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A report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Lerwick on 26th June 2022

Thirty-four members sent 163 pigeons to Lerwick with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 06.30CEST into a south-east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
The Lerwick winner (photo courtesy of Andy Colby)

The partnership of Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington timed a two year old early on day two of the race. It was clocked on a velocity of 668ypm over 421 miles to take first open and first section E. Their timer from Lerwick was a Klien x Premier Stud Geerinckx hen, a half-sister to Lightening Strike 2, their double national winner. Earlier in the season this hen was seventh open from Hexham, beaten by six loft mates. 

Lerwick second & fourth open

Flying a distance of 521 miles, G and W Britton of Peterborough timed three pigeons to take second, third and fourth open, first, second and third section D. First on the clock was a four year old, blue chequer cock on 605ypm. This cock is bred from the partners' old John Lovell family of pigeons which contain all of John's previous three Lerwick winners. Next up was a three year old, blue chequer cock on 559ypm followed by a six year old on 552ypm. Second to time was bred from a direct daughter of Ivan and Sandra Rich's 2015 King's Cup winner. Lastly, fourth open was a blue chequer hen, a full sister to the hen that won first section in 2017 from Thurso. It was bred from a son of the late Ray Farrington's King's Cup winner, Mr Fergie. 

Tom Burkill, son Archie & David Hicks

Tom Burkill of Mattishall was fifth open and first section J with a four year old on 520ypm over a distance of 525 miles. Tom's dark chequer hen was bred from a cock off his friend Richard Turner of Worksop. It is one of Richard's Van Lints, from a son of Amos and a grand-daughter of Attilla. This cock was paired to a hen Tom had from Chris Vasey of Loftus, a daughter of his Black Knight when paired to Dark Debee. 

Paul, Wendy & grandchildren, Isla & Harry

Mr and Mrs P Woolliss from Grimsby were sixth open and second section E with a three year old, blue hen on 467ypm over 460 miles. Like all of Paul and Wendy's pigeons, this hen was bred from their national winning family and it was flown on the south road earlier in the season and then turned north for the national. They timed a second pigeon, a four year old, chequer cock on 408mpm to also take seventh open and third section E. This was again bred from their national family with Pau, Palamos and Barcelona winners in the pedigree. 

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow timed a two year old, widowhood cock on 352ypm over a distance of 584 miles to take eighth open and second section J. The sire was bred by Joe Raeburn and is a grandson of Southfield Supreme, whilst the dam is from Old 60, Mark's dad's old top stock cock, when paired to a daughter of Legacy. Mark timed a second pigeon, a three year old on 282ypm to also take tenth open and third section J. The sire of this hen was 64th NFC Tarbes and 5th BICC Pau. It was raced on the natural system. 

Litherland, Bailey and Harrison of Swadlincote were ninth open and fourth section E with a two year old timed on day three of the race on a velocity of 326ypm over a distance of 513 miles. 


Calum Edmiston

Calum Edmiston of Horley was first section G with a yearling hen on 190.3ypm over a distance of 623 miles. The section winner had races from Guernsey, Exeter, Wadebridge and Stoneycross earlier in the season. It was bred from a son of the RPRA award winner, Queen of France, when paired to a daughter of second BBC Zaragoza x BICC merit winner, Red Rain. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Lerwick.