Wonder Turbo: the newest fatty acid-based product to keep your pigeons healthy and bacteria free

After three years of research and testing, the newest product Wonder Turbo is now available in the market in several countries. It is the newest brainchild from the well-known label Wonder Pigeon.

Wonder Turbo is specially developed for pigeons and contains a specific mix of mono- and diglycerides. This innovative mix of short and mid-long fatty acids chains maximises the synergy between the various components. The different characteristics and positive effects in terms of health and metabolism are strengthened, also in times of competition, stress or in case of metabolic disorder. This makes Wonder Turbo interesting for pigeon fanciers. To discuss this product, we asked both the maker and the fanciers that tested this product in 2022 about their thoughts.

Product Development

The product Wonder Turbo was developed by Cristiano Paltrinieri. Cristiano started the study on this newest supplement 3 years ago and in 2021and 2022 the product was put into practice at several test lofts. It was then further optimised, and Wonder Turbo was born.

Wonder Turbo is developed by the same R&D team behind the well-known Wonder Pigeon. This product, famous for its strong scent, helped fanciers improve the digestion and intestinal health of their pigeons. Wonder Turbo promotes general health, immunity, recovery, and energy supply of the pigeons.


Wonder Turbo is a general supplement which helps pigeons reach their potential. It specifically aids:

  • Energy
  • Power
  • Quick recovery
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Strong immune system
  • Better digestion
  • Optimal metabolism

“Wonder Turbo makes the life of a pigeon fancier a lot easier”, says Cristiano. “A great condition decreases the necessity of supplements, less work and thus less stress. Due to an improved composition, the aroma is much more pleasant for pigeon and fancier. This will help to reduce the complaints about the smell”, Cristiano laughs.

Test lofts and Testimonials

The results of the test lofts in 2021 and 2022 confirm the goal that Cristiano had in mind for this product.

Fossalta Wonder Pigeons was crowned 2nd best loft in Italy in 2020 and 2022 and 1st in 2021. In one loft we used Wonder Turbo as the sole supplement throughout the whole season. In that loft we scored 13 x single first prize only in 2022” says Cristiano.

“At the Olympiad in Orodea (Romania) past summer, we have 9 Olympiad pigeons present spread out across nearly all the different categories.”

Throughout the 2022 season, 7 lofts in Belgium used the test product with great success. Amongst them are renowned names which stand out in their respective disciplines. They gladly share their findings and thoughts on Wonder Turbo.

“My pigeons were in fantastic form thanks to Wonder Turbo and I was very pleased with the results which followed”, says Sam Bostoen. “My best result was on Tulle, when the pigeons were only released on Tuesday after 6 nights in the basket. It was the best result of my career yet! I will certainly continue using this product and I am curious to see the results when I use it on my breeding loft as well.”

“This year I used the new Wonder Turbo, 3ml/l on the day of the race, the day after and also on the day of basketing”, Sebastien Casaert explains. “We also used it on the extreme long distance pigeons of my son Hugo, and the results were very good. It was a tough season with many races flown in warm weather. Nonetheless, the condition and recovery of the pigeons was perfect throughout the duration of the season.”  

Benny Steveninck tested the product on his loft with long distance cocks. “The results were great, the pigeons never returned home ‘empty’ and recovered extremely quickly. From that moment on, I gave it to the complete racing team. I am convinced that the new Wonder Turbo is a surplus for those who want to perform with their pigeons.”

Joost de Smeyter found that his pigeons quickly felt round, but at the same time light and soft. “That is right, and the recovery was always quick. Preparing the pigeons for a race went easier and better. I used Wonder Pigeon and Wonder Pigeon G.P., but I think Wonder Turbo is an upgrade, especially in terms of racing results.”

“When the important races started, I used the product on a daily basis. 3ml/l on the day of basketing and on race day, and 1-2ml/l on all other days”, Gert Noels explains. “The condition of my pigeons was perfect, and I achieved high prize percentages. For me, the new Wonder Turbo is ideal, the pigeons are always healthy and in great condition. It is therefore a fantastic product to use on the lofts”.

Pascal Ariën was also asked to test the product for a season and to share his findings. “For me, Wonder Turbo is a step forward in natural health and recovery and makes it easy to prepare pigeons for weekly 500-700km races. I truly believe Wonder Turbo can help pigeons perform throughout the season, without the need for extra energy supplements. Furthermore, because the pigeons were in such great shape, there were no problems with tricho or cocci at all. Not even amongst the breeders or young birds who were also given this product.”

Ideally, Wonder Pigeon and Wonder Turbo are used in combination with each other. More information on Wonder Turbo can be found on http://www.wonder-srl.com