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'Hattrick' and 'Prima Dora' of Karlo Van Rompaey (Sint-Truiden, BE) continue to ensure successes

Super racers Hattrick (1st Nat. Bourges 14,449 p.) and Prima Dora (1st Nat. Bourges 18,826 p.) became top breeders after their racing careers. In 2022, Karlo Van Rompaey could once again rely on the strong genes of his former racing stars.

Paired to the best of the PIPA Elite Center, the descendants of Hattrick and Prima Dora, the 2 pigeons that booked national victories for Karlo in 2015 on Bourges I and II, perform excellently! The list of top results managed by their descendants grows every year...

Hattrick, the national winner on Bourges with golden genes 

Those who have followed the Van Rompaey loft in the past years, know what Hattrick is worth. Hattrick (BE14-2048151) himself won the prestigious national race from Bourges against 14,449 pigeons, and was the fastest of all 60,059 pigeons released. After his national victory, he grew out to became a true super breeder. 

Prima Dora (BE13-5008346) followed in Hattrick's footsteps. After their national victory they were regularly paired to each other. Who wouldn't pair two national Bourges winners to each other if they had the chance? 

In 2022, there were many successes on account of the descendants of Hattrick and Prima Dora....

BE20-4157801 - grandson Hattrick

With the 801-20, a grandson of both Hattrick and Prima Dora, Karlo Van Rompaey houses the candidate 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Old birds 2022 and 11th Best Long Distance pigeon PIPA Ranking (across 3 races). He had a fantastic season and won the following, besides these two impressive titles: 

6th Nat. Bourges 11,952 p.
9th Prov. Tulle 735 p.
28th Nat. Brive 6,117 p.
54th Reg. Dizy-Le Gros 1,417 p.
62nd Prov. Bourges 3,861 p.
64th Nat. Limoges 17,356 p.
801-20, grandson Hattrick & Prima Dora

Father of the recent candidate 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance is Son Hattrick x Prima Dora (BE18-4194346) bred by the PEC. Just like his parents this quality breeder has gathered a long list of top results on his breeding palmares. Son Hattrick x Prima Dora is father of amongst others: 

1st HotSpot 1 Vic Falls 2,667 p.
2nd Reg. Soissons 560 p.
6th Nat. Bourges 11,952 p.
16th Nat. Zone Souillac 1,285 p.
17th Nat. Bourges 25,096 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4,514 p.
23rd Nat. Zone Châteauroux 3,349 p.
30th Nat. Châteauroux 24,617 p.
58th Nat. Zone Bourges 4,801 p.

Mother of the candidate Ace Pigeon 801-20 is Sister Porsche 471 (BE15-4013471). She is a full sister of Porsche 911 and thereby a daughter of PEC stock pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. 

BE20-4157957 – granddaughter Hattrick

Bourges continues to be the race for Hattrick and Prima Dora their descendants. Karlo managed to win this national race 3 times already and at the beginning of the 2022 season he was quick to add another provincial victory on Bourges I. The BE20-4157957, a granddaughter of Hattrick and Porsche 911, won 1st Provincial Bourges against 3,861 old birds, good for the 8th National against 33,410 pigeons. 

Wing 957-20.

The 957-20 was bred from Son Porsche 158-19 (BE19-4185158). He is a son of Porsche 911 (PEC), paired to Grace (J&F Hendriks) at the time. 

Mother is Daughter Hattrick x Boxter (BE18-4194002) and as her name already shows she is blessed with the genes from Hattrick and Boxter, full sister of Porsche 911. Thereby the PEC stock pair, Wacko Freddy x Lieve, can be found twice in her pedigree.

BE19-4184746 - granddaughter Hattrick

Another win was booked on Tulle in the 2022 season, again with a grandchild of Hattrick. Karlo won 1st Provincial Tulle I against 735 p. with the 746-19, another of Hattrick's successful grandchildren. She also won 17th Prov. Limoges 591 p. and 53rd Nat. Tulle 5,067 p. last season. 

Father of the 746-19 is New Freddy 426 (BE15-6020426) a son of New Freddy (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance) and Big White (3x National Top 100) from Bart Geerinckx. 

