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New auction: PIPA Breeding

Tuesday the 14th of November, this new auction will start: PIPA Breeding.

PIPA Breeding (BE)
Best Kittel II Special

Best Kittel II is now 4 years old, in that short time he himself won the title 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2020 and bred 2nd and (!) 3rd National Ace Pigeons Sprint KBDB 2022. On top of that, a direct child won 1st Grand Average Victoria Falls WCPR 2023. Moreover, many different lofts have won 1st prizes with grandchildren Best Kittel II in 2023. It is safe to say that at this age, he has already become a better breeder than Best Kittel was at 4 years old. According to Thomas & Mark from PIPA Breeding, the success rate of Best Kittel II's children is exceptionally high, which is a typical quality of a true super breeder. In this auction, PIPA Breeding did their utmost best to offer a unique selection, including 3 very exclusive children of Best Kittel II paired to the basic breeding hens Mother Best Kittel, Grizzle Mama & Gold Dust. Furthermore, the auction includes a/o 2 direct children of Grizzle Best Kittel, the best son of Best Kittel II at this moment.