Release PIPA Collectors Edition 6 postponed to Olympiad 2022

The release of already the sixth edition of PIPA Collectors Edition is postponed to the summer of 2022, at the Olympiad in Romania.

Despite the fact the makers focussed on a release at Fugare (Belgium) and the Spring Exchange (Netherlands), the uncertainty of these shows would go on makes the decision to postpone until the Olympiad in August the best option.

The deadline for sending information for PIPA’s luxurious book PIPA Collectors Edition as thereby extended to beginning of June 2022. Also the possibility to still participate shall be extended until than. The jubilee edition in honour of PIPA’s 20th anniversary shall be printed in a circulation of 25,000 and spread on the most important International shows; the Olympiad (August 2022), Kassel (October 2022), Lang Fang (November 2022), Fugare (February 2023) and the Spring Exchange (March 2023).

For further conditions about participation, please check the website or contact Chantal Vredeveld:

+31 (6) 10603325 of