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Stijn and Jeroen Rans (BE, Wijgmaal) shine on extreme long distance races in 2021

Jeroen and Stijn became famous in 2019 by winning the 1st International Barcelona with Jef. Since then, they have managed to achieve top results each season...

"We can indeed be satisfied with the past season", says Jeroen. "Pau and Agen were, as they are each year, our lesser races. From Barcelona onwards the performances went up, with Perpignan as highlight. Out of 204 basketed pigeons 104 pigeons flew national prizes, of which 63 prizes (30.4%) 1:10. We flew 17x top-100 en 10x top-50 national. We missed a Top 10 spot this year, but compensated with two 11th places", Jeroen laughs. On Agen we won 11th National with 'Black Frans' (BE20-2117088), a direct son to Frans and grandchild to Zwarte Weduwe.



Black Frans, 11th National Agen 2021

On Barcelona we clocked 'Ruud' first, good for the 29th National. He is a half brother to Jef and a full brother to Chanti. He already has an impressive palmares with i. a. 57th National Marseille. 

Ruud, 29th National Barcelona 2021

'Ceesje' wins 36th National from St. Vincent, a pigeon that we got from Cees Nijdeken as a voucher. The 2nd pigeon we clocked was 'Soeur Frans', a daughter to Frans who takes 104th National on this race. 

"On Marseille, we were a little late with our first pigeon, taking 79th National. This '242/19' is a daughter to Child Astrid and Aagje. Child Astrid is our new promising breeder (from Hugo Batenburg). Mother Aagje is also grandmother to 2nd Nat. Perpignan at Loft Rommelaere. On Narbonne we start with the 36th National, a daughter to 2 purchased pigeons from Frank Zwiers and Frederik Leliaert. Our 2nd pigeon is 'Remke', also a daughter to Child Astrid x Aagje. She was the first pigeon to arrive but was clocked 2nd. On the yearlings race from Narbonne we take 30th National with 'Mevlut', 36th National with 085/20 and 46ste nationaal with Hugo (direct Hugo Batenburg)."


The last race from Perpignan was a good season ending, with 4 pigeons in the Top 100 national. We flew 11th National with 'Rob' (father is from Rob Nijs and mother from Cleeren) and 32nd National with 'Carla' (direct pigeon from Carlo). Our 3rd pigeon was 327/19, who was quickly followed by John Doe, taking respectively 68th and 69th National Perpignan. 

Rob, 11th National Perpignan