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Kas & Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL) are working very hard on their successful comeback

Kas & Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL)
With the auction on PIPA of all breeding and racing pigeons at the end of 2022, a glorious chapter in the story of Kas and Karel Meijers ended. This combination has been working hard on a comeback ever since.

New start 

Kas and Karel continued with youngsters from the auction's stars and an incredibly young racing team. In Afdeling 9 CC4 they already achieved several impressive results. On the Middle Distance discipline they won a/o 1st Not Nominated Champions (8th Afdeling 9 Eastern Netherlands). Find several of their results from the 2023 racing season below; 

27/5 Charlevilles 333 km 1,673 p. 13-14-21-33-43-63-etc.(17/30)
17/6 Dizy le Gros 371 km 1,038 p. 1-5-34-70-92-97-etc.(7/15)
5/8 Bierges 245 km 1,523 p. 11-12-39-48-49-51-76-etc.(14/25)
9/9 Mettet 281 km 1,472 p. 5-6-7-8-20-38-70-74-etc.(13/20)
16/9 Dizy le Gros 371 km 991 p. 6-8-9-11-20-25-26-36-etc.(19/30)

Olympic Nicole back on the lofts 

NL16-1176076 Olympic Nicole

On of the stars in the auction of Kas and Karel Meijers was without doubt the NL16-1176076, Olympic Nicole. This super hen has a/o 8 victories on her palmares and became 1st Olympiad pigeon The Netherlands Cat. A in 2019 at the Olympiad in Poznan. She had difficulties adjusting to her new home and in the meantime she is back on the lofts in Oud Ootmarsum where she achieved her greatest successes. She feels right at home on these breeding lofts. The best yearling in the racing team of 2023 was the NL22-8163796 with a/o a victory from Dizy le Gros against 1,038 pigeons. The winner is a grandson of Olympic Nicole. 


To be successful, one has to anticipate. Something that Kas and Karel realized quickly. After their auction they did not sit still and invested in several top pigeons. They already owned several pigeons from Gebr. Leideman. Moreover, they co-bred with the brothers with Olympic Nicole and a son of Crack 19 x Goed Grijs. In addition, pigeons from Ad Schaerlaeckens (Comb. Maegh-As) and via PIPA Elite Center a son of Prince Porsche (paired to his own sister) came to reinforce the breeding lofts. From total sales of Team van Oss they also purchased a proven breeding hen. 

NL16-1663777 Klavertje 777

NL16-1663777 Klavertje 777 bought during the auction of Team van Oss

NL16-1663777 Klavertje 777 was bought during the auction of Team van Oss. This purchase brought Kas and Karel a hen with an exceptional breeding value. The mother of Klavertje 777 is a daughter of NL07-2007621 Harry of Jan Hooymans paired to one of his granddaughters. Father of Klavertje 777 is a son of NL06-1267007 James Bond (full brother Harry). Klavertje 777 her exceptional breeding value becomes evident from two performance pigeons on the racing lofts of Joes Goessen from Gronsveld, Limburg. He owns NL21-1304368 De Rien and his brother NL21-1304368 Broer Rien, two fantastic pigeons bred from Klavertje 777. Together these brothers won a/o; 

1st Afd. 4 Sens 1,180 p.
1st Vierzon 419 p. (3rd National Sector 1 Rayon B)
1st Sens 702 p.
5th Afd. 4 Argenton 1,390 p. (5th National Sector 1 Rayon B 3,705 p.)
18th Afd. 4 Issoudun 3,249 p.
20th Afd. 4 Issoudun 1,242 p.
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Afdeling 4 2022
14th Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO Long Distance 2022 (2nd Yearling)
7th Olympiad pigeon The Netherlands Middle Distance Maastricht
13th World Best Pigeons Category Allround 2023

Hot Spot victories VFWCPR OLR

In 2023 several noteworthy results were achieved at the VFWCPR OLR, where they won both Hot Spot Race 1 and Hot Spot Race 5. Hot Spot 1 was won with a child from a sister of Olympic Nicole. The winner of Hot Spot 5 was bred from a brother of Olympic Nicole. An article about theses victories was published on PIPA, click here to read it again.

Solid foundation 

Kas and Karel Meijers are back on their way to the top with their old foundation, the descendants of Olympic Nicole and new investments. We have no doubt it won't take long before they are get back on their old level. 

Hot from the press

On 25th January a race across 162km was flown as part of the Zajel Oman One Loft Race Season 2023. Al Kandri Loft managed to take 5th place against 885 pigeons with KWT23-10859. This pigeon was also bred from a sister of Olympic Nicole.