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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Thurso on 16th July 2022

Harry Jackson
54 members sent 363 pigeons to Thurso with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into light south-west winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Harry Jackson of Selby timed four pigeons in the top ten of the open result. Flying 350 miles, Harry's pigeons were first, third, sixth and eighth open on 1099, 1002, 984 and 944mpm respectively and first, third, sixth and seventh NC section. The winning hen is bred from Harry's number one stock cock which is a Frans Zwols bred down from the lines of Young Tip Top and Interest Figo on the one side and Dutch Prince and De Diamante on the other. The dam of the winner is a Gaby Vandenabeele which was given to Harry by top Doncaster flyer, Harry Granville. In the first nest, this hen bred an RPRA award winner and now a national winner. The winning hen was raced on the natural system and sent sitting eight day eggs. The third placed pigeon was another Frans Zwols cross, being from a German Zwols cock Harry bought from the Algarve one loft race and a hen bred from his RPRA award winner when paired to John McCall's RPRA winner, Eileen. 

Mellonby, Knowles & Simpkin (photo courtesy of Andy Colby)

Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin had two birds in the top ten, at second and tenth open, second and ninth NC section on 1013 and 926mpm. Second open was a hen that has previously scored from Perth. It is a double grandchild of Leo Heremans' Bolt. 

S and M Cook of Barton on the Humber clocked a yearling on 999mpm over 360 miles to take fourth open and fourth NC section. The partners timed a second pigeon, a five year old on 936mpm to also take ninth open. 

Mr and Mrs Skinner of Boston were fifth open and fith NC section with a yearling on 997mpm over a distance of 412 miles. 

Blue Doro - Brian Garnham's winner

The NE section winners and seventh open were Mr and Mrs Garnham of Butterwick who clocked a yearling on 972mpm over 413 miles. Brian timed Blue Doro, a hen that had club racing with the Peterborough Fed and then BICC Hexham, where she was first section, sixteenth open and BICC Perth, nineteenth section, forty-ninth open, in preparation for Thurso. The dam is Keith's Girl which was first NRCC Thurso for Andy Kirkman x Brian's own Dio, second NRCC Thurso. It was flown on the chaos system and sent having paired to another hen. 

Around the sections 

John & Jackie Ayling

J Ayling of Fareham timed a two year old on 734mpm over 544 miles to take first CS section and twenty-sixth open. John and Jackie sent seven birds to Thurso and clocked two hens on day two. Both were raced on the natural system and are descended from their 2002 National Flying Club winner, Home Alone. 

Home Alone
Cottrell, Richmond & Rogers

Cottrell, Richmond and Rogers were second CS section with a three year old on 715mpm over 542 miles. The partners timed a red chequer hen named Red Hot. The sire of Red Hot was Fora Red, a cock on loan from Shawn Stockley and which is a Jan Aarden out of the international winning lofts of Hagen Brothers. Being Jan Aarden based, Fora Red was put to a daughter of Roger, which was gifted to Ollie Richmond before he went into partnership with Tony Cottrell. Red Hot is a small to medium hen and was sent sitting three day eggs with a new cock, having lost her own cock at Perth. 

Andrew Hitchcock

Andrew Hitchcock of Windsor was third CS section with a yearling on 677mpm over a distance of 506 miles. Andrew timed Clewer Hill Spirit, a chequer white flight hen bred by Julian Lewis of Aberdare and containing his Padfield bloodlines. It is a great-grandchild of Padfield Blue Badge, second national Barcelona. Also in the pedigree is Invincible Spirit and some of the top Dave Impett bloodlines. 

Patmore & Rayner's pigeon

Patmore and Raynor of Saffron Walden clocked a six year old cock on 741mpm over 483 miles to take first ES section and twenty-fourth open. Chris' cock was first section from Wakefield earlier in the season and also flew Hexham and Perth before Thurso. It was flown on roundabout earlier in the season but then paired up after Perth and sent sitting and due to hatch on the day of the race. It is a great-grandson of Peter's Dream and the dam is predominantly Koopman bred. 

Norman Holliday & Son's pigeon

Norman Holliday and Son of Colchester were second ES section with a yearling cock on 655mpm over 494 miles. The partners timed a second pigeon, a yearling on 621mpm to also take fourth section. The second section winner contains the best of the long distance Westcott bloodlines from the late, great Wally Grantham. The dam was the only bird on the day in the two longest sections from Thurso in 2020. The sire is a son of the partners' Lerwick diploma cock. 

Les Hawkins

Mr and Mrs Hawkins of Bishops Stortford were third ES section with a three year old on 631mpm over a distance of 484 miles. Les timed the same cock that was provisionally second section from Perth three weeks previously. It is bred from a son of Domino, his good Tarbes cock and a grandson of Mark Bulled's Legacy. Domino was also a grandson of a top Eric Cannon hen that Les had from Mick Parish, a daughter of Culmer Bess, one of Eric's certificate of merit winners. The dam of the this cock was bred by House of Aarden and is a daughter of Padfield's Blue Badge. 

Smith & Jones

Smith and Jones of Cwmbran clocked a two year old on 690mpm over 480 miles to take first WS section and thirtieth open. Roy and Norm timed a grizzle cock bred out of Rhys Roger's family of pigeons and crossed with birds from their club mate Ray Strawbridge. 

Second section

The NW section runners-up were Mr and Mrs Kingswood of Huttoft who timed two yearlings on 822 and 798mpm over 396 miles to take second and third section. Darren and Jackie's first on the clock was a cock containing Marcellis x Van Reet bloodlines on the dam's side. The sire was bred by Darren Perry of Alford. 

Bill & Beryl Lewis

Bill and Beryl Lewis of Kempsey were first NW section and forty-first open with a three year old on 562mpm over 450 miles. The section winner is Freeland's Flying Scotsman, a direct son of Bill and Beryl's Freeland's Gem, the NFC certificate of merit winner, when paired to a Mark Gilbert hen which is bred from a son of Euro Diamond x Southfield Jane. Bill and Beryl timed a second pigeon, Freeland's Duo, which has now won for two years running, having previously been second open Saintes at 450 miles. Last season it was seventh section from Lerwick. It is bred direct from their Robert Venus, Prins Super Crack bloodlines. 

Mick Howard

Mick Howard of Upton on Severn was second NW section with a two year old cock on 448mpm over 455 miles. Mick's winner contains his original Wim Muller bloodlines. It returned injured from Hexham but recovered well enough to go to Thurso and was the only bird Mick timed in race time. 

John Rodway

John Rodway of Rushwick was third NW section timing a four year old on 336mpm over a distance of 446 miles. John timed a white flight cock, sent sitting sixteen days. It was a difficult race for the NW section members and John's cock was very tired on arrival. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Thurso.