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Team BDS/Speybroeck win 1st Nat. Zone Bourges against 2,996 yearlings

On the first national race of 2022 Dirk Speybroeck of Team BDS immediately stands his ground, with the Zonal win and a phenomenal result on Bourges.

Delivering when it counts...on the first national classic of the 2022 racing season. Something that only the best manage to do, in any given sport. Pigeon sport is no different in that sense. That Dirk Speybroeck - racing under the name of BDS/Speybroeck, as a member of Team BDS - can get his pigeons to peak at the right moment is already known...his results from the past are proof of his class, with victories on a club, provincial and zonal level, resulting in national titles and KBDB ace pigeons. 

On the opening national classic of this season from Bourges, the BDS/Speybroeck pigeons did not miss the boat. The result in numbers: 

28/05 Bourges Club 452 Yearlings:
               1-3-10-12-13-18-24-39-47-50-64-80-130-133-139 (15/18 prizes 1:3)        

            Bourges Nat. Zone A2 – 2,996 yearlings:
               1-21-111-126-147-226-275-423-491-522-619-749 (12/18 prizes 1:4)

In the premilinary national result they win 21st against 24,221 yearlings

28/5 Bourges Club 706 Old birds: 7-11-30-32-53-146 (6/8 prizes 1:3)
         Bourges Nat. Zone A2 – 4,566 Old birds: 108-137-253-302-454 (5/8 prizes 1:4)

The rest of the team was basketed on the middle distance race from Fontenay, on which another good result was achieved: 

28/5 Fontenay 343 oude:
               4-13-18-28-35-50-50-52-56-58-62-74-108-110-113 (15/18)

1st Nat. Zone A2 Bourges yearlings, fastest against 7,562 pigeons

The zonal winner - also fastest of 7,562 pigeonsn in Zone A2 - is a cock and half brother (same mother) to Dirk's Favourite: winner 1st Orleans 274 p. - 2nd. Prov. Orleans 1,007 p., 20th Nat. Tulle 7,155 p., 62nd Nat. Chateauroux 5,140 p., 1st Montoire 223 p. - 19th Prov. 3,446 p., 1st La Souterraine 339 p. - 154 Nat. 8,383 p., etc... 

- Zonaal Bourges BE21-3099011

1st Club Bourges 452 YL ’22
1st Nat. Zone A2 Bourges 2,996 YL ‘22 - fastest of 7,562 pigeons Zone A2

Father: Bond Boy 301 BE19-3039301
Full brother of Supreme: winner 1st Nat. Tulle 6,206 p., 2nd Nat. Argenton 11,838 p…
Son of James Bond 007 BE10-3002007: winner of 8 x Top 100 National, paired to Magic Astrid BE11-4289999 (a daughter of star racer Gonzalez at BDS/Speybroeck: 1st Prov. Argenton 2,246 p., 3rd Nat. Bourges 9,781 p… x Astrid BE07-3164863: 22nd Nat. Bourges 27,506 p.).


Mother: Bliksem 032 BE16-3111032
7th Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB YL 2017! Daughter of Magic Bliksem BE15-3109140 fron Team BDS (4th Prov. Chateauroux I 3,616 p., 15th Nat. Chateauroux II 21,515 p., 98th Montluçon Nat. 19,298 p… and son of Magic Aske I: 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB) x Daughter Gerardje BE11-3050072 (100% Marc Pollin).

A good start is half the work. If this is the case for the BDS pigeons, then there is a lot more to come in the following weeks from the BDS racing stars. 

Dirk's Favourite (now on the breeding loft) is a half brother (same mother) of the 1st Nat. Zone Bourges.