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Frankie De Gendt (Temse, BE) year after year dominant on Quiévrain

Every year, Frankie is amongst the best fanciers on the speed disciplines. He regularly has a super season in which he seems unbeatable, this was also the case in 2022.

Frankie De Gendt is a pure speed fancier, a real ‘Quiévrainist’ as the Belgians would say. Powering home as fast as possible across short distances is what the De Gendt pigeons have been selected on for years on end. His results are further characterized by seemingly unreal prize percentages.

Thanks to his steady results, top prizes and high prize percentages, Frankie De Gendt is a regular amongst the provincial championships. However, Frankie’s speed devils have also showed to be able compete on a national level. In the super season of 2016 he won the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon Speed Youngsters KBDB with BE16-4017607.

2020 was another top season which led to the title of 4th National Champion Speed Old birds and Yearlings (1+2). Moreover, Frankie already reeled in 3 National Ace Pigeon titles in this past season.

5th Nationale Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds with BE17-4090716
11th Nationale Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds with BE18-4172811
12th Nationale Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds with BE16-4017612

Interestingly, these 3 national ace pigeons are all related. There is one main bloodline that runs through the small loft of Frankie De Gendt. 

Blauw 716 and her mother Fast 612

The title 5th National Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds was on account of Blauw 716, a typical Franke De Gendt pigeon. In her pedigree we find a combination which has proven very successful for Frankie; a cross between the old stock of his father and the stock of Raoul Bollaert (Steendorp, BE) from which Frankie introduced pigeons to his lofts regularly. Het Blauw 716 is, like nearly all the pigeons on the lofts, a real performance pigeon. With 16x 1st Prize she is a true crack: 

1/699 p.
1/577 p.
1/474 p.
1/372 p.
1/358 p.
1/324 p.
1/273 p.
1/225 p.
1/220 p.
1/184 p.
1/155 p.
1/132 p.
1/122 p.
1/71 p.
1/52 p.
1/49 p.
Blauw 716

Besides the endless list of victories and the title 5th National Ace Pigeon, Blauw 716 also won the titles of 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon 2020 and the Gouden Ring 2020 and Zilveren Ring 2021 in the competition 'Gouden Ringen' Waasland. In addition to her 16 victories, she also won 57 Prizes 1:10 and 104 prizes out of 119 entered races. 

Remarkable is that her mother, Fast 612, also was a phenomenal racer. She won 14x 1st Prize and became 12th National Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds KBDB and 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds in 2020! Fast 612 won a staggering 60 Prizes 1:10 and 110 prizes out of 125 entered races throughout her racing career. Sensational speed quality! 

1/1053 p.
1/426 p.
1/194 p.
1/293 p.
1/113 p.
1/180 p.
1/153 p.
1/349 p.
1/291 p.
1/164 p.
1/29 p.
1/140 p.
1/115 p.
1/245 p.
Fast 612

We don't have to look far to see where Fast 612 got her class, as both mother and father of Fast 612 won 3x 1st Prizes on Quiévrain on Frankie's lofts. 

Father Geschelpt 819 (BE15-4196819) won amongst others: 1/658 p. - 1/301 p. - 1/127 p. - 2/269 p. - 5/595 p.

Mother Geschelpt 828 (BE15-4196828) won amongst others: 1/610 p. - 1/595 p. - 1/217 p. - 3/500 p. - 3/300 p.

Winning is clearly in the genes and is passed on from one generation to the next...what a fantastic family of winners! 

Even more stars 

On the lofts in Temse there are several more cracks and winners we would like to introduce to you. These include the cock Rocket 27 (BE17-4090727). An excellent racer, but an even better breeder. He became father of the 811-18.

Rocket 27 is bred from crossing two different stocks. Father is Blauwe 932 (BE13-4107932) of Frankie, he himself won amongst others 1/519 p., 2/527 p., 3/132 p., 4/254 p., 6/308 p. .... but he is also grandfather of 2 stars which we have already mentioned above, namely Fast 612 (14x 1st Prize) and thereby great grandfather of Blauw 716 (16x 1st Prize)...which gives insight into the clear breeding lines on the De Gendt lofts....

Mother of Rocket 27 is a hen from Jan Aerts, the BE16-6212305.

De Rocket 27 himself won a.o.: 

2/577 p.
4/286 p.
6/273 p.
8/350 p.
61/1343 p.
Rocket 27

His son, the 811-18, won 9x 1st Prize on Quiévrain: 

1/1124 p.
1/599 p.
1/479 p.
1/248 p.
1/210 p.
1/187 p.
1/101 p.
1/59 p.
1/20 p.

A list of top results like that doesn't come without several titles in various championships. The 811-18 won the following prestigious ace pigeon titles: 

  • 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Speed Old birds 2020
  • 7th Prov. Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds 2020
  • 'Gouden Ring' Waasland 2019
  • 'Zilveren Ring' Waasland 2020

The fourth and last crack we will introduce is Furious 24 (BE17-4090724), another figurehead of the De Gendt colony. This blue white-flight cock won 9x 1st Prize and was amongst the best in the competition 'Gouden Ringen' Waasland (GRW) for 3 consecutive years: 

1/689 p.
1/580 p.
1/378 p.
1/279 p.
1/275 p.
1/26 p.
1/184 p.
1/141 p.
1/37 p.
'Gouden Ring' Waasland 2021
4th place GRW 2020
4th place GRW 2019
Furious 24

Furious 24 became 9th Provincial Ace Pigeon Speed Old birds in 2021. She also immediately became mother to new talent, the BE22-4188207 managed to book some impressive results as a youngster this past season: 

2nd Quiévrain 1,217 p.
2nd Quiévrain 1,087 p.
19th Quiévrain 1,256 p.
67th Quiévrain 810 p.
10th Quiévrain 1,008 p.
67th Quiévrain 810 p.

These spectacular performances have been achieved non-stop for the past years and in 2022, Frankie can once again show some beautiful results including more than 15x 1st Prize! 

As a real speed fancier does, Frankie still enjoyed the late season races from Quiévrain in September. Of course, his pigeons do what they always do and stand in the spotlights week in, week out. 

On Sunday 11th September, these pigeons from Temse booked another typical De Gendt result, with top prizes and a high prize percentage: 

1-2-3-12-13-17-18-34-40-45-57-169-255-292 against 690 pigeons (14/16)

The pigeon who won the race that day is the BE22-4188203.

One week later, on Sunday 18th September, Franke wins again: 1st (and 2nd) against 438 pigeons. The week after, on Sunday 25th September, there was still no stopping the young bird team of Frankie De Gendt. He basketed 12 of his youngsters against a total of 562 pigeons and won: 

1-2-3-4-5-6-9-22-50-58 (10/12)

The 1st Prize was once again won by BE22-4188203. This young talent has already won several 1st Prizes and his racing career is just taking off. It seems like the next generation of cracks is ready to take over from a.o. Fast 612, het Blauw 716, Furious 24 and Rocket 27.

Frankie De Gendt dominates the results on Quiévrain from April to September, week after week and year after year. A steady force who can rely on his carefully selected stock of fantastic speed devils. 

Pure speed quality 

Frankie is a top fancier that knows exactly how to play the game on the speed disciplines. In the Waasland he is amongst the best in the championship 'Gouden Ringen' Waasland. The bloodline of Fast 612, her direct descendants and relatives, are a guarantee for success. Flying top results on speed races is child's play for these pigeons. This is reflected in weekly top results, ace pigeon titles and championship titles.