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Testimonial Team BDS after their 2 auctions

Last week, Team BDS auctioned all the old birds from 2021 and older, this was the second part of their big auction (after part 1 in 2021). Now, they like to thank all people involved.

To the entire Pipa team,

Thank you very much for organizing both auctions (2021-2023) of our BDS colony.

The mutual commitment down to the last detail and the professional guidance of your team every step of the way once again made it a true success, despite previous transport problems and the current economic climate!

About 2 years ago we decided to organize the big sale that ended last Sunday with Part II.

Both auctions together changed owners > 400 lots against an unusual average per pigeon.

We would also like to thank, and last but not least, all enthusiasts who made a bid.

We wish those who succeeded in purchasing one or more pigeons all the best and thank everyone again for the confidence in the genetics of the BDS pigeons.

Team BDS
Dirk Speybroeck, Bart De Clerck and Piet Blancke