Once again a marvellous season for Lionel Debusschere - Hulste (BE)

“Decorated” with a.o. 1st provincial Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl. Extreme long distance old birds and 13 x 1st…… reasons enough to be more than satisfied ! For Lionel & Nicole, plus Hedwig…”their tip-top carer” so as Lionel says…..was the 2009 season once again a great sporting success.

Taking into account that a large percentage of the pigeons were disposed of a few years ago when Lionel starting having health problems….these problems have now fortunately been sorted out…..this shows the class of his pigeons, that in such a short space of time he once again belongs to the better fanciers in the province…..partly to thank on the indispensable help from Nicole and ……Hedwig….the fine carer of the pigeons who follows them minute by minute every day.

In 2009 Lionel had a 1st provincial Ace pigeon for the 5th time during his pigeon career. It was the “Narbonne”: 3053104/05 who achieved this magnificent performance….in 2009 this four year old cock added to his name a.o. 2 victories in the Long Distance club, namely from Narbonne and from Brive….plus the 2nd prize national from Narbonne and in the Ace pigeon competition from the Belgische Verstandhouding this “Narbonne” ended up in 2nd place with just 1,43%, this in the tracks of the 2173589/06 from Robert Van Eycken from Erps-Kwerps, who won with 1,17%. Points could be earned in 3 races chosen from Brive-Montauban-Limoges old birds-Tarbes-Souillac-Narbonne-Bourges old birds-Perpignan. In 2007 Lionel achieved the 1st prov. Ace pigeon W-Fl. KBDB in the extreme long distance. In 2008 he won 2nd prov. Ace pigeon extreme long distance. Other fanciers have also obtained (inter)national top with pigeons from Lionel. So is the 5th prize internat. Marseille ’09 a direct from him, whilst the 1st nat Tulle yearlings from R.D. &D. Schreel also comes from Lionel.

The lineage of the “Narbonne” under the loop!
Father: “the King”: 3100072/99
Won 12 prizes from 15 races
GF: the “Narbonne” ‘95”: 3055708/95
His honours list includes 99th nat Narbonne 7619p and a 26th nat. Pau against 2469p plus the 1st F.C. Perpignan.
GM: “Black White pen”: 3207095/98
Mother: “Blue White pen”: 3070233/04
GF: “Blue 315”: 3003315/03 (direct. G. Vandenabeele)
Comes out the “Klaren”: 3237013/94 (half-brother of the “Wittenbuik-Stier” 3139582/00 x “Petra”, a sister of the “Stier”).
GM: “Blue Houben”: 6091628/02
Direct Houben out the “Perfecto” x “Veronica”.

A few of the extraordinary results ’09 !
Ablis 164p: 1 – 5 – 6 – 8 -10 -14 ………..
Brive: 177p Long Distance club: 1 – 3- 4 -23 -30…..beginning with the 4th provincial and 6th national
Argenton Long Distance club: 77p: 1 – 5 -14 -18….victory achieved by the “Super” 3080608/07 who with this had the 5th victory of his career.
Ablis 261p: 1 – 2 -19 -25- 39……
Tours 140 old birds: 1 -10 – 11 (3/3)
Tours 142 yearlings: 6-8-9-10-11…(8/12)
Pau national 1984p: 63rd (1/2)
Barcelona FC. 173p: 22nd – Prov 1953p: 191st – nat. 13502p: 1300th (1/2)
Limoges national 16393p : 3/3 beginning with the 665th
Tarbes 160p FC: 10 -33 (2/2) – nat/ 4812p: 63rd -550th and internat . 12848p: 135th – 1149th
Marseille (2 entered) internat 11833p: 1549th
Ablis 267 youngsters: 1 – 6 – 8- 11 -22 -26 -34….
Ablis 1778p: 1st – 35th -40th -46th ……
Limoges FC 190p: 2 – 6- 16 (3/4)
Narbonne FC: 244p: 1 -2  plus provincial 1184p: 2 and 11, plus national 7156p: 2nd and 40th
Perpignan FC 136p: 13th (2 entered) and national 7395p: 960th
Argenton 502p: 9- 15 -22 -46 -62 ( 6 entered)

We close with a few championships:
1st prov. Ace pigeon extreme long distance old birds KBDB W-Fl.
1st Long Distance champion big races Izegem
1st General Long Distance champion big races Izegem
1st General  Ere-Champ. Riddersclub from Belgium
1st General Champion under the  “Ridders” in the Riddersclub from Belgium etc….

Our congratulations to Lionel – Nicole and Hedwig on their successful season ’09. You have more than earned it !