Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE): top-level pigeonsport!

Cools with the ace of 2020, Feline
For many years the Western Flemish champion has been at the top of the national middle- and long-distance. His colony, combined with the best of Gaby Vandenabeele and good friend Chris Debacker has stood as a guarantee for a yearly spectacle. 2021 was no exception.

It has been a long time since the number of provincial and national prizes that have been achieved by Rik Cools could be counted on a single hand. On the border between East- and West-Flanders, an area not lacking in champions, one must be in the possession of true talent to end up in the top of the rankings. The colony of Rik Cools, as was said earlier, is based on the toplines of Gaby Vandenabeele and Chris Debacker. It regularly lives up to its well-deserved spot at the apex of the pigeon sport. Super breeder De Schone Bliksem (son of the world famos Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele) and his mother Frieda, form the basis of this super pigeon family. But names like Marieke, Monty, Rex, Cilleke, Christa, Elodie Ace, etc… are all the names of aces who have earned their fame.

The next generation 2021 - 4 talents to keep an eye on

BE21-3076642 - Son Sander

  • 19. prov. La Souterraine - 4.023 pigeons/ 228. Nat. - 14.315 pigeons
  • 25. lokaal Brionne - 592 pigeons/ 278. prov. Brionne - 14.856 pigeons
  • 502. prov. Montoire - 5.441 pigeons
  • 242. prov. Montoire - 2.439 pigeons
  • 64. Blois - 1.000 pigeons
  • 324. prov. Fontenay - 4.207 pigeons

A direct son of ace Sander, who himself is a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB 2019 Western-Flanders with Willy Sander. His mother is a full sister of Tetske, Tom & Marnik Van Gaver, who won in 2020 the 1st National Brive (4.238 yearlings) after she also won the 1st provincial two times as a young bird.

BE21-3076722 - Son Rooney & Monty

  • 2. Fontenay - 185 pigeons/ 5. prov. - 4.207 pigeons
  • 97. prov. Chateauroux - 3.406 pigeons

A direct descendent of top breeder Rooney (father of, among others, De Kleinen, 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB and grandfather of Amigo, 2x 1st prov. Tours). Rooney is a son of the 1st Nat. Limoges victor De Gueret (Benny Steveninck) x Marieke, 1st Nat. Gueret.

The mother is the other topper Monty, 36th best yearling pigeon great middle-distance PIPA-rankings 2016 and the granddaughter of the earlier mentioned Marieke.

BE21-4111433 Grijsje 

  • 1. Clermont - 400 pigeons
  • 1. Fontenay - 303 pigeons
  • 18 Clermont - 373 pigeons
  • 23. Clermont - 496 pigeons

From friend and ex-colleague Astere Vergotte. 

BE21-3076655 Guiseppe 

  • 6. prov. Chateaudun - 3.635 pigeons
  • 6. prov. Fontenay - 2,549 pigeons
  • 7. prov. Chateaudun - 2.333 pigeons
  • 10. Clermont - 397 pigeons
  • 17. prov. Brionne - 8.825 pigeons
  • 17. prov. Fontenay - 4.412 pigeons
  • 24. Clermont - 481 pigeons
  • 27. Arras - 374 pigeons

Was played by good friend Chris Debacker. The father is a full brother of Camillo (3rd prov. Ace Pigeon and 6x 1st prize) from the top-lineage Christa.

The mother is Tourske, also the mother of superhen Monty.

Guiseppe’s nest sister also won a 1st prize. At Clermont against 175 pigeons.

Christa, still a formidable presence via her offsprings

A few proven champions 

To perform formidably year after year is only possible with having a strong and diverse crew. It should be no surprise then that there are plenty of proven aces present on the lofts

Naturally, there is the newest talent Feline

BE20-3092444 - Feline

This year Feline won the 2nd prov. / 3rd Nat. Zone and the 4th National Limoges out of 9.218 yearlings. Her overall honours list has become quite a spectacle:

  • 1. Local /2. prov. / 3. Nat. Zone / 4. Nat. Limoges - 9.218 pigeons
  • 1. Fontenay - 278 pigeons
  • 2. Clermont - 139 pigeons
  • 5. Clermont - 293 pigeons
  • 6. prov. Fontenay - 3.374 pigeons
  • 27. Pontoise - 889 pigeons

Feline is the daughter of the talent, Elodie Ace, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB 2019 (1.14%), also from that famous Christa-lineage (and thus also that of her grandfather De Schone Bliksem)

Elodie Ace, once again shows her talent, this time as a breedster

BE20-3106463 - Felicienne

Felicienne was bred by good friend Chris Debacker, but Rik was the one to basket her. Felicienne has been inbred after the 2 topbreeders of Rik, namely Christa and De Schone Bliksem. This level of quality can be clearly seen in her honourslist below:

  • 2. prov. Blois - 6.112 pigeons
  • 3. Fontenay - 296 pigeons
  • 11. prov. Bourges - 1.239 pigeons/ 8. Nat. Zone - 1.161 pigeons
  • 13. Fontenay - 187 pigeons
  • 27. prov. Chateauroux - 4.366 pigeons/ 179. Nat. - 22.196 pigeons
  • 41. prov. Blois - 6.042 pigeons
  • 44. prov. Fontenay - 8.334 pigeons
  • 60. prov. Argenton - 4.095 pigeons

BE19-3041133 - Elise

Last but not least is Elise, 6th prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2020 with a beautiful honours list:

  • 9. prov. Issoudun - 2.489 pigeons,
  • 26. Nat. Chateauroux - 5.140 pigeons
  • 33. prov. Gueret - 2.214 pigeons
  • 36. prov. Bourges - 2.821 pigeons
  • 94. prov. Argenton - 4.305 pigeons
  • 105. prov. La Souterraine - 2.484 pigeons
  • 121. prov. Blois - 3.501 pigeons
  • 139. prov. Argenton - 2.898 pigeons
  • 247. prov. Bourges - 4.881 pigeons
  • 324. prov. Fontenay - 4.343 pigeons

Her father is De Kleinen, 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2012 and a super breeder, the grandmother is Sofie, also an ace and prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2010.

Onwards to the next great achievement

To perform at this level for so many years, to collect provincial podium places as if it were nothing. It all seems so simple, but it truly is the result of years of hard work, selection, trial and error and more selection. These results are not exclusive to the own loft either. The pigeons of Rik Cools have played a major role on many other lofts, nationally and internationally.

Theo Weytjens from Zutendaal, the young pigeon specialist of these last few years and the recent winner of the 1st National Bourges young birds against a small 30.000 pigeons. He did this with a pigeon that descends from the colony Cools via Royal Dark and Sofie. There is also Tom Van Gaver from Moortsele. He won the 1st National Brive with an offspring of his Blue Super Cools. Tom’s other ace, Little Ricky, has a grandfather who is a  100% Cools pigeon. We can not avoid talking about good friend Chris Debacker from Beveren-Leie either. Multiple national and provincial victors have descendent from Cool-pigeons. Leo & Gerry Dockx from Koningshooikt have been enjoying great success for many years with their famous Tarzan-line. This Tarzan is a true bred Cools and became the 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB himself.

Each of these references is impressive in its own right, and they are far from complete. Still, it gives a clear overview of the kind of performances that the famous Cool pigeons are capable of. We are excitedly awaiting the moment we get to add the next top reference to this impressive list.