‘Ché’ NL04-1560084
A figurehead in the Eijerkamp lofts… without doubt a real ‘primus’, one of the greatest pigeons ever in the Eijerkamp lofts! He comes from a crossing Eijerkamp-Janssen x Van Loon! He comes out ‘Son Tornado 069/00’ (coming out the father 1° Nat Munchen 2001, and self 9-times 1° prize winner: ‘Tornado 122/91’ x ‘Porsche Bond 675/97’) x ‘Britt 826/03’, also mother of ‘Fabiano’ with 7° NPO Peronne 6.346 p., 13° NPO Peronne 6.644 p., 24° NPO Gien 3.987 p… (daughter of the star breeder Van Loon: the ‘Chicago 444/93’ x ‘Miss Saigon 473/99’). This ‘Ché’ put together a magisterial  honours list with absolute toppers so as:

1° Nat NPO Orleans 14.285 p.
1° Arras            9.641 p.
9° NPO Orleans     18.184 p.
9° Bourges          1.834 p.

He was not only a ‘super’ in the racing lofts, but has now developed into a real ‘breeding jewel’ with his descendants including:

1° NPO Orleans        5.153 p.
2° NPO Breuil le Vert 5.800 p.
3° NPO Chateauroux    2.407 p.

The combination Eijerkamp-Janssen x Louis Van Loon… was a more than successful marriage in the Eijerkamp lofts, that lay and lie at the basis of unimaginable top performances, even several national NPO victories up to the ‘extreme middle distance races’! The introduction of the Louis Van Loon-pigeon was a real ‘Bull’s-eye’ there in Brummen’!

Jack Smeets, Sittard
This Jack Smeets was a real superman in the Dutch Limburg, and this with pure Louis Van Loon pigeons from Poppel pedigree! Especially in the period 1986 to 2002 Jack regularly made short of the competition … one of his absolute toppers from this period was the famous ‘Supercrack 666’ NL94-2021666… without doubt one of the best ‘1-day long distance pigeons’ that has ever flown in the Dutch skies. He won amongst other things
1° NPO Orleans
1° NPO Tours
1° NPO Bourges
2° NPO Chateauroux
And then 20 times within the first 25 prizes in various NPO competitions against thousands of participating pigeons! He was not only a real ‘pointer’ in the races, he also proved his enormous breeding worth in the breeding lofts. A few of his descendants also performed as follows:
-The ‘Goede 43’ (son of the 666) won in 2001 the 7° prize National Bordeaux 8.800 p., and 21° Nat Marseille ZLU! In 2002 he was once again entered for Bordeaux and won 7° National Bordeaux 8.500 p. in the ZLU
-‘The 08’ (son of the 666) won 1° NPO Orleans in 2002 and on top of that 6 x 1° prizes against an average of 2 to 3.000 pigeons in SPC Sittard.
-‘The Goede 72’ (son 666) won in turn 3 x 1° prizes SPC Sittard
-‘The 613’ (full brother of the 666’ then won 9 x 1° prizes in SPC Sittard against an average of 2 or 3.000 pigeons!
Jack Smeets had a marvellous stock Van Loon pigeons under his roof. He was a small but very strong fancier, by whom the ‘games’ prevailed above everything. He had a capital amount in pigeons, but the sale or the commerce didn’t interest him… the weekly achievement of real ‘top prizes’  and victories brought him more luck and satisfaction. Jack passed away in April 2009… his life’s work, generally based on the world line of the ‘Supercrack 666’ Van Loon ensured for ‘new exploits’ and 1° NPO-victories in other lofts!

Schoors-De Waele, Adegem (B)
Descendants of the Van Loon pigeons haven’t only ensured marvellous exploits in the Netherlands. The Van Loon pigeons that are at their best… in other words have reached their top mark… starting as yearling and old pigeon. The successful formation Schoors-De Waele from the East-Flemish Adegem also discovered this. This trio consists of father Odiel, son Alex Schoors in partnership with companion Maurits De Waele… won the prestigious title of ‘General Champion of Belgium KBDB’ in 2003… in the previous 2009 sport season they once again for this title, and landed at the honorary position of 3° General Champion of Belgium KBDB. The ‘General Championship’ of Belgium that is raced in the sprint, middle distance, long distance and grand distance races. The ‘Van Loon pigeons’ played a very prominent role in achieving these titles. Via Staf Theeuwes, Schoors-De Waele ended up by Louis Van Loon… where 4 pigeons were obtained… wherefrom 2 directly developed into real stock pigeons, they were:

-‘Blauwen Van Loon’ B99-6552488
 Excellent breeding cock coming out ‘Son Stamduif 347/90’ (out the ‘stock pigeon ‘Blauwen 84’ 954/84 x ‘Daughter Nationaal I Schellens 787/89’) x ‘Daughter 530’ 615/92 (out the stock couple 2 Van Loon: ‘The 530’ 530/90 x ‘Daughter Blauwe van 81’ 541/87)… with which this ‘Blauwen Van Loon 488/99’ stemming out a coupling ‘Son Stamkoppel 1’ x ‘Daughter Stamkoppel 2’ by Louis Van Loon!
This ‘Blauwe Van Loon’ developed in Adegem to a real stock pigeon and is father of 2 x 1° prize winners Argenton, 1° Gueret, 2 x 1° Prize Bourges, 5° Nat Gueret 2006, 19° Nat Bourges 2008, 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland ’06, and also grandfather of the 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland ’07… but also of the super breeding hen ‘Daughter Marseille 799’ (mother of the 1° Ace pigeon Middle Distance Meetjesland ’07).  So is he amongst other things father of super pigeons so as
•    The ‘Superke Van Loon 239/05’: won a.o. 5° Nat Gueret 2.633 p. in ‘06
•    The ‘As 2006 Van Loon’ 439/06: 1° Argenton 162 p., 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters ’06 Meetjesland
•    The ‘Van Loon 639/07’; a.o. 1° Bourges in 2007
•    The ‘Van Loon 140/05’: a.o. 19° Nat Bourges 11.875 p. in 2008

