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Ariën-De Keyser (Tielt-Winge, BE) dominates long distance races once again

With several pigeons in the National Top 100 on Aurillac, Libourne and Souillac the colony of Ariën-De Keyser confirms its class.

With 9 yearlings in the National Top 100 Souillac, 7 pigeons in the National Top 100 on Aurillac and 6 pigeons within the Top 85 National on Libourne, there was no stopping the racers from Pascal Ariën in the past weeks. 


Pascal Ariën basketed 39 yearlings on Souillac. With 26 prizes on a national level and 9 pigeons within the National Top 100, this team showed excellent form against the 6,085 yearlings in the race. 

We will quickly run you by the pigeons which flew National Top 100. The same bloodlines can be found back in many of their pedigrees.

It was the cock Son Crazy Porsche 301 who started of the series by winning 43rd National Souillac against 6,085 p. 

He is a son of Brother Dali 418/15 and thereby 100% from the old stock of Pascal (Verreckt-Ariën). Mother is Crazy Porsche and it goes without saying she descends from the Porsche lines of the PIPA Elite Center. Porsche 911 and Ace Norma are the parents of Crazy Porsche. 

The second yearling, was the 1st nominated pigeon of Ariën-De Keyser and wins 46th Nat. Souillac against 6,085 p. This is a daughter of Klaas Johannes x Olympic Miss Million. Klaas Johannes is a grandson of Golden Prince, New Kim, Prince Porsche and Nadine...three National Ace Pigeons and a brother of Porsche 911. 

Olympic Miss Million 210 is a daughter of the famous Million Pair: Bart x Panamera, which had a huge impact on pigeon sport by breeding various Olympiad pigeons and National Ace Pigeons! Bart is a direct Bart Geerinckx from the top pigeons Blue Lagoon x Acy and Panamera is a direct sister of Porsche 911 and thereby a child of Wacko Freddy x Lieve. 

Klaas Johannes

63rd National Souillac was won by a son of  Birdie Porsche and Olympic Miss Million 595. Again we find the old stock of Pascal, paired to the Porsche lines on father's side. Mother Olympic Miss Million 595 is a full sister of Olympic Miss Million 210 which we mentioned before. 

Half-brother Porsche II was good for the 65th Nat. Souillac 6,085 p. He was bred from Maurice and Jana. Maurice won 1st Nat. Souillac against 7,514 p. for Casaert-Sénéchal. He is a grandson of both Porsche 911, Louise, Hattrick and Boxster. 

Jana is the winner of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2019 and was bred from a brother 1st Nat. Limoges (Geerinckx) x Golden Boxster. 

Son Birdie Porsche wins 78th Nat. Souillac. He is a son of the beforementioned Birdie Porsche and Daughter Angouleme Vooruit 366/21. She is a daughter Angouleme Vooruit, who took a sensational national victory on Angouleme for Norbert & Stefan Ally with an incredible 17 minute lead. Mother is Blue Gala, a daughter of Dali x Magic 700. 

The next National Top 100 winner of Ariën-De Keyser on Souillac is the yearling hen Daughter Infinity. She wins 86th Nat. Souillac against 6,085 p. 

Parents are Infinity (son Golden Prince x New Kim) and Daughter Agen 568/20 (co-breeding between Great Wall and PEC). 

Winner of 90th Nat. Souillac Yearlings is Half-sister Porsche II, daughter of two pigeons which were already mentioned before in this article; Maurice and Jana. 

Daughter Prince Porsche wins 94th Nat. Souillac 6,085 p. Besides being a daughter of Prince Porsche, we also find Golden Kim and Golden Prince in her pedigree via her mother, Golden Kim 134. 

The last yearling in the National Top 100 Souillac from Ariën-De Keyser is BE22-4151121, bred from a cross between Karlo Van Rompaey x PEC. Father is a son of the top pair Hattrick x Prima Dora from Karlo. Mother is Daughter Pioneer Porsche, an inbred cock from Porsche 911 x his own mother Lieve. 

Pascal Ariën also managed to place an old bird within the National Top 100 with his BE21-4152095. This hen won 46th Nat. Souillac 4,827 old birds and is a daughter of Golden Kim (Golden Prince x New Kim) and Daughter Dali x Nestsister Boxster. 


A week before Souillac, Libourne was raced on which Ariën-De Keyser also achieved phenomenal results. Provincially, this led to 1st, 4th, 6th, etc. Old birds and 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, etc. Yearlings. On a national level, 6 pigeons won prizes in the Top 85 amongst the old birds or yearlings. 

The first pigeon on the national results list was the old hen BE21-4152089, winning 6th Nat. Libourne against 3,880 old birds. Her parents are Dynamite Kim and Spyder 006. Dynamite Kim in turn is a son of Golden Prince x New Kim. Spyder 006 is another top pigeon bred form the pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. 

