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Jeroen & Stijn Rans (Wijgmaal, BE) are the ones to beat on international extreme long distance races

Jeroen & Stijn Rans were consistently at the top of the charts of national extreme long distance races. From Pau to Perpignan, they peaked when they needed to.

Their team of yearlings showed that they are set for the future on Agen and Narbonne. Moreover, Jeroen and Stijn bought back 'Jef' earlier this year and thereby brought their International Barcelona winner home. Everything is in place to further build their stock and status as top loft on the international extreme long distance races in the coming years! 

Video about the return of Jef, 1st Int. Barcelona

Season 2023

Lets take a look at the pigeons which stood in the spotlights past season. With 7 international races on the calendar, there are 7 chances for extreme long distance fanciers to show themselves. If you add the two races for yearlings (Agen and Narbonne), there are 9 results on which these fanciers can evaluate their season. On these 9 races, the brothers Rans managed to achieve a prize percentage of over 50% on a national level 5 times. Furthermore, they won a total of 13x National Top 100 results including 5x National Top 15! 

Yearlings: Child Renée & Rain Girl

On Agen the yearling team got their first chance and it was Child Renée (BE22-2080515) who took that chance by winning 8th National Agen against 6,667 Yearlings. On Narbonne Child Renée also won a beautiful prize with the 658th National Narbonne against 6,100 Yearlings. This yearling from the bloodlines of New Laureaat (1st Internat. Barcelona), Kleine Jade (1st Internat. Barcelona), Astrid (1st Nat. S2 Bordeaux) and René (1st Interprov. Bergerac) is thereby off to a great start with 2/2 and a national top result. 

Another yearling won a top result on Narbonne. It was Rain Girl (BE22-2080590) a full sister of Child Renée who won 5th National Narbonne 6,100 Yearlings! On Agen, Rain Girl also made the results list by winning 905th National against 6,667 Yearlings. She too, starts her international racing career with a perfect 2/2 and a top result! 

Old birds: grandchildren Frans take the lead

Just as many extreme long distance fanciers, Jeroen and Stijn Rans see Barcelona as the highlight of the season. This year, the brothers can look back on a successful edition with two pigeons within the Top 61 National. The first pigeon to return was Lore (BE20-2117132), a daughter of Double 332, bred from Frans (1st Internat. Perpignan) x Zwarte Weduwe (1st Nat. & 3rd Internat. Pau). Lore wins 39th Nat. Barcelona against 6,533 p.

Mother of Lore is Widow Jef, which leads us to the absolute top bloodlines of the Jeroen & Stijn Rans colony. Father of Widow Jef is Jef, the brothers' International Barcelona winner. Mother is a daughter of Zwarte Weduwe. 

Here we also find pure quality and (inter)national winners in the pedigree! Lore also won some beautiful prizes (on extreme long distance races) last season. Some of her best results include: 

8th Nat. Tarbes '22 2,899 p.
39th Nat. Barcelona '23 6,533 p.
67th Nat. Valence '22 6,056 p.
139th Nat. Narbonne '21 5,972 p.
722nd Nat. Agen '21 7,360 p.

The second pigeon to arrive from Barcelona is called Denise Frans (BE19-2027345) and won 61st National Barcelona against 6,533 pigeons. She is a daughter of Dennis, a cock bred from co-breeding with Dennis Steeghs. His Barca (1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2011-2016) was paired to an Inbred Barcelonaduivin of the Rans brothers. The Barceloneduivin may righteously be called the stock pigeon of their loft. 

Mother Denise Frans is Pascalleke, also a result from co-breeding, this time with Pascal Hellinckx. Father of Pascalleke is the star Frans, who was paired to Vos duivinneke of Hellinckx. 

Denise Frans also won 115th National Valence and had a phenomenal 2023 season. Although, this was not the first time she flew a top result: 

61st Nat. Barcelona '23 6,533 p.
83rd Nat Narbonne '20 4,120 p.
88th Nat. Perpignan '22 3,766 p.
115th Nat. Valence '23 6,089 p.
218th Nat. Perpignan '21 3,901 p.
442nd Nat. Barcelona '22 6,560 p.

The second old bird to arrive from Marseille was Franse Robina (BE21-2073864): 14th Nat. Marseille against 2,590 p. Her father is Rob, 11th Nat. Perpignan against 3,901 p., bred from a cross between Zoon Vale Perpignan (Rob Nijs) and BE13-2185285 (Jos Cleeren). 

Mother is Special Frans (25th Nat. Narbonne against 4,454 p.), another daughter of Frans this time paired to Special Esmee (original Appie Pas via Tom Lemmens). 

Just like Lore and Denise Frans, Franse Robina is a granddaughter of top racer and breeder Frans. He is a son of Ed (direct Declerq-Vervaeren) and stock hen Barcelonaduivin. Frans himself won 1st National Perpignan 2017 and confirmed his qualities on the breeding lofts of Jeroen & Stijn Rans. 

Video Frans

Franse Robina was the second pigeon to arrive from Marseille this season, she was beaten by another star from the racing team of Jeroen and Stijn: Lucky Pau (BE18-2010922). She won 9th National Marseille against 2,590 p., and thereby achieved her third National Top 100 result in her career! 

Father of Lucky Pau is Jeanke, a son of the successful breeding pair Lucky Jef x Jose. Mother is Pau Barca, a daughter of the Barcelonaduivin and the cock Gat in staart. 

The palmares of Lucky Pau is highly impressive: 

9th Nat. Marseille '23 2,590 p.
90th Nat. Pau '23 3,080 p.
93rd Nat. Marseille '21 1,880 p.
117th Nat. Marseille '22 2,326 p.
262nd Nat. Agen '19 4,644 p.
275th Nat. Narbonne '20 4,454 p.
299th Nat. Pau '20 2,919 p.

The last old bird we would like to introduce is New Swiggers (BE21-2073895). This racer won 23rd Nat. Agen against 5,581 old birds and 266th Nat. Narbonne against 5,000 pigeons in 2023.

New Swiggers is a grandchild of New Laureaat. Father is Son New Laureaat from Batenburg-Van de Merwe. New Laureaat was paired to Daughter New Witbuik at the time by Hugo Batenburg. 

Mother New Swiggers is Swiggers, a hen from Rudi Swiggers who also carries the genes of New Laureaat. 

Strong foundation

Jeroen and Stijn Rans confirm that they are amongst the fanciers battling for the win in 2023 on international extreme long distance races, no matter the conditions. The colony has a strong foundation with renowned breeders such as Barcelonaduivin, Frans, Zwarte Weduwe and 'lost son' Jef, who has returned to Wijgmaal. The brothers Rans are guaranteed a bright future with such an abundance of quality on their lofts!