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Alharith Loft (Saudi Arabia) wins 1st International Skaka – 1034 km.

The winning pigeon is a crossbreed of direct pigeons of Carlo Gyselbrecht, Geoff & Catherine Cooper and Batenburg-van de Merwe.

The race from Skaka in Saudi Arabia is much like the Barcelona race in Europe and is also considered to be an international classic with a distance of over 1,000 km.

The winning pigeon of Alharith Loft managed to bridge the distance of 1,034 km to her loft, on the same day of release. That is quite unique over there and a phenomenal achievement. Only 4 pigeons managed to reach their loft on the same day as well. This achievement is even more impressive, knowing that this hen – the '584' with ring kSA23-0099584 - was born in 2023. An early yearling leaving the 6,896 participating pigeons behind.

Winner 1st International Skaka - 1,034 Km

Her pedigree shows that this '584' descents from lots of winning bloodlines of noble Western European marathon strains. Her father is a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht from Knesselare with the BE18-4237688, a direct son of one of Carlo’s super breeders, notably the Crack Ad NL10-1646352 (1st Ace pigeon ZLU in 2015, Ad Pegels), paired to Vanessa BE17-4063580 (Blauwe Vanbruaene 780 x daughter Goud Zwart - Jellema).

The mother kSA22-094702 is a crossbreed of a direct cock of Goeff & Catherine Cooper GB18-48785(Sumerian Laureaat paired to a Daughter New Laureaat x Kleine Jade) x a direct hen of Batenburg-van de Merwe NL17-1261675 (of the 1st International Barcelona winner Sumerian Fighter NL10-3025405 of Leo Roks x 2nd National Barcelona winner Saar NL14-1559574 of Jelle Jellema).

‘Good blood never lies’, which becomes clear once again. This young hen not only put down a brilliant performance for Alharith Loft... Carlo Gyselbrecht, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Hugo Batenburg-van de Merwe and Jelle Jellema, can also add a new top reference to their richly filled honors list.