-The ‘Van Loon 492’ B99-6552492
A ‘super breeding hen’ coming out ‘Son Blauwen 84’ 119/93 (out stock couple 1 formed by stock pigeon the ‘Blauwen 84’ 954/84 x ‘Daughter Nationaal I Schellens 787/89’) x ‘Daughter 530’ 055/94 (daughter of stock couple 2:  ‘The 530’ 530/90 x ‘Daughter Blauwe van 81’541/87).
This ‘Van Loon 492’ is a breeding mother in a thousand and is amongst other things mother of
1° Ace pigeon Long Distance old birds ‘Meetjesland’ 2006
1° Provincial Tours in 2007
15° Nat. Bourges in 2008
1° Vichy, 1° Tours, 1° Bourges, 2° Tours, 2° Argenton, 2° Torus, 2° Chartres, 4° Limoges, 5° Bourges, 5° Tours, 5° Poitiers etc…
She is also grandmother of the 1° Tours, 1° Tours, 1° Argenton and of the 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters!
A few of her famous children are:

·    ‘Super Derby’ B05-4121343, he won a.o.:
In 2006:

Chateauroux   645 p.   8
    Prov    3.349 p.  22
Chateauroux   545 p.  11
    Prov    3.114 p.  51
Limoges       855 p.   5
     Prov   3.619 p.  11
     Nat   15.507 p.  51

1° Ace pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland 2006
In 2007:

Tours         343 p.  1
     Prov   1.953 p.  1
Tours         150 p.  2
     Prov   1.867 p.  7

In 2008:

Orleans       372 p.  2
Tours Prov  2.503 p.  123
Limoges     5.549 p.  502
     Nat   11.995 p.  1005

·    ‘Bleske Derby’ B06-4130375, who won 3 x top tot Tours Prov etc..
•    ‘The Super 2008’ B04-4090943, he won amongst other things:

Bourges       114 p.   1
     Nat   11.875 p.  15
Chateauroux   549 p.   8
     Prov   3.082 p.  38
Tours         463 p.  2
     Prov   2.874 p.  17
Limoges       229 p.   4
     Prov   2.660 p.  37
Poitiers      103 p.   5
     Prov   1.227 p.  36
Bourges       350 p.   5
     Nat   19.084 p.  222
Chateauroux   905 p.  15
     Prov   5.831 p.  68    etc

Marvellous performances with the direct descendants of the Van Loon pigeons that have directed the Schoors-De Waele formation towards ‘national podium’! References that speak for themselves!

Paulo Rodriguez, Portugal
The national ‘numero uno’ of Portugal, has the majority of his performances to thank on the input of the Louis Van Loon-pigeons! His colony is based for 60% on the direct Louis Van Loon pigeons that he introduced via Philippe Frederick in Portugal! This introduction has done him well… it allowed Paulo to directly play a leading role up to national level… which resulted in the winning of no less than 3 national titles as
National Champion of Portugal!
From the outset this season also seems to be heading towards an overwhelming success… because in the first races it was already 4 x 1° prize in the first provincial races… and this against more than 5.000 participating pigeons! Here we can also state that Paulo Rodriguez and Louis Van Loon have a more than successful marriage!

Philippe Frederick, Retinne (B)
The Belgian King of the Sprint, so as he is sometimes called! The colony of Philippe is,  not unjustly, seen as one of the biggest ‘branches Louis Van Loon’ of our country… yes, even worldwide… at this moment, anno 2010. Philippe more or less had the privilege of dipping into the ‘golden breeding well’ of the grandmaster from Poppel! Over the years 10 Van Loon pigeons moved from the rich breeding loft in Poppel to the Frederick-lofts. Philippe had the privilege of being allowed to select the best for himself, for his own breeding source! No wonder that his collection of Van Loon pigeons are considered as more or less the ‘greatest collection’ Van Loon blood at the moment! A collection that partly lies at the basis of the magnificent performances that Philippe Frederick has achieved over the years, wherefrom a concise summary below!
•    A short summary of the immense title wins of Philippe Frederick
•    3 Times National Champion Sprint B.D.S.
•    3 Times National Vice Champion Sprint B.D.S.
•    10 Times Between the 4 First on The National Championship Sprint B.D.S.
•    12 Times Between the 9 First on The National Championship Sprint B.D.S.
•    10 Times Prize Winner National Championship K.B.D.B.
•    733 x 1° Prizes without duplication on the last 25 years.
•    14 Times 1st Provincial Champion K.B.D.B.
•    Hold the record with 6 prize winner and 5 times in the 8 first National Champion Sprint K.B.D.B.
•    2nd National Champion Sprint “Gouden Duif” Aug. 2005

At the moment there is an auction on ‘PiPa’ in which Philippe Frederick offers  23 DIRECT LOUIS VAN LOON-PIGEONS from his own breeding loft! This is not only a selection of the ‘nicest’ pigeons… but also a selection of the ‘VERY BEST’ of Louis Van Loon… with only descendants from the ‘absolute top couples’! Direct descendants out the old stock lines formed by the famous ‘stock couple 1’ and ‘stock couple 2’… direct descendants that can’t be obtained ‘anywhere’!