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Satisfied customers are the best advertisement

On a regular basis, we receive messages from highly satisfied customers who purchased pigeons in the PIPA auctions. Just recently, we received a new testimonial from Marnick De Neve from Landegem.

Hello Nikolaas,

I would like to thank you and the PIPA team. Every year, I purchase around five pigeons, mainly from Verschoot, Maes, and formerly Vandenabeele breeds, but also occasionally from breeders like Norbert Ally or recently Vermeerbergen-Wilms. I must say that I focus heavily on lineage as well as assessment. Every time I receive a pigeon, it perfectly reflects what I read in the assessment. Also, in terms of health, I have never encountered any issues with purchases from PIPA. For several years now, I have only bought from PIPA. My breeding loft is now largely populated with pigeons acquired from you.

For this, I extend my thanks and trust.
Marnick De Neve