Mother is Hattrick x Nestsister Boxter (BE18-4194003). She is a daughter of Hattrick and Nest sister Boxter, another child of the pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. Clearly a golden breeding combination! 

The 746-19

BE21-4152574 - granddaughter Hattrick & Prima Dora

With the 574-21, Karlo Van Rompaey won another provincial race with a grandchild of Hattrick and Prima Dora: 1st Provincial Tulle II and fastest of 1,211 pigeons. 

On father's side we once again find a son of Porsche 911 and Grace, Son Porsche 116-19Mother is Daughter Hattrick x Prima Dora (BE17-5013619). Largely the same bloodlines we find in the pedigree of the other provincial winner (Bourges) which we discussed above: the 957-20.

The 574-21

Hattrick, Prima Dora & PEC

It turned out to be a golden combination; Karlo his two Bourges winners from 2015, paired to the famous bloodlines of the PEC with Porsche 911 as figurehead. It is another example of the fact that winners, bring forth winners. It is therefore certain that the references of super breeders Hattrick and Prima Dora will continue to come in, on the lofts in Sint-Truiden but also from elsewhere. We finish off with a confined overview of references from Hattrick's descendants. Please enjoy the successes that were on his account at Karlo's lofts and on that of others. 

Hattrick is father to the winners of:

1st Chateauroux 1,513 p.
1st Trelou 1,432 p.
1st Sezanne 694 p. / 8th Prov. 6,497 p.
1st-2nd Sourdun 473 p.
1st Laon 458 p. / 7th – 1,573 p.
1st fastest Joy Le Chatel – 339 p. / 4th Semi-Prov. – 2,763 p.
1st Argenton - 303 p. / 10th Nat. 21,915 p.
1st Mettet - 279 p.
1st Chimay - 251 p. / 2nd Semi-Prov. 3,695 p.
1st Sezanne - 148 p.
1st Chevrainvilliers - 142 p. / 9th Prov. 5,627 p.
1st Sourdun - 107 p.
10th Nat. Argenton - 21,915 p.
12th Nat. Bourges – 17,969 p.
92nd Nat. Bourges – 8,978 p.
100th Nat. Argenton – 21,915 p.
6th Best Belgian Heavy Middle Distance pigeon PIPA Ranking 7 races 2017
12th Best Belgian Heavy Middle Distance pigeon PIPA Ranking 6 races 2017

Hattrick is also grandfather to several outstanding winners:

1st Beste BE Long Distance Old bird across 6 races 2022
1st candidate Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022
1st Nat. Chateauroux – 33,056 p.
1st Nat. Souillac – 7,514 p.
1st Prov. Melun – 8,104 p.
1st Prov. Argenton 1,594 p.
1st Prov. Bourges – 3,861 p. / 8th. Nat. – 33,410 p. 2022
1st Prov. Bourges – 1,965 p. / 2nd Nat. Zone / 19th Nat. – 24,221 p. 2022
1st Fast. Prov. Tulle – 1,291 p.
1st Hot Spot I OLR Victoria Falls – 2,667 p.
2nd S-Final OLR Algarve – 3,915 p.
6th Nat. Bourges – 11,952 p. 2021
8th Hot Spot OLR Algarve – 4,081 p.
11th Best BE Long Distance Old bird across 3 races 2022
17th Nat. Bourges – 25,096 p. 2021 … 25th Nat. Gueret – 12,888 p.
26th Nat. Cahors – 3,651 p. … 30th Nat. Chateauroux – 24,617 p.
32nd Nat. Souillac – 7,514 p. … 32nd Nat. Bourges – 24,069 p.
35th Nat. Tulle – 4,993 p. … 35th Nat. Souillac – 4,637 p.
43rd Nat. Souillac – 7,514 p. … 48th Nat. Limoges – 17,356 p.
53rd Nat. Tulle – 5,067 p. … 54th Nat. Souillac – 4,637 p.
63rd Nat. Brive – 5,885 p. … 70th Nat. Tulle – 6,842 p.
73rd Nat. Chateauroux – 4,631 p. … 75th Nat. Bourges – 38,456 p.
76th Nat. Bourges – 37,956 p. … 82nd Nat. Argenton – 18,763 p.
83rd Nat. Tulle – 9,763 p.