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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey on 28th May 2022

Terry Lee & Terry Dyer
372 members sent 4,972 birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into a fresh north easterly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.
The National winner
Lee & Dyer Lofts

First open and first WS section was a yearling on 1359mpm over 91 miles for Lee and Dyer from Plymouth. The two Terrys timed Hardwick Thriller, a Janssen based pigeon bred from a cock off Roger Lowe's Fast Red, when paired to a hen from John Fretwell's clearance sale, as recommended by Stuart Wilcox. This cock was recently paired and sent driving his hen to nest. 

Terry Luscombe

Terry Luscombe of Looe clocked a yearling on 1327mpm over 104 miles to take second open and second WS section. Terry's dark hen was one of two that timed together. It was sent feeding a ten day old squeaker and was bred off a son from Terry's NFC winner when paired to a hen gifted to him by the race winners, Lee and Dyer. 

Mike Underhill

Underhill and Prettejohn of Plymouth were third open and third WS section with a two year old on 1300mpm over a distance of 91 miles. Mike's chequer cock was raced on the widowhood system and contains De Rauw-Sablon bloodlines via Derek Nicholls of Premier Stud. 

Mr and Mrs McClements of Ivybridge were fourth open and fourth WS section with a two year old on 1247mpm over 88 miles. 

Daniel Hocking of Bridgwater timed a yearling on 1169mpm over 120 miles to take fifth open and fifth WS section. 

Gary Downing's pigeon

Gary Downing of Smethwick clocked a three year old on 1154mpm over 207 miles to take sixth open and first NC section. Gary's chequer hen is a previous prize winner and was the same bird he timed from Guernsey two weeks previously. It is a De Meyer x Lambrecht with the sire being bred by Taylor and Rigby of Telford, direct from El Torro. 

G Treharne and Son of Nantyglo were seventh open and sixth WS section with a two year old on 1152mpm over 160 miles. 

Dom & Josh Gruzelier

Dominic Gruzelier of Houghton Conquest timed a two year old on 1150mpm over a distance of 199 miles to take eighth open and second NC section. Dom' winner was a home bred, grizzle hen raced on the widowhood system. The sire was a gift bird from Mark Darby of Walsall and contains Pitbill bloodlines. The dam comes from Dom's Pieter Oberholster Hagan lines. 

Shaun McDonough's pigeon

Shaun McDonough of Walsall was ninth open and third NC section with a two year old on 1149mpm over 217 miles. Shaun's bird was bred by Pieter Oberholster with the sire inbred to Birdy from top son of Birdy, Madiba, paired to daughter Birdy when paired to Koopman's Good Aim. The dam is a direct daughter of Son Bliksem paired to MJ. 

Ricky Turner

Completing the top ten and in first CS section is R Turner of Aylesbury with a yearling on 1144mpm over 176 miles. Ricky timed a pigeon bred by Darren May. Ricky also topped the federation on the same day. 

Around the sections

Mark Brown

Mark and Clare Brown of Hungerford were second CS section with a two year old hen on 1134mpm over 143 miles. Flown on the widowhood system, this hen has been a consistent racer and was bred by Shaun Stockley with the sire being a gift pigeon from John Angwin, from his top breeding son of Kittel. The dam came from Andy Swift of Dragonfly Lofts. 

The Rostrons of Norreys were third CS section with a two year old on 1129mpm over 149 miles. 

D Wilton & Son

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary were first ES section and nineteenth open with a yearling on 1118mpm over 187 miles. This widowhood cock was fourth Thames North against 1,623 a few weeks ago. It was bred from a son of Mark Bulled's Champion Rocky and a daughter of their top racer Altior when he was paired to Bob and Ant Besant's Cholet winner, Gaby. 

Trevor & Adrian Wilson

Trevor and Adrian Wilson (Loft 1) were second ES section with a yearling on 1058mpm over 205 miles. Trevor and Adrian clocked Skyfall, a dark chequer hen from their own family of pigeons. It was their third bird from Guernsey last year as a youngster. The nestmate, the Bomb, was 24th open from Weymouth as a young bird. 

Connolly & Son

M Connolly & Son of Canning Town timed a two year old on 1055mpm over 179 miles to take third ES section. The partners clocked a blue widowhood cock with four x firsts already to its name. It is a grandson of their first and fourth Essex and Kent Amal winner, with approx 5,000 pigeons each time. 

John Searle

J Searle of Great Abington was first NE section and thirty-fourth open with a two year old on 1099mpm over 217 miles. John timed a Leo Van Rijn widowhood cock that was second section from the previous Guernsey race. It's bloodlines go back to Brian Hawes' fed and combine winners including the direct Leo Van Rijns. 

David Anderson

Mr and Mrs D Anderson of Norwich timed a three year old on 1043mpm over 275 miles to take second NE section. David timed a home bred hen, the dam of which was a Cooreman bred by Bob Fenech. The sire came from birds from clubmate Tony Moore. It was on its first race from over the water. 

Mr J Duke (Loft 2) of Newmarket was third NE section with a three year old on 1010mpm over 229 miles. 

Silvester Bros, Nicklin & Clarke

Silvester Brothers, Nicklin and Clarke of Stoke on Trent were first NW section and eighteenth open with a two year old on 1121mpm over 242 miles. The partner's pigeon was bred by Andrew and Dave Macmillan who also bred their section winner from Guernsey last season. 

William's Bros pigeon

The Williams Brothers of Oldbury timed a three year old on 1111mpm over 207 miles to take second NW section. This widowhood cock was bred from their own family of Soontjen x Van Reets crossed with Dirk van den Bulck's Olympic Rosita bloodlines. 

The Adams Brothers of Longton were third NW section with a two year old on 1109mpm over 242 miles. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey.