Maarten Huijsmans books his second victory of the season on Pt. St. Maxence

Maarten Huijsmans once again beat all other competitors in the ZUF on Pt. St. Maxence
With another victory on Pt. St. Maxence, Maarten Huijsmans takes his second win in De Zuidwesthoek Union Fond (ZUF) this season.

Victory in tropical conditions

Last weekend, Afdeling Brabant 2000 basketed for the middle distance race from Sens. Due to the expected tropical weather conditions, the heat protocol was put into effect. For Brabant 2000 this meant that the pigeons were basketed on Friday for Pt. St. Maxence. It was a wise decision. The races were tough and the arrivals were slow. The NL19-3920726 Super Talent didn't seem to mind these harsh conditions. The three year old hen of Maarten Huijsmans completed the 270km race with an average speed of 1430 m/min, more than enough to take the win in De Zuidwesthoek Union Fond (ZUF) against 1,530 pigeons. On a provincial level against 7,460 pigeons, Super Talent was only beat by 1 other pigeon. 

NL19-3920726 Super Talent, winner Pt. St. Maxence ZUF against 1,530 pigeons

Super Talent became 2nd Gouden Crack Young birds Brabant 2000 at Fondclub Zuid Nederland in 2019. However, she has shown to be in peak condition this season as well. These are her best results so far this season; 

Pt. St. Maxence 1st - 1,530 p.
Afd. Brabant 2000 2nd - 7,460 p.
Melun 5th - 2,577 p.
Morlincourt 8th - 1,659 p.

Super Talent is a hen with a golden pedigree. Her father is NL12-1698913 Super Cees with four victories on his palmares. In 2015, Super Cees became 4th Best cock in the national competition WHZB. The mother of Super Talent is NL13-1316012 Doutzen. Doutzen has three victories to her name, including 1st Morlincourt against 9,426 p. In 2015, Doutzen was 2nd Best Hen WHZB. Super Cees and Doutzen form a sublime breeding pair. 

NL12-1698913 Super Cees, father of Super Talent (1st Pt.St. Maxence 1,530 p.)
NL13-1316012 Doutzen, mother of Super Talent (1st Pt.St. Maxence 1,530 p.)

First victory in 2022 was on account of Amazing Maxiem 

The NL21-2119565, Amazing Maxiem, reeled in the first victory of the season for Maarten Huijsmans. In the last weekend of May, Amazing Maxiem was victorious in ZUF from Pt. St. Maxence against 2,090 pigeons. Last weekend she finished 30th against 1,530 pigeons from the same release site. 

NL21-2119565 Amazing Maxiem won 1st Pt. St. Maxence against 2,090 pigeons in 2022

Amazing Maxiem is a daughter of two excellent racing pigeons. Her father is NL15-1777319 Super Yearling (Super Cees x Doutzen). Super Yearling won a.o. 1st Sezanne against 9,118 pigeons, was 7th National Olympiad pigeon (Cat. G) in 2017 and finished 8th National Ace Pigeon at the PIPA Rakings in 2016. Mother of Amazing Maxiem is NL18-1459290 Super Bonny. This hen won a.o. 2nd Weert against 11,059 pigeons and a 3rd Chimay against 9,460 pigeons. 

NL15-1777319 Super Yearling, father of Amazing Maxiem (1st Pt. St. Maxence against 2,090 pigeons)

Other children of Super Yearling make a difference in 2022 

The breeding qualities of Super Yearling are not only reflected in the results of Amazing Maxiem. The NL19-3920706, Special Jan, a son of Super Yearling shows to be a great racer. His palmares already included two victories in previous seasons on Bierges. In 2022, Special Jan added the following top results to this list:

Pt.St.Maxence 4th - 2,090 p.
Sens 7th - 1,971 p.
Melun 8th - 3,118 p.
Melun 14th - 2,577 p.
NL19-3920706 Special Jan is fantastic racer, bred from Super Yearling

Peet shows his class in 2022

Another racer we would like to mention in this article is the NL19-3920734. This cock has shown his class on several occasions in 2022 with some outstanding results;

Niergnies 4th - 3,244 p.
Quiévrain 8th - 3,664 p.
Sens 8th - 1,971 p.
NL19-3920734 Peet wins a.o. 4th Niergnies against 3,244 pigeons

Great on other lofts

The Huijsmans pigeons have stood out on other lofts as well. In 2022, quite some references were sent in which we would like to share with you. There were victories for amongst others Ruud Nijssen with the 1st Issoudun against 1,157 pigeons, Comb. Houmes A. & Zn with a 1st Fontenay against 4,410 pigeons and John van Dongen with the 1st Morlincourt against 3,057 pigeons. 


There are still several short and middle distance races on the calendar on which Maarten will do everything to continue this wonderful series of results. After all, the final races weigh just as heavily as any other.