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Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) takes 1st and 2nd place on Marche against 10,067 pigeons

Again, Peter Janssen proves his class this season with several fantastic results. The season highlight thus far is the 1st and 2nd Provincial Marche against 10,067 pigeons.

That Peter Janssen performs throughout the whole season is reflected in his weekly results. Last weekend, on 25th June, he even managed to take 1st and 2nd Provincial against 10,067 pigeons. That he managed to reach a high standard in the weeks before can be seen in some of his results below: 

Heusden Zolder 103 km 1,576 p.: 1-2-14-32-34-39-46-54-55-etc. (20/37)
Burdinne 156 km 1,500 p.: 2-13-17-18-29-30-31-35-39-etc. (30/35)
Quievrain 231 km 894 p.: 1-8-31-38-etc. ( 7/10)
Chalon en Cham 342 km 1,285 p.: 1-2-3-10-11-13-15-19-21-27-etc (26/30)
Chalon en Cham 342 km 918 p.: 1-8-14-21-28-30-40-44-45-etc. (17/28)
Arlon 237 km 1,039 p.: 1-11-13-14-15-30-34-etc. (15/22)
Sermaises 482 km 642 p.: 2-5-7-10-11-18-19-etc. (18/19)
Fontenay sur E 516 km 454 p.: 2-3-11-16-22-etc. (11/15)

A great results list on which especially the high prize percentage of 73% is remarkable. On the race from Marche, Peter basketed 8 pigeons which all managed to take prizes. Besides 1st and 2nd against 10.067 pigeons he managed a prize percentage of 100%. The 1st and 2nd prize were achieved by 2 yearlings which we will introduce further below. 

NL21-1700737, 1st Provinciaal Marche (10,067 p.)

This yearling cock took the victory on Marche. His father is the NL20-1249178, from H. & E.J. Eijerkamp. This 178 is a full brother of Speedy Grizzle (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed Late tour 2019 WHZB/TBOTB). Grandmother of the winner is BE15-6106415 Goed Grijs of Gebr. Leideman, who can be found back in the pedigree of countless stars. Mother of NL21-737 is Chanty.  Besides 2x 1st NPO, Chanty is also winner of 1st National SIII. Her best results are: 

1st National Chateauroux Sector III 10,300 p.
1st NPO Chalons en Champagne 16,766 p.
1st Nanteuil 1,610 p.
1st Quievrain 1,042 p. (2nd against 13,208 p.)
1st NPO Vierzon 855 p.

NL21-1700735, 2nd Provinciaal Marche (10,067 p.)

This yearling hen arrived 6 seconds behind the winner, taking 2nd Provincial. Her pedigree is also full of top pigeons, which makes clear where NL21-735 gets her talent. Her father won 7th National Vierzon SIII, whilst this cock in turn is a son of Olympic Clyde, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Long Distance Poznan 2019 with a staggering 4 NPO victories on his palmares. 

Grandfather of NL21-735 is the NL09-1647161, Der Beste, brother of Dolce Vita (1st Dutch Olympiad pigeons Allround 2011). Der Beste is father of a.o. Miss Dolce Vita, National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel 2014-2015.

Mother of the NL21-735 is a full sister of the 1st National Vierzon. Grandfather is super breeder Lord Lohengrin, Olympiad pigeon Budapest 2015. 

80 years young 

Last Tuesday, 28th June, Peter celebrated his 80th birthday. Congratulations with your birthday as well as this sensational double victory!