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Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) peaks on race from Limoges

The champion from West-Flanders once again shows his class. This time on the race from Limoges, he takes 4th national with his super pigeon Feline.

Exceptional strong stock 

Rik Cools is a well known name in pigeon sport. This fancier has so many victories and titles to his name, it is difficult to keep track. Year in, year out his colony of superb pigeons in Ruiselede excels on a regional, provincial and national level. Only the best are good enough to obtain a place on Rik's lofts. Especially the bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele and co-breeding with good friend Chris Debacker from Beveren-Leie play a large role in his impressive achievements. The pigeon achieving the latest top result from Limoges is also a descendant of these bloodlines. 

Feline: 2nd provincial and 4th national Limoges 

On Limoges it was Feline (BE20-3092444) who stole the spotlights. Limoges is one of the most important national long distance races on the calendar. A race on which the Belgian champions enter their best pigeons. In what is maybe the strongest club in the country (NKV, te Kortrijk), Feline took the win against 235 pigeons. Provincially she took 2nd place against 1,950 pigeons whilst placing 4th national against 9,218 pigeons. She managed this with an average speed of 1350m/min across 631 kilometers. A wondrous result, that lives up to Cools' standard. This wasn't Feline's first stunt as she had already flown 1st Fontenay, 2nd Clermont, 5th Clermont, 6th Fontenay against more than 3,000 pigeons, ...

Feline is a hen with the best bloodlines possible. She is a breeding result of Kaer (BE18-3127099) 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB x Elodie Ace (BE19-3029408). Elodie Ace is bred by Chris Debacker and won 1st Provincial Ace pigeon KBDB + 2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance as a young bird raced by Rik. The well known breeding philosophy GOOD x GOOD is also applicable to this pairing. 

Elodie Ace: mother Feline and super racer

Successful 2021 

2021 can be marked as a super season for Cools. Nearly every important race his pigeons perform up to his standards. Cools can regularly be found at the top of the charts with high prize percentages. This loft with super pigeons can compete with the best and will without doubt continue to do so this season!