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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Thurso on 16th July 2022

First Open - Bolt's Double (photo courtesy of Andy Colby)
58 members sent 305 pigeons to Thurso with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into a light south-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first section E was a three year old on 1108ypm over a distance of 336 miles for Mellonby Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington. The partners timed two further pigeons in the top ten of the result, second place was on 1013ypm and sixth position on 826ypm. The winning hen is named Bolt's Double and is a double grandchild of Leo Heremans' Bolt. 

First section D

G V and W Britton of Peterborough timed a two year old on 1001ypm over 432 miles to take third open and first section D. On the dam's side, Graham and Michael's timer is bred from their old family of Emiel DeWeerdt pigeons, going back to the international winner of 1992. The sire was bred by Geoff Cooper and is a grandson of Wollongong, his international winner from Pau. 

Section D dam's side
Sire's side of section D winner

Catalin Anghelache of Farnborough was fourth open and second section D with a two year old on 843ypm over 516 miles. Catalin's cock was flown on the natural system, sent sitting eggs twelve days and contains his good friend, Pavel Dan's bloodlines. 

Darren Ede - Bittersweet

Ede and Family of Southampton were fifth open and first section A with a two year old cock named Bittersweet on 832ypm over a distance of 540 miles. The dam of Darren's winner is a daughter of Iron Man (1st Perpignan, 2nd Marseille, 7th Palamos, 15th Perpignan and 132nd Tarbes) and Dark Star (1st St Vincent, 19th Tarbes etc.) The sire is a super breeding cock purchased at Darren McFadden's entire clearance sale. 

Kevin Bakes

Mr and Mrs Bakes of Havant were seventh open and second section A with a three year old on 823ypm over 545 miles. Kevin timed a Bernard DeWeerdt hen bred from his number one stock pair. 

Pavel Dan

P Dan of Aldershot clocked a two year old on 820ypm over 521 miles to take eighth open and first section G. Pavel's dark chequer cock contains Van Roy bloodlines and was raced on the widowhood system. 

Pete Barlow

Pete Barlow of Coombe Hill was ninth open and first section C with a four year old on 809ypm over a distance of 463 miles. Pete's section winner contains DeWeerdt x Gilbert bloodlines and both parents were gifted to him by Graham Clift of Tirley. A half-brother topped the section from Guernsey earlier in the season. 

Owen Abery

Completing the top ten and in third section D is Owen Abery of Reading who timed a two year old hen on 786ypm over 504 miles. Owen's timer is bred down from Golden Barcelona x Dam Starlight and Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme on the sire's side. It was his fancier pigeon and well pooled. 

Around the sections 

Tony Cottrell

Cottrell, Richmond and Rogers of Wimborne were first and second section B. First on the clock was a three year old on 782ypm, followed by a two year old on 665ypm. Tony's first timer was Red Hot, a cock bred in the stock loft. The sire was on loan from his friend Shaun Stockley and contains Hagen Brothers' Jan Aarden bloodlines. It was paired to a daughter of Roger, gifted to Ollie Richmond by Roger Jones. Second section was bred from their own long distance family of pigeons.

Mark Gower's hen

Third section B was a four year old hen on 603ypm over 533 miles for Mark and Julie Gower of Fordingbridge. Mark's pigeon contains Andy Parsons' bloodlines, being bred down from a brother to his fifth open Tarbes winner. 

Colin Pountain

C Pountain and Son of Walsall were the section C runners-up timing a yearling on 674ypm over 419 miles. Colin timed a De Mayer pigeon, the sire of which came from Martyn Hammond of Wolverhampton, whilst the dam was from Mantle Brothers of Buxton. This is its fourth prize card this season. 

Paul & Wendy Woolliss

Mr and Mrs Woolliss of Grimsby were the runners up in section E with a two year old on 647ypm over a distance of 375 miles. Paul and Wendy timed a blue cock that flew Eastbourne on the south road earlier in the season. The dam is a daughter of Ruby (1st section, 5th open, 2nd section, 5th open and 4th section, 38th open Barcelona, 34th open Perpignan), gifted to them by Dave Goddard. The sire is a grandson of Bettini, 1st national Dax, 3rd international Dax when paired to a grand-daughter of Dark Lady, 1st international hens Bordeaux. 

Graham Wright

F C Wright and Son of Eastbourne were second section G with a two year old on 767ypm over 561 miles. Graham timed a full brother to his second section winner from Hexham earlier in the season. It contains Darren McFadden bloodlines and was raced on the natural system having been sent sitting eggs ten days. It has been named Frankie after Graham's late father as the pair spent many happy hours together racing from Scottish race points years ago. 

Mick Parish's hen

Mick Parish of Great Burstead timed a two year old hen on 749ypm over 508 miles to take first section J. The section winner's breeding goes back to Mick's original Eric Cannon pigeons. The sire was gifted to him by Simon Knowles and was bred from Cannon pigeons that Mick had given to Simon. It was raced on the natural system with an open loft. 

Les Hawkins

Mr and Mrs Hawkins of Bishops Stortford were second section J with a three year old cock on 690ypm over a distance of 484 miles. Les' second section winner was bred from a son of Domino, his 1st Greater Distance Single Bird Tarbes winner. Domino is a grandson of Mark Bulled's Legacy cock, 1st NFC Tarbes and also of a top Eric Cannon hen that Les had from Mick Parish, the section winner. This hen has bred good pigeons for them both. The dam of second section was bred by the House of Aarden, being a daughter of Padfield's Blue Badge.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Thurso.