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Jeroen & Stijn Rans (Wijgmaal, BE): leading in extreme long distance racing

The brothers Jeroen and Stijn Rans have joined the absolute top of extreme long distance racing in recent years. Titles, large victories and ace pigeons are no longer an exception.

The name Rans is immediately associated with the fantastic International victory on the legendary race from Barcelona in 2019. Also the 1st National Pau and 1st National Perpignan, both in 2017 demonstrate the class of this colony on extreme long distance races. 

That 2022 was another top season for the Rans household becomes clear when taking a closer look at the following titles: 

1st West European Super Marathon

1st 2-year Ranking 2021-2022 Brugse Barcelona Club 

2nd Europa Marathon

2nd Europa Cup 

2nd World's Best Pigeon Belgium (Katrien)

3rd World's Best Pigeon Belgium (Child Aagje)

3rd International Extreme Long Distance Competition Gouden Duif

3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance

4th Best Barcelona pigeon 2021-2022 PIPA Ranking

4th National Champion KBDB Extreme Long Distance 


The Jef bloodline: this 1st International Barcelona in 2019 is unmatched 

The colony is housed at the house of father Rudy, who for a large part handles the daily care of the pigeons. The international victory on Barcelona is a moment which will be cherished forever, won by the phenomenon Jef (BE16-2051063).

Jef : 1st International Barcelona

After Jef's sensational victory on Barcelona he was transferred to the lofts of Hugo Batenburg, but is currently back on the Rans brothers' lofts in Wijgmaal. Jef is busy putting his mark on this colony. Descendants of this crack have already delivered top results in Belgium and abroad. 

The Jef family ensures spectacular results.

Stars from the 2022 season

Several stars from the past season from this family will be introduced: Lore (BE20-2117132) is a granddaughter of Jef and already as a 2-year old she is an extreme long distance star. In 2021, she showed herself on the two national extreme long distance races for yearlings: 139th National Narbonne and 722nd National Agen. In 2022, Lore really struck hard with the 8th National Tarbes and 67th National Valence. A super talent. Lore is a granddaughter of all the national winners of Rans (Frans, Zwarte Weduwe and Jef), the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Lore already has a beautiful palmares at such a young age.

As a half-brother to Jef (same mother), Marcel (BE18-2010884) knows the shortest route home from Barcelona. After previous top results from Aurillac and Narbonne, Marcel won 19th National Barcelona in 2022. 

Ruud (BE17-2023591) is another half-brother of Jef. Ruud already had a perfect score - 7 out of 7 on National extreme long distance races - before being basketed for the Spanish classic...

Jarnac : 451st / 4,940 p. in 2018

St-Vincent : 307th / 2,949 p. in 2019

Perpignan : 290th / 3,915 p. in 2019

Narbonne : 170th / 4,454 p. in 2020

Marseille : 57th / 2,102 p. in 2020

Perpignan : 279th / 3,901 p. in 2021 

Barcelona : 29th / 6,913 p. in 2021

On Barcelona 2022, Ruud didn't disappoint and the trust Jeroen and Stijn had in him was rewarded. He won the 54th National against 6,560 pigeons! This puts his perfect score on 8 out of 8 and wins him the title of 4th Best Barcelona pigeon 2021-2022. Again, a relative of Jef in combination with the best Jacques Versonnen has to offer. 

Ruud: an extreme long distance phenomenon.

Not only the Jef line ensures spectacular results for Jeroen and Stijn, the cross between 1st Nat. Pau and 1st Nat. Perpignan is also very successful. De 279 wins 5 out of 5 on extreme long distance races with: 

  82nd Nat. Marseille 2,326 p. in 2022

257th Nat. Bordeaux 3,734 p. in 2022

186th Nat. Narbonne 5,805 p. in 2021

296th Nat. Agen 6,938 p. in 2021

217th Nat. Narbonne 4,120 p. in 2020

De 279 is a grandchild of Ed, stock pigeon on the Rans lofts and a/o father of their 1st National Perpignan. Ed was paired to Rikki at the time, mother of the 1st Nat. Pau, whilst the mother of De 279 is a direct Jelle Jellema. It doesn't get any better when it comes to extreme long distance racing!

Child Aagje (BE19-2027242) is another superstar which we must mention. She played a crucial role in 2022 in winning various championships for Jeroen and Stijn Rans. In 2020, this crack already won absolute top results and was quickly known as one of the colony's stars.  

36th National Barcelona 2022

59th National Perpignan 2022

79th National Marseille 2021

127th National Pau 2021

172nd National Limoges 2020

191st National Aurillac 2020

Moreover, Child Aagje became 3rd World's Best Pigeon of Belgium behind loft mate Katrien which we will introduce shortly. Her father is a direct Hugo Batenburg who, besides Child Aagje, is also father to various other National Top 100 racers. Mother is from Remy Speldoorn, another famous name in our sport. 

Child Aagje: superstar from the Rans lofts

Katrien (BE19-4195080) is a pigeon bred by Carlo Gyselbrecht. Each year a number of youngsters from the Gyselbrecht are moved to Stijn and Jeroen Rans to race with. Katrien has grown out to a real crack as she became 3rd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB and 2nd World's Best Pigeon of Belgium in 2022. No surprise she won these titles when taking a look at the following results: 

36th National Narbonne against 4,180 p. in 2020

300th National Narbonne against 5,805 p. in 2021

40th National Perpignan against 3,766 p. in 2022

4th National Barcelona against 6,560 p. in 2022

Katrien is a cross between 2 world-famous extreme long distance lofts: Gyselbrecht x Jellema. Jeroen and Stijn decided to place this wonder hen on the breeding lofts after the 2022 racing season. With super pigeons like Katrien on the breeding lofts, the future is looking bright in Wijmaal. 

Katrien: absolute top hen in various Ace Pigeon competitions

Only quality and results count

The Rans brothers select on the basis of results. After the season, approximately half the pigeons can stay. Through a points system on which pigeons have to score above 50% during their racing career, they have built an ironclad stock. It isn't good enough for racers to win just one early prize, although they are a little less strict for their yearlings and look how they recover after a race like Narbonne. On the breeding loft, the selection is even harder. Breeders that don't quickly show results, are out. The results of recent years show that this strategy works, as Stijn and Jeroen confirm they belong to the absolute top in 2022.