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Mike Ganus confirms his name as a OLR specialist with the victory in the Pattaya OLR final

As you could witness on PIPA's social media during the weekend of the final, the glorious winner of the Final Race of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race (PIPR) 2023 was Mike Ganus.

This fantastic result was won by his top hen Miss Debbie, AU22-GFL893. She was the fastest of all 5,805 birds in the Final Race! A great way to start the new year for the Ganus family!

Miss Debbie, right after winning the Final Pattaya Race
The wing of Miss Debbie

Father of Miss Debbie is Star Boy BE16-6037050. This cock is a direct pigeon of the succesfull very long distance strain of Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (Brasschaat, BE). Star Boy also bred for Maurice O'Donnel of Ireland Miss Maurice (1st Place Knock Out Winner SAMDPR). He is also father to Sapsan (9th Co Winner in the Golden Algarve and ( 44th ) in the Semi Final against 5,000+ p.) and Richie (24th Place Thailand Grand Master Final Race 2,331 p.)

The Mother is Night Jewel (SLOV 107-6257-20), she was bred by Miha & Boris Sovic (Slovenia). Night Jewel is mother to  6th Place Co Winner of the Pattaya Final race 2021/22 only 2 seconds out of 1st winner. Night Jewel is a full sister to Night Angel, the winner of 1st Place SAMDPR Final Race winning by a 16 minutes lead after 373 miles (600 km) with only 3 birds that made it home on the day of the liberation.

This fresh first place in a huge OLR such as the PIPR in Pattaya confirms again the status that Mike Ganus has built over the years through his dominance in the world of One Loft Races.

Let's relive the final race and Ganus' victory with this video and some pictures of the award winning ceremony:

Not only the Pattaya Final Race was won by Mike. The 2022 and 2021 editions of several large One Loft Races were simply dominated by his birds. What to think about these prizes:

1st Place Crooked River Final race – 660 birds 2022
2nd Place – 2 seconds out of 1st – Hoosier Classic International OLR – 1,202 p. 2021
3rd Place – 1 second out of 1st - Pattaya International OLR Final race – 4,033 p. 2021/22
4th Champion Loft – Big Competition Pattaya International OLR with 8,747 p.2021/22
6th Place – 2 seconds out of 1st – Pattaya International OLR Final race – 4,033 p. 2021/22
10th Place Victoria Falls International OLR Final race – 2,271 p. 2022

The most impressing at all in history is the fact that Ganus Family Loft is the Only Loft in the World to breed

1st Place   South Africa Million Dollar Final Race~!!
1st Place   Victoria Falls International One Loft Final Race~!!
1st Place   Pattaya International One Loft Final Race~!! 

Below you can find a complete overview of the results of Mike Ganus of the last seasons. The list is limited to the top 10 results in Final Races and the Ace Pigeons. There is also a list of the most important winners of fanciers all around the world with pigeons bred from the Ganus strain. Again, only the top 10 places are listed in this overview...

Top class in one loft racing

Mike Ganus of the Ganus Family Lofts is one of the absolute stars of the one loft races in the worldwide pigeon sports. Every season his birds win the top prizes in de Final Races, in the Ace Pigeon competitions or it turns out that other fanciers are winning with birds bred from the rich Ganus strain... The investments and specific breeding strategy are fully profitable!

Congratulations again on winning in Pattaya!