Ronny Borloo - Roosdaal (BE) exceptional result from Barcelona and Perpignan. - 2009

Classifying three pigeons by the 46th prize national in Belgium against 13.502 pigeons from Barcelona whilst only having 10 in the race .... not everybody can do it and it didn’t stop there, he also performed handsomely from Perpignan.
Ronny Borloo from Roosdaal now had an exceptional result from Perpignan !
His pigeon, ring number 2074694/06 achieved the 1st prize in the club Denderbond-Ninove (about the 40° Internat) against 118 pigeons. Let this now be the same pigeon, that also won the first prize on 03/07/09 against 237 pigeons from Barcelona !! Talk about a crack pigeon! What’s more, Ronny -ex-footballer by Anderlecht, AA Gent, Cercle Brugge and others- achieved 10/10 in this same Barcelona, beginning with the first three !!! From Perpignan 7/12.
From Barcelona 2009 he had 3 pigeons in the first 46 national.