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A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Philbert on 27th May 2023

Lanahan & Gerard
238 members sent 2797 pigeons to St Philbert with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into ENE winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Zwarte Lourdes

First open and first WS section was a two year old on 1216mpm over 250 miles for Lanahan and Gerard of Poole. Danny and John's first pigeon home was a hen bred from two of their race birds, both of which were bred by Gary and Prilly Hodges from stock they had on loan from John. The sire of the open winner contains Zwarte Lourdes, first national St Vincent bloodlines and it was paired to a top breeding hen from Gary Inkley. The dam comes from Lady 300, the dam to Dracula 2018. 

Lady 300
David and John Staddon

D and J Staddon of Ditcheat were second open and second WS section with a yearling cock on 1175mpm over 281 miles. David and John clocked a pigeon containing long distance bloodlines and part of a co-breeding plan with Mark Williamson of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Mark's crack racing hen, Lady B, 1st open MNFC Bordeaux, 560 miles on the day, was paired to David and John's new breeding star, Mad Max II. Mad Max II is bred by the Dutch long distance ace, Frank Zwiers and is a son of Mad Max, first international ace pigeon 2019/20 and first European ace pigeon 2020. 

Mel and Sue King

Mr and Mrs King of Blandford Forum timed a two year old on 1157mpm over 256 miles to take third open and third WS section. Mel and Sue's timer came from their well established Vandenabeele family of pigeons. The dam is a full sister to their first open NFC Coutances winner and the sire is a grandson of their first open BICC Falaise winner when he was paired to the dam of their first open CSCFC Bergerac winner. 

Mark Gower

Mr and Mrs Gower of Woodgreen were fourth open and first CS section with a two year old on 1153mpm over 258 miles. Mark timed a medium sized Vandenabeele hen bred from two stock birds he purchased from Mark Evans. The sire is Everyone's Choice when paired to Keon's Golden Girl. The dam is from Olympic Rings when paired to Leading Lady, first open BICC Guernsey. 

Berry & Matthews

Fifth open and second CS section was a four year old on 1138mpm over 244 miles for Berry and Matthews from Hampshire. This hen contains Jelle-Mema bloodlines and was bred by the House of Arden. It was raced on the widowhood system. 

Wojciech Blachut of Trowbridge clocked a three year old on 1132mpm over 289 miles to take sixth open and fourth WS section. 

Seventh open and fourth WS section was won by Brooks Brothers and Wilcox from High Littleton with a three year old on 1129mpm over a distance of 293 miles. 

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John clocked a three year old on 1112mpm over 291 miles to take eighth open and fifth WS section. 

Ninth open and seventh WS section was a two year old on 1109mpm over 290 miles for Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Writhlington. 

Martin Williams

Completing the top ten and in first NW section is Martin Williams of Tarrington with a two year old on 1096mpm over 340 miles. Martin's section winner is a Jellema cock flown on the roundabout system. It contains the same bloodlines as his Tarbes winner, through his good friend Jan Morsink of Holland. 

Around the sections

Andrei Bargaoanu

Andrei Bargaoanu of Basingstoke was third CS section with a three year old on 1071mpm over 272 miles. Andrei's hen was bred from some eggs that he had from Daniel Coropiuc. 

Damian Szpak

The ES section winner was Damian Szpak from Deptford with a two year old on 982mpm over 279 miles. Damian timed a hen, a half-sister to Queen 85, from the same dam. The sire is a half-brother to Armora, 4th open BICC. 

J and J Whitting

J and J Whitting of Lee were second ES section with a four year old on 964mpm over 280 miles. The partners clocked a cock containing Cattrysse bloodlines and which has been clocked in the top ten of the section from Guernsey. In last years' St Philbert race it was 55th BICC and 30th NFC. 

Pine Walk Lofts

Pine Walk Lofts of Bromley were third ES section with a two year old on 961mpm over a distance of 278 miles. The partnership was set up by Jim Elston, Steve Dunne and Tom Firmager, but since Jim and Steve passed away, Tom has been joined by Tom Williams of Orpington. The third section winner was a Jos Thone grizzle cock, the dam of which was a gift from Chris Baxter of Goole. The sire came from George Brockie of Eltham. 

Domenic Gruzelier

Domenic Gruzelier of Houghton Colliery timed a yearling on 1090mpm over 323 miles to take first NC section. The section winner is a home bred grizzle hen raced on the widowhood system. The sire is from a double grandson to Best Kittle and the dam is a grand-daughter, inbred to Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem, bought through PIPA from Pieter Oberholster. 

Freddie Bannister

Freddie Bannister of Doddington was second NC section with a four year old on 1031mpm over 352 miles. Freddie timed a grizzle hen bred by his good friend Jepson Bennett. The sire is an inbred grandson of Pit Bull and the dam is a grand-daughter of Nigel Laycock's Northern Bound. 

Dave George

Dave George of Letchworth was third NC section with a two year old on 1014mpm over 319 miles. Dave's widowhood cock contains Padfield and Janssen bloodlines and is a consistent racer having flown St Philbert last season. 

Roly Rix

Roly Rix of Newmarket was first NE section with a seven year old on 931mpm over 337 miles. Roly timed the same pigeon that was well up in the section from Alencon and won the section from Guernsey in 2022. This cock contains Ray Farrington's NRCC winning bloodlines crossed with Van Hee. 

Kelvin Sharman

Kelvin Sharman of Syleham clocked a two year old on 919mpm over 348 miles to take second NE section. Kelvin's pigeon contains mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme bloodlines crossed with those of Mark Bulled's Legacy. 

Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer of Ipswich was third NE section with a two year old on 884mpm over 335 miles. Jonathan bought the sire and dam of his winner from Tucker Fox of Clacton and they have been breeding some excellent racers. The sire is a direct son of The Duck when he was paired to a direct daughter of Isla's Rainy Day Boy. The dam is a direct daughter of the 2010 NFC Poitiers winner. 

Booth & Roper with John Gerard

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a three year old on 1077mpm over 333 miles to take second NW section. Trevor and John timed a son of Sportsview Diamond, a prolific racer with many cards to its name. The same pigeon was second section from Alencon two weeks earlier. A blue chequer Jan Aarden cock, it was raced on the widowhood system. 

Lionel Brewer

Lionel Brewer of Worcester was third NW section with a five year old on 943mpm over 343 miles. Lionel's blue chequer pied hen was bred from his most successful bloodlines. This is the first year that he has been trying some of his widowhood hens in national competition. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Philbert.