Second old bird was BE21-4152714, winner of 36th Nat. Libourne 3,880 Old birds. We find quite some long distance genes in this pedigree. Father is another co-breeding result with Great Wall (1st Int. Agen x Anne). Mother is a daughter of New Laureaat x Mother Special Narbonne (Batenburg van de Merwe). 

Third old bird, winning 85th Nat. Libourne, is Daughter Red Devil Porsche. Red Devil Porsche won 1st Nat. Jarnac at Casaert-Sénéchal and was paired to Daughter Porsche 922/19 at the time. 

There were three yearlings in the National Top 100 on Libourne. The first yearling was Son Golden Prince, good for 23rd Nat. Libourne 4,822 Yearlings. 

As the name suggests, this is a son of Golden Prince, paired to Daughter Porsche x Louise at the time. 

The second yearling which arrived from Libourne in Tielt-Winge was BE22-4150686, good for the 59th Nat. Libourne 4,822 p. Father is Son Double Kaasboer, bred from the pair Double Kaasboer (Team BDS) x Juanita Porsche (2nd Nat. Aurillac 3,888 p.).

Mother is Daughter Nadine 846/19, bred from Porsche 911 and Nadine. 

Lastly, it was Daughter Infinity who flew into  the National Top 100. This yearling hen was already introduced as she also won 86th Nat. Souillac 6,085 p. 


The lofts of Ariën-De Keyser


Libourne and Souillac were not the only long distance races on which this combination shined. The week prior to Libourne, the pigeons from Ariën-De Keyser also showed their form. On Aurillac they place 7 pigeons within the National Top 100, of which 2 even within the Top 20. 

Amongst the old birds it was BE21-4152968, bred from a Son Hattrick x Prima Dora (Karlo van Rompaey) and Half-sister Porsche 619/19 (from Wacko Freddy x New Patricia). He won 17th Nat. 5,342 Old birds. This wasn't his only top result, he previously won a/o: 

35th Nat. Souillac 4,637 p.
111th Nat. Tulle 1,214 p.
78th Prov. Blois 1,179 p.

The other six Top 100 prizes were all won in the yearlings race. Pascal starts with 19th Nat. Aurillac 6,512 Yearlings. This cock is inbred to the top pigeons of Tom Van Gaver (via Sam Bostoen). The BE22-4151172 was bred by Sam from White Finn 357, top breeder and full brother of Finn and Finn's Tetske 901, a daughter of the top pigeons Finn (1st Nat. Zone Tulle 2,761 p.) and Tetske (1st Nat. Brive 4,238 p.). Top genes from the Van Gaver lofts. 

Second and third yearling on Aurillac were already mentioned in this article. 

The Daughter Klaas Johannes x Olympic Miss Million (BE22-4150319) was good for 32nd Nat. Aurillac 6,512 Yearlings. She also won 46th Nat. Souillac and 316th Nat. Libourne in the past weeks. With three top results on long distance races, she is without doubt on track to become one of the stars on the lofts of Ariën-De Keyser.

The hen BE22-4150686, wins 51st Nat. Aurillac 6,512 Yearlings and she was also good for the 59th Nat. Libourne 4,822 p. 

Here are their fantastic pedigrees once again. 

79th Nat. Aurillac Yearlings (BE22-4150298) was on account of a half-brother of the 1st Nat. Tulle 4,993 p. Both have Brother Porsche 482/19 as father, another wonder from the pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. 

Mother of BE22-4150298 is Daughter Red Devil Porsche 609/19, a child of Red Devil Porsche (1st. Nat. Jarnac 4,802 p.) and Gloria II (2nd Best Yearling 3 long distance races 2017). 

BE22-4150466 also flew into the National Top 100. This yearling hen also won 85th Nat. Aurillac 6,512 p. Father is Son Porsche 638 from Porsche 911 x New Amalia. Mother is Daughter Double Kaasboer 004, bred from 2 pigeons which we also mentioned earlier, Double Kaasboer and Spyder 006. 


Winner of 94th Nat. Aurillac 6,512 p. also won 98th Nat. Souillac 6,085 p. and was also mentioned previously in this article. BE22-4151121 is bred from the lines of top pair Hattrick x Prima Dora of Karlo Van Rompaey and Porsche 911 x his own mother Lieve. 

Constantly performing

Pascal Ariën his pigeons are there when they need to be. These beautiful results from the past weeks have also lead to several high ranking pigeons in the PIPA Rankings on the long distance for both old birds and yearlings. This too seems to be a yearly tradition...the class of the PEC bloodlines, partly bred by Pascal himself, are unmatched. With such quality pigeons in combination with a superb fancier like Pascal, it is hardly a surprise that he performs so well year after year in Tielt-Winge!